Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October's "People You Should Know"

(Click the image above to view some of the newsworthy arrests in the 23rd district)


  1. I see Andrew all of the time! Does he live on Clifton?!

  2. I am not sure pot should count as a noteworthy arrest, especially with the serious crimes happening around here every night.

  3. It's not the charge they're arrested on, it's the priors and what the arrest leads to (ie, traffic stop leads to trunk full of drugs).

  4. Andrew Green was profiled in this teen homeless story (UU linked to the story here).

    Unfortunately it looks like Mr. Green is still homeless and that he was most recently staying at Cornerstone (see LKA on Clifton)? I don't know him but things are not looking good for him. Dammit.

  5. I see Andrew all the time at Lawrence & Sheridan, spitting and panhandling.

    I also see him out on the street every night when there's positive loitering, including the midnight gathering.

    So I'm assuming he's not in the Epworth/Cornerstone program anymore.

    What a shame this young man's life has taken the direction it has.

  6. OMG Marshall Howard was one of the guys with the Shooter on Broadway and Wilson October 29 2009

  7. If anyone has information on other crimes by these people, make sure to call the police and let them know. Might be a good idea to let the police know that Marshall Howard was with the shooter the other day (if they do not already know).

  8. Marshall Howard is PAMELA BARTON'S SON. He lives in the section 8 courtyard building at 4431-45 N. Clifton. One of the 3 buildings that received $800,0000+ in TIF money.

  9. I just read the article on Andrew...I truly hope he will be given some opportunities and that he takes advantage of them. Poor guy...No ID, birth cert, etc? How frustrating!

  10. Katharine, is this the same Pamela Barton who has been listed as a paid "consultant" in the Alderman's Shiller's records?

  11. Marshall Howard is PAMELA BARTON'S SON.

    Why do people who live in that building have to live in fear of being in the middle of gang retaliation?
    Why are tax payers sacrificing their hard earned money to then be terrorized in their own neighborhood?
    Why isn’t the management of 4431-35 Clifton taking steps to evict Ms. Barton and her “alleged” criminal son Marshall Howard?

    Oh I forgot the property management depends on Shiller for their money and Shiller would never have one of her “consultants” evicted.

  12. Marshall Howard is PAMELA BARTON'S SON.

    Yes, that would be the same Pamela Barton.

    I've spoken with the property management at this building and they seem responsible. Problem is there is no process to notify property managers when they have a tenant that's a convicted felon.

    This is a universal problem. And why we have so many gang members living amongst us.

    Remember, the mothers, aunts, girlfriends of the gang members see them very differently. They're going to do their darnest to keep them living under their roof.