Sunday, November 8, 2009

Michael Carroll Fundraiser

Citizens for Michael Carroll are holding a Kick-Off Party on Wednesday, November 11th at Nick's Uptown, 7-9pm. "Show your support for Michael as he launches his Exploratory Committee for Alderman of the 46th Ward." Admission is $30. Read more about it here.


  1. who is the guy? his website doesn't give much info.

  2. Who?



    No offense, Mike; but, I'm not giving you $30 to shake your hand, and have you tell me "I'm not Helen".

    Especially during a recession.

    If this is what passes for competent campaign strategy around these parts ... *whew*

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  4. A -

    you're missing the point.

    My issue isn't that he shouldn't be raising money.

    My issue is that he's asking for the money upfront - prior to explaining himself or his platform to people.

    I have no idea who this guy is; what his political background is, or what his political connections are, and if he expects people to come running to his campaign due simply to him being a cop (which I'm sure would certainly fire up the COURAJ folk), and/or an alternative to Helen, then I'm uninterested, and a shade insulted.

    If there's one thing I've grown entirely too weary of in this city is that politicians continue to ask for money w/o giving the specific details of what that money will lead to.

    And if Mike wants my $30, he's going to have to tell me what I should expect from him, first.

    As an aldermanic candidate, especially in this ward, he should have been sensitive to and addressed such, prior to putting his hand out.

    Being a "new" face isn't a qualification - or at least shouldn't be.

    Personally, I don't need "new", what I NEED is someone trustworthy and competent.

    Show me that, and maybe I'll give up a slice of what's left over in my after-taxes budget.

  5. A - I don't think the issue is that someone is running for Alderman and raising money. The issue is that this guy has given the people of the ward very little information. Where does he stand on anything? It's great that someone else has thrown his hat into the ring, but before I give someone campaign money, I'd like to know what he stands for, what are his plans, etc.

  6. Who is Mike Carroll?

    Let's see what the magic of the internet may reveal. Carroll is a common name so I may be off on a few of these things, but I don't think so.

    Well he has lived in Uptown for a few years.

    He's a cop. That's ok with me. Actually a plus for me. Others will not like that.

    He was in the Peace Corp. Nice touch. I like that.

    His dad was a Chicago cop turned Drew Peterson defense attorney. Yes, that Drew Peterson.

    His brother is an Assistant States Attorney.

    What's that I'm smelling? No, I bathed last month so it's not that. I'm starting to smell some possible clout. I know a Harvard Law Grad who couldn't get hired by the glorious State's Attorney's oiffice because of a lack of the "clout".

    He graduated from Loyola Academy. Claims to be reading about Bobby Kennedy. Ok, typical Catholic guy wanna be a politician stuff.

    All in all an interesting stew of a "resume".

    Oops, the cops here can answer this better than me, but is the unit Mike is assigned to in the CPD a haven for clout monkeys?

    As for the $30 fee to get in........bad move Mike. It would have been better to let people voluntarily donate by throwing envelopes or cash into a bucket. Think Bozo's Circus and the Grand Prize Game.

    I mean for $30 in Uptown I can get a whole lot more than just a handshake. Anyone want to enlighten me with the latest in hooker sightings?

    So what have we learned here boys and girls?

    He's certainly a more plausible contender than Gerald "I worked for Alan Keyes" Farinas. That ain't saying much.

    The $30 thing is amateur. He needs to step up his game and work harder and smarter if he is going to become the plausible alternative to Cappleman.

    By the way, I'm looking at photos of the three announced contenders for the race. I am so much better looking than Cappleman, Carroll or Farinas.

    I should run based on that. It worked with George Bush and we see how well he worked out.

  7. I have to agree. I can afford to spend the $30 to go to the event but I don't feel I should have to spend money to learn about the people running for office.
    First I want to hear where he stands on the issues of Uptown and if I agree with his platform, you can bet I will donate to his campaign fund.
    His website has absolutely no information about him at all; all it has is links to buy tickets to the event or donate money.
    Not a good way to start a campaign, especially in a ward where so many people are looking for leadership that is actually for the people and a change from the way it is now.

  8. I randomly met Mike a few weeks ago through a friend of his. It turned out to be a really late night for me so my memory may be a little off. From what I can remember, he seemed like a nice guy. He’s a Chicago cop who lives in Uptown and works on the south side. He seemed very familiar with the neighborhood issues and sounded like he knew what he was talking about. I don’t recall any specifics, but based on our brief conversation, I’ll check out his fundraiser.

  9. If there's one thing I've grown entirely too weary of in this city is that politicians continue to ask for money w/o giving the specific details of what that money will lead to.

    LOL, yo!

    IP, I noticed that his campaign fund has a zip code in/very close to Bridgeport. ??

    I'm open to hearing from anyone who wants to run for office. However, the machine has a tendency towards putting stalking horses in races so I am a bit wary. I agree that now is the time for candidates to introduce themselves and start speaking about what positive things they plan to bring to the community. We also need someone who can demonstrate that they can bring people together. Uptown is fantastic and I'd really like to see a leader who is clear-headed about our challenges, who recognizes the need for healing and who has an inclusive vision for the future. If Mike Carroll believes he is that person, now is the time to step up to the plate and get the conversation started.

  10. I'm not going to hyperlink this because Carroll might ask for thirty dollars if I do. I kid, sorta.

    It has much more information about Mike Carroll.

  11. Sassy,

    The address for his campaign is a PO box in the main post office. Unless Ed Burke is picking up his mail I wouldn't read too much into it.

    Is Ed Burke picking up his mail?

    Surely, I jest. Don't call me Shirley.

    Hell, Carroll should try to get my vote. I wonder if I can vote one time for each of my personalities. That could add up.

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  13. Two things I do not want to see from a candidate:

    1 - more information on their facebook page than on their campaign site

    2 - "Citizens for ..." BS. That name simply reeks of corruption. Don't use it. Even if you have to, don't.

    Mike may be one helluva a guy, and commendable cop, and could even make for an incredible alderman, etc - but, a cursory review of how he's presented himself to this point indicates political noob-ness and, to Sassy's point, a possible connection to machine-oriented political naughtiness.

    No. And no.

    It's taken all of five minutes for a handful of people to blow massive holes in this candidacy - can you imagine what happens when Helen unleashes her minions upon the lad?

  14. Ok. Thanks IP.

    I wish Mike Carroll good luck in his quest for office and I do hope that he starts sharing his views soon. Unseating a sitting alderman is difficult work so its best to get an early start.

  15. What do you all want then?

    We want to know the obscure stuff, obviously -- who is he? What's he believe in? What plans does he have? All that sort of stuff.

    rip on the guy the first chance you get.

    There's no crying in baseball, ..., or in politics.

    Informational voids are breeding grounds for criticism, and he's proving my point.

    If he were truly sensitive to the issues of the ward (and in possession of ANY political acumen, what so ever), he should have anticipated (and been able to sidestep) this sort of response.

    If that is the way you all are it will be Shiller in 2012.

    2011, actually. May 2011, specifically.

    And, it ain't us, it's him.

    You need trust to win. And asking people to cough up dough to gain access isn't the best way to garner the sort of trust that brings about electoral victory.

    You have to raise money in politics to get elected anywhere and especially in Chicago.

    No argument; but, how does he honestly expect to raise any money (and support) if he doesn't tell people why the should support him?

    But I am willing to give him a mulligan. If he puts up some information prior to his fund raiser, then I'm wiling to listen.

    Y'see ...? The whole concept of an "Exploratory Committee" is for him to find out if he's liked enough to continue on.

    Not for us to go looking (and paying) to see if we like him.

  16. A,

    I've been nice to Mike Carroll so far. If he's going to run for office he needs to be tough.

    Valid criticism isn't "ripping on the guy".

    His asking for $30 is amateur and counterproductive.

    He may turn out to be a great candidate. Time will tell. As I said earlier he is certainly a more plausible candidate than Gerald Farinas.

    If Carroll wants to be the alternative to the Capplemaniac he is going to have to step up his game. Cappleman has basically been running for alderman since 2007 and he is working hard and smart.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the coming months.

  17. Good afternoon -

    You're right - the web site does not have much on it. I created the web-site so that my friends and family could more easily be updated on the event and as a place for them to purchase tickets. The event was not broadly advertised, nor did I email the invite out to every person in the Ward. This was meant to be an intimate event for people who know me personally and who support me, raise a few bucks to pay for the required costs of running, and to allow me more flexibility to get my message out.

    My intention was to take a slow approach to running for office. First, the election is still over a year away. Second, I want to hear what the members of this Ward want from their Alderman. Obviously, members of our diverse community were excited once they heard of my impending candidacy and put the message out here on Uptown Update and other places.

    The 46th Ward is comprised of Uptown, Buena Park, and East Lakeview. While I believe that I know the issues that residents of the Ward face, I will not suppose to know everything – such a statement would be in truly bad form. I will honestly listen to the concerns of all residents in the Ward, no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, party affiliation, or paycheck. Everyone deserves a voice in this community, no matter who they are.

    The web-site will be updated today and will become fully operational after our first event.

    As for being clout heavy, you couldn't be further from the truth. I am where I am today in my career because I bust my butt for the residents of Englewood, West Garfield, and other high-crime areas of the City. I volunteered to work in these rough neighborhoods because I wanted to make a difference. I am good at what I do and I joined this job to arrest bad guys – not to write tickets or work cushy spots – I joined this job to serve my community. If I had clout, you'd see me working downtown writing parking tickets or working the bars over on Rush Street with all the pretty girls. Thinking that I am somehow connected couldn't be further from the truth.

    As for my father, you can think of him as you wish. He left my mother and his four children when I was in second grade. My single mother worked her entire life to see that her sons and daughter were raised right, educated, and did something positive with their lives. We all have. Now I am asking to be given the opportunity to serve my community in a different capacity as Alderman.

  18. Michael- Ward 46 wants a new leader so why are you waiting to roll out your campaign? The sooner you start meeting people the better you will fare in the election. If you "want to hear what the members of this Ward want from their Alderman" why aren't you doing that now so you have the information necessary to make a campaign platform based on what is needed in Ward 46. The longer you wait the fewer supporters you will get because Cappleman has alot of followers from walking the streets and actually talking to residents.
    I hope there will be the opportunity to meet Michael without having to pay.
    Again, Ward 46 is crying out for new leadership- so tell us what you are all about.
    AND are you committed to running or just 'testing the waters' to see if you want to??

  19. See, now? That's much better.

  20. Mike,

    who your dad is and what he does is irrelevant to me. It won't be to others. Politics is a dirty business and some of your opponents will use whatever tools or information they can find to hurt your campaign. Cappleman was referred to as "klan" in some literature put out against him. You can expect the same or worse.

    I certainly don't want to be judged by who my dad was. He was hardly the paragon of civic virtue that I am. His head was actually larger though and if you visit the Field Museum you can see it on display. The Museum of Science and Industry wanted his cranium, but since they already had "bushman" I said no. Why be greedy?

    Anyway, good luck with the campaign.

    I'll likely support Cappleman which is a good omen for your campaign!

    Now get your website updated and remember the wisdom of "The Untouchables": They send one of yours to da hospital, you send one of deres to da morgue. Dat's da Chicago way!

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  22. Obviously, members of our diverse community were excited once they heard of my impending candidacy and put the message out here on Uptown Update and other places. Michael Carroll

    Obviously many members of our diverse members of this Ward never heard of you.

    How are you different from Cappleman and who did you support in the last election?
    How have you “busted your butt” in the 46th Ward in the last 5 years or so?
    Most of us on this board have wanted to get rid of Helen for years. What did you do to help with that in the last couple of elections?

  23. Wait-
    So Mike throws a fundraiser, you don't like paying $30...I get that...(even thought the money includes drinks and snacks)....therefore Mike is unqualified to run for office? Seriously?
    AND, because his brother is a State's Attorney, they must have clout? That is, to say the least, insulting to the rest of us lowly county employees. Harvard guy can't get a job so the fix is in? That is just plain stupid.
    Do you know his brother? No, you don't. Did you know HE just got the 27 year conviction on the child molester case from 910 W. Lawrence? You should, it's on this stupid blog.
    Sounds like at least two of the Carrolls have something between their ears besides vitriol and empty space. Give the carroll boy a chance to win you over. He owes nothing to nobody. Therefore he gets my vote. JUST WAIT....Daley Will put up a carpet bagger to run should Helen forgo the election. THAT person will have connections.
    Mike is a qualified, well-spoken, educated, caring guy. He's running for all the right reasons. Maybe he won't get elected.... I'm just happy there is an UNCONNECTED candidate running. Go to his event. It's his first ever. You'll like him, and UNLIKE HELEN,HE WILL AT LEAST LISTEN TO US.

  24. Cappleman Schmappleman-
    What exactly has he done? What? He ran before, so we should vote for him? He's gay, so I should vote for him? He's a social worker, so I should vote for him? Seems the same crap your're throwing at Carroll is just as applicable to Cappleman. Did you see that he raised money last time for the election? Did you know he had fundraisers with price tags well north of $30? If you are such the political genius, you run. Stub out the doobie, turn off the computer and get out there. And dont ask for any money.

  25. B,

    calm down. Chill out. Drink a glass of wine. Sounds like you are clearly a Carroll supporter. That's ok. Hell, with as pissed off as you sound you might even be a relative.

    I actually like Carroll's resume. Now if he turns out that he pulled a Republican ballot and loves Sarah Palin I might sing a different tune. Too rah loo rah loo la roo la r..........ack........

    As for smoking a doobie that ain't my thang. Nope, my drugs of choice are caffeine and alcohol. Once the Dalai Lama wanted to share some peyote with me. I said, "HELLO Dalai, that ain't my thang."

    I don't recall Cappleman's first fundraiser having a price tag, but since I am drunk I might be wrong. Hell, I never donated a dime to Cappleman so what the hell do I know? I do think it would be better to introduce yourself to the ward before asking for cash at the door. How silly of me.

    Methinks thou dost protest too much, B.

    Anyway your negative waves are ruining my day.

    Like Oddball in "Kelly's Heroes" I don't like negative waves.

    Please, don't hit me with those negative waves.

  26. Whoa buddy have I enjoyed this thread.I'd love to be the adviser to the final consensus candidate.Listen to those who love what Uptown can become.Yo you're still #1 in my book should you decide to run and my first advice would be listen to that gnarly old Irish Pirate when you can find him sober.First meet & greet should be a "pass the hat".

  27. A, b ..,

    welcome to the world of politics.

    I'm sure Mike realizes the environment inwhich he's considering immersing himself.

    None of this should come as a shock, nor as an insult.

    Appears that his fund raiser may have popped up a bit prematurely; but, the concerns laid forth are all valid - and Mike did a very good job of explaining his situation.

    So - he's already garnered a little respect.

    Heck, IP even wished him luck - and that doesn't happen too often (cuz it usually coincides with those rare moments of sobriety).

    Cool the jets.


    Enjoy the show.

    'Cuz, it only gets worse from here on out.

    And if Mike can't suffer the slings and arrows of idiot commenters on a stupid blog (which he's already shown one example of being able to do), you're gonna end up with some serious heart problems once things start to heat up.

    Besides, someone once gave advice regarding the proximity and temperature of a kitchen.

    It's advice which would be well heeded.

  28. Cappleman Schmappleman-
    What exactly has he done?

    If you need to ask, then you're not from this area.

    Danielle asked some fair questions. I wonder if Carrol will stutter when the press pushes for some answers to those questions?

  29. Sorry for the delay, but as A stated, we do all have day jobs. I am unable to do anything pertaining to this campaign at work (and rightly so) so I had to wait until I got home from work.


    I know some people have not heard of me, which is why I have come out early as a candidate for the position. I feel as if I need to start somewhere. My work in the coming 16 months will allow me to (hopefully) meet everyone in our diverse community.

    I know James Cappleman and voted for him in the last election. I think of both James and Richard as personal friends. They were the first people in our community that informed of my candidacy. I hope that the difference between James and I will be evident when you read my literature and (more importantly) meet me in person.

    I moved into the 46th Ward in 2004. During the 1999 election, I was studying abroad in Tokyo. During the 2003 election, I lived in the 44th Ward and voted for Tom Tunney. Prior to that, I lived on the city's far North side in the home I grew up in.

    I have spent the last two and half years reading about the 46th Ward, its history, its previous elections (both before and after 1987), and our current Alderman's "style." I feel as if I have gotten to know our incumbent quite well, but I will never stop educating myself about her history, her motives, and her day to day activities in (and out of) our Ward.

    And to our Irish Pirate, sorry... but I'm not a Republican. The Irish Lullaby will have to do for now.

  30. Well I see Mike has already added to his formerly pathetic website.

    Dat's change I can believe in.

    My advice on this thread was free.

    In the future my advice will cost $30 per suggestion.

    I don't think multiple candidates in a race to defeat/replace Shiller is necessarily a bad thang.

    I don't know if Shiller will run or not. My gut feeling is she will, but there are indications out there that she may recognize "the end is nigh".

    To me the most important thing is that ultimately the ward end up with a decent alderman. If that alderman is named Cappleman or Carroll or Shmeckhoffsteder or someone else that will be ok by me.

    Notice I didn't mention the name Farinas. I just can't take an Alan Keyes supporter seriously.

    Of course I don't take much seriously. Except for saving American Democracy. That battle is here and now in the 46th Ward.

    We are the end of the line and if I wasn't planning to walk over to the Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins on Montrose right now I would outline my plan for spreading democracy throughout Chicago.

    I just had a thought. They sell liquor at the neighboring 7/11.

    Liquor, donuts, ice cream.........God I love this neighborhood.

  31. maybe mike carroll won't have a polarizing website to hide behind. you guys try to obfuscate but you can't run from your own shadows.

    i know you won't post this. have a nice day!:)

  32. Michael, you became both a CAPS facilitator and president of Buena Park Neighbors in 2009. That's a little late to create an established record in the ward for public service and it makes me wonder if you sought the roles with an intention of running for alderman. Other than reading about the issues, what else have you done in the ward as a volunteer these past 5 years that you've lived here?

    You still haven't made it clear what differentiates you from your personal friend Cappleman. I'm not saying don't run, but if you waited 5 years as a resident before you did anything in the ward and then declare yourself a candidate the very same year you started some volunteer work, I will have my guard up. We have wanted to get rid of Helen for decades and you've been a little slow with helping us do that.

  33. Shmeckhoffsteder 2011!!


    Anyway, Mike ... don't apologize for delayed responses. You're not any sort of clock around here (yet).

    My $0.02 worth of miserable advice to any candidate:

    1 - drop the politico-speak. If a candidate is not good at it (and very few are), it makes people wary since the implication is avoidance.

    If you can't speak to a group of people in public as openly and honestly as you would just one person, privately, you need to rethink your decision to enter the world of politics.

    Nerves are one thing. People can understand and appreciate that (to a point).

    What people can't understand and certainly don't appreciate is having a direct question delayed while a politician formulates a response which is dripping with self-preservationist politico-garble.

    If you're a good person, be honest to yourself, and to the people you want to represent. Even if what you have to say isn't what people want to her.

    That's how you win trust.

    If you win trust, you win the election.

    2 - Be mindful of the use of the word "diversity". I'm not saying don't use it. I'm just saying to be mindful of it.

    Example: if people can play a drinking game based on the use of one word, it's use is not as effective as you might think.

    I am a champion of the concept; but, I am not a champion of that word/concept being used a political crutch - which is what is happening around the 46th, and elsewhere.

    Diversity is an end, not a mean.

    When I see a politician use the word, I am immediately suspicious of their intentions.

    Feel free to chastise me, or throw stones, or what have you; but, in my mind, "diversity" implies a peaceful co-existence of members of different groups (racial/soci-eco, etc).

    If/When the 46th ward becomes a haven of true diversity - where there is a peaceful and respectful co-habitation of all residents, then go nuts.

    Until then, get creative.

    Grab a thesaurus.

    Mike - you used that word in your original post, and (personally) I let it slide.

    You've used it twice and now I'm immediately suspicious if we're seeing you, or the political version of you.

    As I'd said, previously, relax. Enjoy the ride while you can, cuz should you win - it'll get much, much worse.

  34. you guys try to obfuscate but you can't run from your own shadows.

    Oh, please.

    Drive-by-commenting is a lame way to make a point.

    How 'bout this:

    Any candidate running against Shiller won't have a polarizing public office (and publicly funded) budget to hide behind.

    Mike, nor Jim, nor any other challenger, will have an aldermanic wall to hide behind after the incumbent's supporters distribute racially inciteful literature.

    You can try to obfuscate all you'd like, but you can't run from political realities.

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  36. For the life of me I can't understand why everyone is all over his butt when he hasn't done anything. - a

    You're right, Carroll hasn't done anything in the ward except read about it and he started doing some volunteer work the same year he declares an intention to run.

    I wonder if his interest is in helping the ward or is it in getting elected? If his interest was helping the ward, why didn't he start earlier? Don't give me he was too busy with his job. Just about anyone who runs is busy with their job.

  37. Yo - thanks for giving Mike advice on the use of the word "diversity." That was bugging me too. Couldn't have said it better.

  38. All,
    I've lived in the Ward a while, and before I became involved in anything neighborhood related, I spent years on the Junior Board of the March of Dimes, and working with a group of kids and volunteers in the back of the yards neighborhood. Then I decided to get involved with things in the hood. You can then become immersed in things fairly quickly. Just because I wasn't doing things here, did that make me any less committed or caring, once I did decide to get involved in my neighborhood?

  39. A,

    also let me direct this to the poster known as "B",

    In case C,D and E show up "they" can take this as being directed at them also.


    There I feel better now.

    Cappleman did lose the last election. After having no support from any other elected officials and being outspent about 3 to 1. Shiller also had the support of the demented leprechaun who drank too much Mercury tainted water from Bubbly Creek as a child. Even with those advantages Shiller won by about 700 votes. She is vulnerable.

    Shiller ran three times before winning. Cappleman will win on his second try. I know this because last night after gorging on donuts, ice cream, and Guinness a mystical leprechaun appeared to me. She said "Cappleman will win and the sun shall shine upon Uptown".

    She also reminded me that Richard the Second also lost an election before being "annoytented" "Da Mare" in the glorious year 1989.

    Then it really got freaky, but you don't want to hear about that.

    In any case "A" and "B" please try to come up with something more creative for your "nom de guerre's". Maybe just stick with one before you start adding other letters in the alphabet.

    If Mike Carroll surprises me and manages to end up in a runoff against Shiller he can count on my support. He likely won't want it, but that's just the way it's gonna be.

    Now about that female mystical leprechaun..........

  40. One more thang,


    please get off the Martyr train.

    They posted your comment. They have deleted some of your comments.

    They have deleted some of mine too.

    I know, I know it's all part of a big conspiracy.

    Now if you excuse me I need to obfuscate while running from my own shadow.

  41. Personally I think a police officer as alderman is exactly whats needed in Uptown. Enough coddling the criminals and gangbangers. Cappleman lost the last election, I think it's time for a fresh face.

  42. Good heavens, A ... do you find it difficult to walk around with that pole so far up your @ss?


    Try reading and comprehending what I'm saying, instead of scanning and reacting.

    I'm not all over Mike's butt.

    Just lettin' the guy know how I feel, and what sorts of things might woo my vote.

    Isn't that the sort of feedback a candidate is looking for when they meet&greet the people they are working towards representing?

    I guess you missed how I have actually been supportive of Mike and his campaign within this posting, once he cleared the air.

    For the record: I have not thrown my support to ANY candidate, as of yet. I share many of your concerns, actually.

    The self-proclaimed miserable advice was directed at Mike, and Jim, and any one of IP's personalities that are contemplating a run.

    And, Helen.

    Seriously, chill yourself, man.

  43. A said:

    "I hope you know Cops can't live in Wards where they work by the way."

    Please get your facts correct.

    Cops can and do live in the wards where they work. Are you some cop groupie? Are you a badge bunny?(damn, dat's gonna get a funny reaction)

    As "Yo" suggested it's time for you to remove the pole from your posterior region and relax.

    The criticisms directed at Mike Carroll here have largely been constructive and minor.

    I like da guys resume. I like dat he's a cop. Others won't. Dat's a concern.

    My overriding desire is to see the strongest candidate emerge to defeat Shiller. It may turn out that Carroll is that person. It may turn out to be Cappleman. Perhaps Gerald Farinas shall sweep the ward with his Alan Keyes inspired talks about "natural law".

    Ok, dat last one ain't gonna happen.

    In any case relax. There will be plenty o time for Carroll and others to state why they should be elected.

    Relax. Watch some "Kelly's Heroes". Have a cheap domestic beer as you sit in front of your TV. Works for me and I'm perfectly unnormal.

    As for "Yo"'s comment regarding me running. Ain't gonna happen. My probation for the "cheerleader misunderstanding" runs until 2013 and I feel I should get that resolved before I run for office.

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  45. i'm going to this event. how else will you learn about a person? let's face it, people need $ to run for things like this. i would much rather spend $30 on getting to know who will be running my community than wasting it on a few beers.

    If we keep going the way it is, you won't be able to have a few beers in the local bars without feeling like you're going to get shot on the way there!

    come out. meet michael. you won't be disappointed.

  46. Helen did indeed win by 700 votes last time. Not a huge amount. The only thing that scares me is she's got 178 new units now at Montrose and Broadway, that she will no doubt try to win over ("I made this housing possible for you, you owe me your vote"). Those 178 units could easily mean 300 or more new votes - likely for her.

    I hope Cappleman or Carroll can make some in-roads there. It will be tough.

    The obvious other areas to hit are Lakeview, where they think Tunney is their alderman, so they don't vote, or they think Shiller is doing a fine job as they never travel north of Irving.

  47. A,

    There's a difference between a personal attack and questions/constructive criticism.

    Obviously, you're having issues differentiating the two.

    Here, let me share something with you which I recv'd in response to message I sent, this morning:

    "Nothing personal, at all"

    "Constructive criticism can only help".

    I'll give you two guesses who said that to me.

    First one doesn't count.

    For the record, that was the prefect response to my message and I respect and appreciate the author a little bit more for it.

    As for this: I doubt you would say that to me in person.

    Don't trust your gut on that one, champ.

    There are a handful of people who've attended some of the recent WYTIF and Truman meetings/protests who can personally attest to the fact that I don't use the internet to mask my feelings, nor do I shy away from conflicts great or small.

    It's not that I'm anonymous. It's that people don't connect the dots.

  48. Carrol is 31 and has no experience in the ward until this year. Reading doesn't count. Others who have run for alderman could not offer that excuse and get away with it. I wonder why he should be treated any differently?

  49. "Just Wondering",

    Carroll has lived in da ward for 5 years. That is experience.

    This going back and forth with Cappleman supporters "dissin" Carroll and Carroll get the point?

    Like it or not Carroll is running. How far he goes nobody knows. Round and round he goes......sounds like a carnival.

    To my mind they both have plausible resumes for someone who wants to be Alderman.

    Cappleman has basically been running since 2007 and that is a big obstacle for Carroll to overcome. Time will tell how well he does. One thing I like about Cappleman is that he keeps plugging away at the various constituencies in da ward. He is the energizer bunny of aldermanic candidates.

    I like the fact that Carroll was in the Peace Corps. I like the fact that he is the po po. It's an interesting combination.


    I suspect Uptown Update will prove helpful to whoever ultimately ends up facing Shiller.

    It's really a terrific information source for da community.

    Like Tony Da Tiger it's "GREAAAAAAAT".

    What other sources of information do we have about Uptown happenings? The alderman's website?

  50. A - bingo!

    We, and that's inclusive of UU readers as well as the rest of the community, all require the safest environment possible, as well as to see tax dollars (property, sales, income, et al) to be utilized in the most effective manner.

    Two very important things lacking in the current political environment.

    We also need someone who can go into Council and affect positive change there, as well.

    It's a tall order and we need to vet any candidate as thoroughly as possible.

    Your points about keeping things from getting personal are dead on, as well.

    Lowering the rhetoric and working towards something positive is a well placed idea.

    I'm with ya' there, brotha.

  51. Yo, didn't you tell "A" there was a pole in a certain orifice? If you don't like personal attacks try ending your own. The minute someone on this blog has any criticism about Uptowns savior his fans commence with the personal attacks.

  52. Mondays -

    If making an inquiry about said pole was seen as a personal attack, then to "A", I apologize - kinda.

    The intention, based on the context of the overall point, was that "A", possibly like you, were assuming that I was putting forth an attack. I wasn't.

    Before there was some comment editing done, you'll actually see that A and I ended up lining up our original opinions.

    There was a bit of snark when there had been a misunderstanding- but Mike was nice enough to clear that up, and I demonstrated appreciation for the effort.

    Other than that, I'm still a bit shaky on where I was attacking someone (IP's mental condition not withstanding, of course).

    As for me protecting "Uptown's savior", the only candidate I had shown even the remotest level of support for was ... Mike.

  53. Yo,

    my mental condition is fine.

    Just ask any of my multiple personalities.

  54. Irish Pirate-

    I checked Carrolls website and it says that he works in TRU, short for Targeted Response Unit. It is not a clout unit. The reason most guys go there is because they do not have much time on the job as Carroll does not which means they are stuck on midnites in a District. TRU is a way off midnites as they only have two watches, days and afternoons. Some of the guys are good, some ok. They are sent to areas which have high crime rates which is why you will probably never see them in your neck of the woods. Having said that, the district commanders in 020,023 and 024 can always make the request for them.

  55. Now that I think about it, TRU is probably exactly what is needed in Uptown. TRU Officers work in uniform, in marked squad cars and are not assigned to radio assignments as district officers are. They are supposed to be a very proactive unit with the idea that they will prevent crime by attacking the trouible spots before say, a shooting occurs. They would be perfect at places in Uptown where all this gang activity has been occuring. While the Police can longer tell thugs to get off a corner (thankyou ACLU), they can monitor those spots and make arrests as required. They can do this because they are not tied to a radio which gives them more free time to be more proactive. They are modeled after the old Task Force or SOG units though not as effective.

  56. Thanks large paternal one.

    I figured the unit was just a place for young aggressive cops, but I wasn't aware of the "shift" angle.

    I know there are "clout" assignments out there.

  57. Hey Uptowners. Michael Carroll's event is tonight.

    Tap tap tapping at our keyboard is really easy. Showing up and learning about a person who can help turn things around is another.

    7:00pm @ Nick's Uptown

    Here's more info on Michael.

    Michael was born and raised on Chicago's northwest side, and is one of five children. Michael attended Queen of All Saints School in Sauganash and Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois before heading to the east coast for college.

    Michael attended Fairfield University in Connecticut where he double majored in politics and religious studies. In pursuit of these degrees, Michael studied Arabic at the University of Chicago, and lived abroad in Tokyo, Japan, where he focused his attention on Japanese religiosity, culture, and language. Additionally, Michael was educated in Israel where he centered his studies upon the relationships of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity throughout history and in particular, modern-day Israel.

    During Michael's time at Fairfield University, he made volunteering a major part of his life. He taught English as a Second Language to immigrants, worked locally with Habitat for Humanity, and traveled abroad to Haiti to work as a Fairfield University Mission Volunteer. These experiences helped cement Michael's commitment to civic pride and social responsibility.

    Upon graduation, Michael was accepted into the Peace Corps and served both his country and our broader community as an education volunteer in Morocco. After his time with the Peace Corps, Michael worked with the Human Development Foundation, living with and working alongside devastatingly poor families in the slums of Bangkok, Thailand. While there, Michael worked with the large number of adults and children living with and suffering from HIV/AIDS, focusing much of his efforts working in the center's AIDS hospice and orphanage.

    Michael’s sense of service brought him back to Chicago where he applied to the Chicago Police Academy. Proud to be a Chicago Police Officer since 2003, Michael is now a decorated member of the department, earning many awards, including; two Department Commendations, 44 Honorable Mentions, the Traffic Stop of the Month Award, the Crime Reduction Award, as well as Police Officer of the Month. Michael has been assigned to the Targeted Response Unit for the last three and a half years, a specialized anti-crime unit assigned to Chicago's high crime areas. Not only does this unit target the gangs, guns, and drugs that breed violence, his unit works to prevent such senseless violence before it effects innocent bystanders who deserve a safe neighborhood.

    In addition to his work as a Chicago Police Officer, Michael has volunteered as a CAPS facilitator for beats 2323 and 2324 – encompassing both Buena Park and East Lakeview. He has served as both a board member and volunteer of Buena Park Neighbors, a 46th Ward neighborhood association of more than 200 residents, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. Michael has also served on the Board of the Bittersweet Condominium Association for three years and been president for the last two. In that role, he oversees an annual budget of over a quarter of a million dollars.

    Michael is currently finishing his masters thesis at Northwestern University in Public Policy and Administration, where he is focusing on public safety and security. His masters thesis deals with preventing and controlling violence in high-crime urban areas and finding a real solution to why people choose a life of crime, in turn reducing recitivitism. Michael will graduate from Northwestern in December.

    Michael Carroll has been an active member of the 46th Ward community since he made historic Buena Park his home in 2004. Just seven blocks South of Uptown and three blocks North of East Lakeview, Michael lives in the center of the 46th Ward.

    See you at Nick's Uptown tonight at 7:00PM!

  58. Mooshie Wooshie,

    ain't gonna be there. Wouldn't be prudent.(I'm channeling Dana Carvey doing the first President Bush)

    I and others stated our objections to a pay to get in fundraiser earlier. If Carroll was better known and had been out and about more that would be a non issue.

    As he gets better known it will become a non issue for later fundraisers.

    We've been over that and I don't wish to restart that part of the discussion.

    My real concern is what name do I give the Carroll supporters?

    For Shiller we have the "Shilleristas".

    For Cappleman we have the "Capplemaniacs".

    For Carroll?

    The Carrollilians? Nah.

    The Mickeys? Sounds like he needs mouse ears.

    I'm truly stumped. Which is a pun that can help someone figure out my true identity.

    Anyway, let's all work on coming up with a name for Carroll supporters.


  59. IP, there are many clout spots within the Department. If I had any juice, TRU would not be on my list of places I'd want to see. Narcotics, JTTF, Counter Terror, Fugitive Apprehension.Those are spots I'd use my juice for. If I had any.

  60. My 12:48 post got deleted? Seriously?

  61. Sassy,

    the sad truth is that UU has even deleted some of my comments.

    I lose sleep over it.

    Yesterday, in the cupcake thread I noticed that a number of commenters criticized the decorating at Wilson Avenue's only Cupcake emporium.

    I humorously, at least I thought it was funny, suggested that the owner trade cupcakes for decorating assistance from the large number of gay men in our wondermonious community.

    Of course I am downplaying my attempt at humor. It may have been offensive to some.

    Then again my very existence is offensive to some folks.

  62. No, Sassy, your post of 12:48 is under Mo Money. BTW, I'm one of your fans.

  63. Oops. I am in the wrong thread, IrishPirate. Lost cat lady, aisle 12!!!

    I have been doing a half-assed job at my UU readership today and a much better job at my real world duties today. I guess it is showing. I need to get my priorities straight!! :)

  64. Sassy,



    I feel better now.

  65. Right back at ya, holy moly.

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled program! Michael Carroll, candidate for alderman.

    I guess only time will tell what his supporters will be called. If he wins, I hope it is simply "constituents."

  66. Yo,


    I think your on to something dere. It doesn't happen often for you I know. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    I do think it needs to be tweaked a bit.


  67. Mike-Ro-Nutz.

    Might reduce any unfortunate testicular humor.

  68. I think "naut" would be the better way to go, on this one.

    No need to ace the guy's campaign with unnecessary entendre.

  69. @ irish pirate.. i think i love you, but what am i so afraid of?


    the event was great. lots of mooshies showed up!

    mooshies mooshies mooshies!

  70. The event rocked and free drinks too, I got my money's worth.

  71. Yo,

    Mikeronauts it is.


    don't love me. I'm a man slut. I'm truly not worth it.

    Love White Castle Hamburgers.

    Love Guinness.

    Love midnight bike rides on the lakefront.

    Love the view of the Chicago skyline as you paddle your canoe down the Chicago River or out on Lake Michigan.

    Love the delighted screams of children as you sit at the kid's table at Thanksgiving and pass some obnoxious odors through your posterior region. Then deny it was you and blame loyal dog that sits at your feet.

    Hate Illinois Nazis.

    Love America.