Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get To Know Your Neighbors

A reader sends in the following scan and info showing one of our neighbors who resides at Sunnyside & Magnolia:
"Another dubious Top 5 List for Uptown. Would really like to know what we citizens can do to hold subsidized property managers and owners accountable for their illegal tenants."


  1. In terms of holding management responsible, I noticed that the lock on the gate at 4510 N. Magnolia is not functional. That building is supposed to be secured with a locked gate and buzzer on the outside fence. The back gate is locked, however, people jump it on a daily basis and then open it from the inside. For years, gang members have lived in this building, hung out there, hid on the side of the building and used the back as an escape route from Magnolia and as a urinal.

    When I get home, I'm going to get the management company's information (it's on the front of the building) and contact them regarding this stuff. Perhaps others can do the same?

    I'm sure that a locked gate will just lead to it being propped open and, eventually, broken again, but it can't hurt to keep on the management company about this stuff.

  2. Aron, please post the management company's info on here. I feel as though the UU readership is good at contacting people!

  3. I haven't contacted them yet, but it looks like the building is managed by Woodlawn Community Development Corporation. I think the number on the building is (773) 262-6034 - there were too many gang bangers standing around me to stop longer to get a better look.

    I tried looking them up online and while I can't find a web site, I did find conflicting address and phone number information for them.

    Does anybody have confirmed contact information for them? I'll call, but it would be good to be able to send a letter as well.

  4. If you have more information, please use the gang and drug house reporting form available through the UU website.

    WCDC has known about the gate problem for some time but feel free to contact them again. I had been told there was a huge long list of ongoing gate and door repairs for all these properties. The front gate doorknob at 4510 N. Magnolia was replaced this summer by someone (not the mgt) with a knob that is like a closet door and doesn't even have a keyhole. We have been requesting repairs including in past years for this gate, but it was constantly being damaged and was routinely busted within a week of repair. However, the management at least has installed very bright floodlights that have been a bit of a deterrent. Please contact:

    Ms. Denise Harris
    4429 N. Clifton
    phone: 773.769.1555
    fax: 773.769.3085