Thursday, November 12, 2009

Enjoy A Feast At Marigold

A special invitation from Marigold Restaurant at 4832 N. Broadway:

Marigold is thrilled to be celebrating its third anniversary serving the greater Uptown area on Wednesday November 18 - Saturday, November 21.

As a token of our appreciation, we would like to invite you and all our neighbors to the Marigold Neighbor Appreciation night on Wednesday, November 18.

Each night Marigold will feature special prices on the very best of its three-star cuisine. However, on Wednesday, November 18, we will host the already discounted three course dinner for only 19.95, normally 24.95 during the rest of the week. As well, each customer dining with us will receive a complimentary cocktail tasting. (click image on left for more details)


  1. Reservations have been made. I have never gone to Marigold before, so I will be looking forward to trying it out. The $20 deal is tempting but I am really liking the offering for the $40 meal. I wish they were offering a slight discount on that one.

    I am nt whining though. I really appreciate a local business taking care of the local area.

  2. Wilson - you'll love it. Great food....more on the spicy sided compared to other Indian places...portions are more moderate as well...but really really good!

  3. sweet: we made reservations to (I love OpenTable!) I've been looking for an excuse to go--this is perfect.