Friday, November 27, 2009

Court Advocacy Committee Update

The 23rd District Court Advocacy Committee met last Tuesday night, and here are the results of some of the cases they've been following:
  • Wanda Williams was convicted of delivery of heroin last July to a security guard employed by Cornerstone shelter on the 4600 block of N. Clifton Ave. She was sentenced to four years in prison, a higher penalty than normal because the crime took place within 1,000 feet of a school (Truman College). The security guard is currently awaiting trial, and the court advocates will follow that case as well.

  • Rahiem Ali was convicted of possession of a controlled substance. He was observed dealing drugs at Sheridan and Leland and fled when the police approached, then fought the police when he was apprehended. He was sentenced to three years incarceration, and will get credit for time served. (Not to be confused with his twin brother, Rahmon Ali, who's serving a four-year sentence for possession of 15+ grams of cocaine.)

  • Michael Greenstreet (pictured), a former resident of the REST shelter at Lawrence and Sheridan, was sentenced to 8 years in prison for residential burglary. This is his ninth burglary conviction.


  1. We should have signs made and posted all over Uptown that say if you commit the crime you will do time and that the good people who live here have no tolerance for it.

    Good work all. We need to keep the pressure on.

    P.S. I just had a great walk over to Lawrence and Broadway for a nice lunch. Uptown is nice, when it wants to be.

  2. Thank you to the committee for following these cases and updating us!!!

  3. Ok.

    Now when will they put the people in jail who steal tax payer's money and give it to the financial industry which is Bringing down home values in Uptown and causing Real Estate taxes to rise?

    When will they put people in jail who order the torture of people not convicted of any crime simply because they are suspects....or just for the fun of it? (they have a couple of soldiers in jail for torture for fun and murder, but not the people who order it.

    Uptown's problems are local and national. And the national problems of the economy under Bush and Obama have more impact on Uptown than one persons drug habit.

    The worse the economy gets...meaning the more money that is stolen, the more uber wealthy people who control the government are bailed out, the more problems in Uptown

  4. Stu, brother ... you either need to lower the dose, or raise it.

    Let's not open fire on the black helicopters until we can actually see them.

  5. now ur talking Stu! these drug addicts, etc are the product of a greedy government(not all, but some) these are the little fish..let's get the big's like a domino effect..I wouldn't rob anyone or commit any crimes but since Bush it's been hard!!! no job and thank God for Obama's extended unemployment..we have mouths to feed, and ur talking about ppl who are using drugs to escape reality, stop the ones whose making reality a LIVING NIGHTMARE!

  6. Might I remind you "gentlemen" that (now steady yourselves, as this might come as a shock) crime existed before George Bush.

    Also - if you want to discuss national issues, there are plenty of other websites on which to do just that.