Saturday, October 10, 2009

WAMA Meet & Greet At Fontana Grill Oct. 18

Uptown neighbors,

, the Wilson Area Merchants Association (, will be hosting a ‘Meet and Greet’ on Sunday, October 18th from 5pm-7pm at Fontana Grill located at 1329 W. Wilson Ave. in Uptown. Please RSVP to Rob Davis, WAMA president at or through the WAMA website.

We encourage members and non-members, as well as residents, to attend this event. Our goal is to enlighten and educate the community on exactly what WAMA is doing to support the community. Board members will be discussing business development, beautification, community events and much more. We welcome any and all feedback as we are a growing association and need input.

Below are just a mere few of the questions we are asking ourselves:

*What can WAMA do to bring new businesses, while maintaining existing businesses, to the community?

*What can WAMA do to work with city contractors to provide reasonable bids for community improvement?

*What can WAMA do to work with local developers to negotiate long-term and reasonable leases?

*How and where can WAMA host future events/fundraisers to raise the monies needed to make small and large community improvements?

WAMA will definitely be bringing some answers and additional ideas to the table. Please make a list of questions or talking points that you would like to present at the Meet and Greet.

Donations are always welcome!!

Remember too, Fontana Bar and Grill has a great wine bar and incredible food. They will be offering a Special Price Happy Hour for all attendees. You may also order appetizers or entrees either during the meet and greet or stay and dine afterwords. The options are endless. This will be a great way to show your support to a local business too.


  1. There is nothing more that I would like to do is to attend that WAMA Meet but I cannot make it. I would like to voice what they could do to bring new business into the area. Take a drive down the Wilson and Broadway and by looking at all the groups of people hanging out in front of other businesses and corners its enought to make a new potential business owner run far away by what he would see. Until they clean all the homeless and others that hangout all day you would have to be crazy to want to move into this atmosphere and expect to make money from the customers needed to make your business prosper...

  2. "Until THEY clean all the homeless and others that hangout all day..."

    Barry, I get the impression from your post, and this passage, in particular, that you have no clue the purpose of the Wilson Area Merchants Association or any other business association. In your quote used above I capitalized the word "they" for emphasis.

    It's not the job of civic organizations like WAMA to eliminate homelessness or poverty or loitering like this. It's ALL OF OUR jobs to better the environment where we live. That includes you. So instead of saying "they", maybe you should say "we".

    If you can't attend the event, maybe you should make a donation. Or write them with your ideas. Rather than criticize and make weird demands that don't fit, do something positive. Something constructive.

    WAMA can count me in. I'll be there.

  3. I know it includes all of use- to to pitch in a hand to make our area safe and healthy but it seems someone is not doing a very good job which includes the WAMA and its merchants when I see what is going on in front of it`s members businesses and they do nothing about it also. Anyway is not the WAMA a arm of our Helen Shiller. What does she do to make things more positive for businesses and the residents that have to live in the conditions Uptown presents to us each day.........

  4. Barry,

    There is no affiliation between the alderman's office and WAMA. Please attend our event on Sunday, October 18th from 5pm-6:30pm at Fontana Bar and Grill on Wilson Ave. This way you can find out EXACTLY what our all-volunteer association is doing to try and make improvements in Uptown.

    Thank you,
    The WAMA Team

  5. Oh Barry, you're quite misguided. Not only is WAMA not an "arm" of our exhalted alderman, it's not endorsed by her and has about as much support from her office as CAPS does. Some businesses won't join for fear of retribution.

    PS...I plan to attend to meet this Chuck guy? in person.

  6. Barry:

    I don't know you but all I can say is: Just what the f**k are you even talking about?, vague innuendos and wide assumptions. Two people responded to you, but yet they have o validity but your covered like lard, with truth.

    I don't know WAMA, but clearly my vote would be with the one not ranting, you Barry.

    I think they should say hey were are banning all BarryFishings, cause they do nothing and rant endlessly. dreary dreary dreary.