Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick Turnaround

UU Note: While we are sad to see Monticchio go, we now have a new restaurant to look forward to on north Clark.

By Penny Pollack & Jeff Ruby

Via Dish Flash

Giuseppe Scurato, a top-flight chef who made his bones at Boka, Landmark, and, most recently, Topaz Cafe, has been looking for his own place for a while now. He finally found it today in Uptown’s former Monticchio space (4882 N. Clark St.), where he plans to open an affordable contemporary American restaurant called Ceres' Table. “The European influence has always been there,” says Scurato of his cooking. “But this time it’s going to be some Italian.” The name comes from the Roman goddess of agriculture (you may know her from her perch atop the Chicago Board of Trade). “Ceres was born in Sicily, like me,” says Scurato, who plans to introduce a late-night menu on weekends shortly after the place opens in early November. As for Topaz (780 Village Center Dr., Burr Ridge; 630-654-1616), life goes on: Scurato’s former sous-chef, Ryan Wombacher, has been promoted to exec chef. Read the comments here.


  1. Wish him luck, thats a tough spot. Not a ton of foot traffic that far south from Andersonville on Clark, and obviously not much going on across the street.

  2. Monticchio?! Nooo.. So sad to see it go, the owner was really nice. I'm glad it's being replaced rather than boarded up.

  3. Not only does a faceless statue of Ceres sit atop the Board of Trade Building but a half naked, several stories high painting of her that once graced the old trading room looking over La Salle and Jackson now brightens the 12 floor Atrium. The painting has a face.