Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Legit Loitering" Party Thursday Night

Our neighbors in the Kenmore Condo (the big orange building at Kenmore and Lawrence) are holding a loitering party/social at their corner Thursday evening at 7:30. Please feel free to stop by and join them! It's supposed to be a lovely night for late October, and lots of neighbors will be there. When there are 30 or so people meeting and greeting, it's a lot of eyes on the street and a real deterrent to Bad Stuff Happening. Cheers!


  1. great idea! wish i could be there (OOT for work), but i hope for a great turn out.

  2. My dog and I showed up but didn't see anyone unless ya'll were lost in the theatre crowds. It was very busy, maybe not a night that needs a Legit Loitering party since the streets were hopping. Lots of cops around too. If we were late, or just confused, hope it went well. We were looking forward to the experience and will try again.