Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fox Chicago Reports From Uptown


  1. Is this really that surprising? Corruption and CPD go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. One thing I've learned is that you simply can not trust the police in this city. If you are arrested, you should keep your mouth shut except to utter the words 'I will need to talk to my lawyer before I can make any statements to the CPD'.
    When I used to live in Ukrainian Village, I once noticed someone breaking into the garden apartment of a neighbors building. I saw the man's face clear as day. I called 911 and within 2 minutes a police car with 2 officers were knocking on my door. As soon as I realized that the officer at my door was the same breaking into my neighbors apartment, I acted as if I didn't make the call. More police showed and they wrote a report and left.
    Unfortunately, the number of mediocre/bad cops vastly outnumber the do-gooders. Relying on the police in this town is a double-edged sword. You can only put soo much trust into them before you end up as one of their victims. This isn't a gay/straight, black/white, christian/muslim argument. I believe the CPD fairly distributes corruption as they see fit!

  2. Larry,

    your comment is way too "all encompassing".

    The majority of cops are anywhere from good to excellent.

    Now there is a minority, say 20 percent, who have no business being cops. Lazy, brutal, corrupt, and/or stupid, and sometimes all four traits in one unique package.

    Most, but not all, of the experiences I have had with cops have been ok. I've met a few idiots in uniform, but that's to be expected in any large group.

    Urban policing is tough, particularly in a department mismanaged by a Mayor more interested in "clout" and a "Police Chief" with no relevant law enforcement experience.

    As for the cop in question if he's working DUI's in that Boystown district police "beat" he's naturally going to arrest a disproportionate number of gays on weekend nights.

    Work the South Side Irish Parade and you might arrest a few potato eaters for various alcohol related offenses. Belch.

    The accusations against him don't strike me as being unbelievable. Many Chicago cops have been charged or fired recently for greater and lesser offenses. The most recent group were basically kidnapping suspected drug dealers and burglarizing their homes.

    I'm a firm believer in a strong "internal affairs" operation in any police department. If I were in charge of the CPD, I am available Mr Mayor at slightly less than the $300 grand Weis is getting, I'd set up a sting to see if this cop was "dirty".

    Put some undercover cops in a position to be pulled over by the cop in question and see what happens.

    Back in the 90's there was a group of cops shaking down Polish immigrant motorists on da NW Side. Stealing their wallets and worse. Undercover Polish speaking cops were sent in and voila.......no more shakedowns and a suicide and prison time for the cops who where charged.

  3. Co-incidence? You decide.

    Jon Erickson, the attorney who's getting lots of face time making these accusations against the 23rd District cop, has an office address in the McJunkin Building, Suite 325.

    Oddly enough, Brendan Shiller, son of Alderman Shiller (who *cough* works closely with the 23rd District police in fighting crime *cough*) AND who makes a living suing 23rd District cops, ALSO has an office in the McJunkin Building.

    High fives if you can guess the office number.

    Yep, Suite 325.

    Brendan sure shares some interesting office spaces, doesn't he? Both Uptown and Downtown.

    I'm sure the fact that sonny-boy earns his living by suing the cops in her district doesn't stand in the way of Helen working with the police, attending public safety meetings, and attending CAPS on a regular basis?

    Oh. Never mind.

  4. That's a Travesty, A Sham, A Mockery. That's a travashammockery.

    This was about the worst bit of reporting I have ever seen. Terrible. Not only did the reporter have to read off some ghetto pamphlets, but then he points to them like we can read fine print from the other side of the tv?

    How does one spot gays driving and target them? My gay friends kind of all look like me, clean cut, 30's, ect. Why have I not been pulled over for Driving Gay? What am I doing wrong?

    From what I understand, if you refuse a blood test and a breathalyzer your are presumed to be intoxicated? Anyone know the law on this?

    Is it possible the higher population of homosexuals and homosexual bars and nightclubs in the Uptown area create a higher percentage of DUI arrests?

    Will the next "VICTIM" please stand up, I believe we are seeing #340,596 right now....

  5. As long as the plaintiffs win this case, I really don't give a damn who's representing them.

    Here are three articles with more information, two are from April:

    23rd District Subcommittee passes resolution



  6. Kenny, I believe there may be some guilt on this cop's case, but I can't claim to know all the facts, so I won't rush into it. I guess I take a little different approach than you. As long as there's a fair trial and justice is served, I'll be satisfied. Well, maybe my approach isn't a little different. Maybe there's a big difference.

  7. Larry, please don't take offense but, oh go ahead and take offense, but my BS meter is sky high after reading your little story. Do you actually expect me to believe that you saw a Chicago Police Officer commit a burglary and that the same Officer returned to make a report? Sorry, I'm not buying it. Larry, have you ever heard of the ten percent rule? The Chicago Police Department is no different, we too have our ten percent that we would like to get rid of. But to paint the entire Police Deparment with the same brush is ridiculous. The VAST majority of Officers in the Chicago Police Department are ethical,honest, concerned about your well being and do an outstanding job. Suggesting otherwise shows your profound lack of knowlege of the subject.

  8. Kenny, the 23rd Police subcommittee did not pass a unanimous resolution condemning the action of this officer. They know they are required to support the system in place to address this and they also know to reserve any type of judgment until all the facts are in. In short, they believe in due process. I wonder if we are all in agreement that the U.S. Constitution should protect everyone's rights rather than having us pick and choose whose rights are to be protected?

    I'll go one step further. It's one thing to promote a viewpoint. It's quite another to lie to promote a viewpoint. I wonder if I see a theme emerging?

  9. Larry, I'm sorry, I have a hard time believing your story. You mean to tell me a police officer would respond to a call on a robbery he knew he committed when their was an eye-witness to it? If you believe the police are capable of such levels of corruption as you indicate, you must allocate them more brains than your story allows.

    If these cops are as corrupt as you say they are, and in league with each other, I'm sure said robber cop could of had one of his buddies in blue respond to your call so you couldn't pinch him. Not to mention, if these cops are as bad as you say they are, I would believe that they beat the hell out of you and threatened your life before I believe that a cop would respond to robbery call he committed.

  10. I shoulda addressed da comment by Larry regarding the "burglarizing" cop.

    Is it possible. Yes.

    Is it probable. Nope.

    Is it a tad likely. Nope.

    Very unlikely.

    I'm old enough to remember many police scandals and random residential burglaries are not in my memory.

    Google "summerdale" and "scandal" if you want to read about burglarizing Chicago cops. Of course that goes back to the early 60's and "tings have changed" a bit since then.

    The idea that a cop is going to try to burglarize a place and then respond to the burglary .......sounds like it's outta "The Shield". It COULD happen, but Angelina Jolie COULD leave Brad Pitt for me. Get the point?

    Cops are just like any other group. You are going to run into good and bad cops. Sometimes you'll run into a good cop having a bad day.

    Stereotyping cops is like stereotyping any other group. Judge folks individually.

    As for the officer in question let the system and courts work it out.

  11. Kenny,
    One should want that truth and justice prevail not that the one side you despise loses.