Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Confusing Much?

Motorists at Clark and Foster must do the same double-take we did late last night when we saw the signs.  The decision?  We waited for green.


  1. I believe the "double signage" is thanks to the very sloppy construction crew that has been working on the corners on Clark street.

  2. i saw confusing street cleaning signage yesterday. Permanent sign says no parking 9AM - 3PM 4th Wednesday of the month. Temporary Courtesy sign #1 says No parking 9AM - 1PM WEDNESDAY. courtesy sign #2 says No parking 9AM - 3PM WEDNESDAY. Which is it?

  3. My partner and I noticed it the other day. It was before 6pm and we made a right turn and figured we'd blame sign #1 if we got pulled over. I prefer all-inclusive as opposed to restrictive.