Saturday, October 31, 2009

Anna Update (Subtitled: Things That Go Bump In The Night)

Anna Green, most recently seen dealing drugs and her body on Sheridan Road in Uptown, was sentenced to one year in prison for prostitution last week. This is her sixth drug/prostitution felony since 2000, and she was on probation from a 2006 drug offense at the time of her arrest. She'll probably be eligible for parole around next March, given time served.


  1. While I'm glad to see her off the street I'm not sure the revolving door of prison is the place for her.

    She clearly has some issues that prisons are not well equipped to deal with.

    I guess a psychiatric hospital can be a prison in a sense, but that's likely where she needs to be.

  2. Cheers to the cops for conducting a prostitution sting along Leland over the past couple months. The arrests have been plentiful and the area is much, much safer and more pleasant to walk.

  3. Prison is a place where people are sent to be abused.

    People are not "rehablilitated" in prison, they are simply abused.

    I could care less if she was a prostitute. Some might say it has to do with drugs. I have to ask what's the difference between getting drugs on the street or getting them at the pharmacy...where so many people are avoid whatever genuine feelings they actually have?

    Because you get a prescription from a doctor whose dealing drugs for a pharmaceutical company you imagine you are not a user. It's legitimate. I need these drugs for my "depression". Instead of stopping yourself from doing the things that make you depressed, you take drugs from a dealer who works for the Pharmaceutical industry that tells you that all your problems are chemical. (profitalbe to them)

    There isn't any difference. Rich and Poor are using drugs all the time.

    People who worry about prositituion are medieval at best.

    When I first saw the photo it appeared to be an old photo of a slave.

    Slavery has not ended. And this persons life is a continuation of that legacy, the unending punishment of people for not being slaves anymore.

  4. Sorry, Stu, I don't get your point. Are you saying that Anna and her fellow soiled doves should be free to walk around Uptown, selling drugs, selling their bodies and smoking crack in front of our homes?

    Anna needs help, but she sure ain't getting it that way. She needs to get help or get out. She apparently doesn't feel the need for help, so I'm happy to have her gone.

    Does she make this a better or healthier neighborhood for me or the children next door? No, she makes it worse.

  5. Stu Piddy, you may think that's it's medieval to worry about prostitution. When a child has witnessed a BJ, try telling the parent that it's nothing to worry about.

  6. For one thing, stupidity, the drugs purchassed from a trained and licensed professional are taxed. The taxes pay for things the community needs. To not see the difference one would need to be blind. As for prostitution, I tend to agree that it shouldn't be illegal. That said however, I don't think it should be an unlicensed unregulated "street vendor" vocation.

  7. I'm for drug legalization and the same goes with hooking.

    However, not street hooking. Regulate it like in Nevada.

    I'm not a fan of drugs, except for alcohol and aspirin, but the costs of the drug war are worse than the effects of the drug themselves.

    Life is complicated and sometimes there are no good choices. It's just about choosing the less bad.

  8. Bradley...

    What I'm saying is...trained liscensed professionals are trained liscensed professional drug dealers in many cases.

    That's why so many people are taking sedatives and numerous other drugs because they happen to feel "bad" about something. People no longer change the way they act to make them feel better, they change their prescription...and this is being promoted by the drug dealing, liscensed, professional pharmaceutical industry.

    The only reason they will legalize marijuana in California and elsewhere is because it's profitable as a source of revenue. For no other "lofty" reason.

    Holey Moley!

    I have a funny feeling that witnessing a Blow Job is pretty common, it's on the internet and seeing it happen in an alley is not going to have any effect on a child other than at worst mild shock just because it appears suddenly and out of the ordinary.

    Only in America do we find people getting so out of sorts about blow jobs. I guess Bill Clinton got a blow job and made it famous or something, it's been around for quite some time.

    Children are going to see really important things in their lives that will affect them, seeing somebody in an alley "doing it" is cause for giggles in most cases, not alarm....unless of course you communicate to the child that's it a really big deal.

    Bullets flying, fighting are all another matter and I don't think they are really related to drugs and prosititution as much as the police and politicians would like us to believe.

    You can't have people running around with guns and shooting people in Uptown or anywhere....make that the focus....not prositituion and drugs....I know everyone thinks they are related but these "gangs" are goofy screwed up kids just shooting each other over imagined turf issues, not drugs and hookers.

  9. Just as long as she is out in time to vote for Helen...

  10. Stu, if you think that public sex and blow jobs are just perfectly fine for my kids to see as we walk to the store -- then you and I have nothing to talk about. There is no middle ground for us. I've seen prostitutes and johns engaging in anal sex in my alley when I take out the trash in the middle of the day. I've seen blow jobs across the street when kids are walking to school. It is NOT GOOD for kids, or anyone, to see this. If this is fine in your world, I suggest you get counseling. And stay away from children. Really, it's creepy.

  11. And what about the men? It takes two to tango, or whatever it is that this lady-of-the-night was offering. But the streets are "safer" now because one woman is gone, while the men are left behind to search for others.

    And search they will. As a famous author once wrote in a passionate argument for decriminalization: "She does not send for the men; they come to her." And yet she is the one who gets the scorn of society while all too often the men are tolerated or even, in some social circles, praised.

    Where are the pictures and rap sheets of the "customers?"

    I presume she was sent to Dwight. Any statistics on how good a job they do with rehab, counseling, etc.?

  12. Arguing that public sex is not a concern is STUPID.

    Stu, if you think it is let me know where you live and I'll put an inflatable mattress on your lawn and bang away at two or three of the bevy of Victoria's Secret models I have at my beck and call.

    No cameras though. I don't want the rest of the guys out there to feel insecure after seeing me nekked.

    I of course was all over this issue two years ago when a neighboring alderman made a similar argument.

    While the shootings are clearly not hooker related they are related to drug "turf".


    I've seen some stupid arguments on this board. I've made a few myself. More than a few likely.

    You are the winner of the UU stupid argument of the month award.

  13. As long as she is off the street and I dont have to deal with her, thats all that matters to me. By the time youre in your early 40s and your rap sheet is more detailed than your resume, most of the time, youre stuck in a life of prostitution and drug taking/dealing. I mean, what else is someone like Anna really going to do when she gets at McDonalds?

    To be honest, if I were a poor person in Uptown (which I sorta am) with a lengthy criminal record (which I dont have), I would probably rather deal drugs than work some lousy minimum-wage job that would never amount to anything.

  14. Stu, your moniker suits you. They say it's better to be thought a fool but you, Stu, opened wide.

    Mental illness, including depression, is not because you decide to be depressed or mentally ill. It is a severe medical ailment that impairs millions every year. Your flippancy toward this is astounding. Your stupidity is mind boggling.