Monday, October 26, 2009

Andersonville Now Part Of The 46th Ward?

This is odd, even for Ald. Shiller's email blasts, which frequently ignore local events in favor of those at UIC or O'Hare.

In the one sent out Monday, she promotes a Kids Trick or Treat Event, which takes place "in the heart of Andersonville's Commercial District." Now, maybe we're just naive, but that appears to also be the heart of Ald. Mary Ann Smith's ward.

A little tutorial for the 46th Ward Service Office: There's a Kids Trick or Treat Event right here in the heart of Uptown, just a couple blocks from your office. It's not new either - it's the 11th Annual Buena Park Neighbors Monitored Trick or Treat. It's free. It's fun. And it's local, right here in Uptown, right here in the 46th Ward. No TIF funds involved, just volunteers and residents giving selflessly to the community. Why not support that? It's something to be proud of.


  1. But don't you see...? Our good alderman is fine with a thriving commercial district in someone else's ward (NIMBY) and the Buena Park thingy... why that's those evil condo owners...candy's probably poisoned...there's prbably CAPS info in the goody bags...and (horror of horrors) camapaign material for James...what the cappleman!?

  2. Why not support that? It's something to be proud of.

    Cuz it doesn't have nearly the same positive effect on her property value as does this Andersonville gig.

  3. Hey, Winnemac east of Clark is 46th Ward and Andersonville, so it's technically possibly marginally correct.

  4. I agree that Ald. Shiller could better serve the community by listing all Halloween happenings in the 46th, but to be fair, part of Andersonville is in her Ward.

  5. Well, I can't imagine BPN is the aldercreature's favorite organization.

    Remember the BPN blog was subpoenaed and during the last campaign several BPN officers received a nastygram from Brendan Shiller just prior to election day.

    Poor Brendan felt the BPN webboard was being used to spread rumors and other things.

    The nastygram also went to the Cappleman campaign and the creator of "What the Helen".

    I was sent the nastygram at one of my numerous email addresses that Brendan Shiller, Esq, managed to dig up. I was so intimidated I didn't post anything for like 1 or 2 whole minutes as contributor to "What the Helen".

    The blocks around Kenmore and Buena voted overwhelmingly against Shiller. Therefore, some Shilleristas may consider it the heart of "enemy territory" and why publicize anything involving the enemy.

  6. "to be fair, part of Andersonville is in her Ward."

    No, not really. Uptown's north/south borders are Irving Park and Foster, and while a couple blocks of the 46th are bordered by Foster, it never goes north of that into Andersonville.

    Now, granted, parts of "North Uptown" would prefer to be considered "South Andersonville," including the area where Ald. Shiller lives, but it's all Uptown.

    Part of the 46th does extend south into Lakeview, but never Andersonville.

  7. At the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and Development Corporation (ADC) - which work very closely together, we consider the Andersonville Business to be "boundaried by Victoria Avenue on the north, Ainslie Avenue on the south, and the east and west allies behind Clark Street"

  8. "in the heart of Andersonville's Commercial District." Now, maybe we're just naive, but that appears to also be the heart of Ald. Mary Ann Smith's ward.

    I think you may be confusing the "Commercial District" with Andersonville as a residential area.

    Based on the boundaries which I quoted in my previous post, the Commercial District is not in the "heart" of anyone's ward. We're on the edges of Shiller's, Schulter's, Smith's and O'Connor's.

  9. Pirate has the motivation of the Aldercreature exactly right.

    And it's why she's going to lose in 2011.

    The way to win is to peel off opposition votes, not rile up their base.

    This sounds like the subject of a great fund raising email campaign to me.

    I also find it funny that a blog that has been dormant for a year and a half is still sticking it to Helen et al without ever publishing a single word.


  10. Uptown Refugee,

    right there you highlight why some mayoral stooges would like to find a replacement to Shiller.

    For grits and shins assume Shiller resigns.(I don't think it gonna happen, noooooowayyyyyyyy)

    Da mare, His Elective Majesty King Richard Da Second, appoints a sane alderman to kiss his behind. As opposed to the insane behind kisser we have now.

    Said hack immediately reaches out to everyone and the opposition that was united behind Shiller loses focus. The relief in the opposition camp is so profound that the new kisser of the Mayoral buttock goes on to an easy victory.

    That is all speculation of course.

    I fully expect Shiller to run along with the Capplemaniac and perhaps others.

    In any case I expect Shiller will lose and there will be great rejoicing among the multitudes.

    (Much rejoicing ensues)

  11. As for "sticking it to Helen et al" I consider her and "et al" my personal pinata.

    They have two choices regarding that.

    1. Surrender(that would disappoint me)

    2. Lose the next election and wave to your supporters in Nixonian fashion as you leave Uptown. Also expect some post election lawsuits from my favorite pinantas. Those folks just don't have the class that I have in my wee toes.

  12. Well, Andersonville can declare its own borders, and as an unofficial neighborhood overlay, it can declare it goes from Lincoln Park to the Bahai Temple.

    I think the Alderman (Shiller, not Smith) would bristle if she were accused of living in Andersonville, rather than Uptown. According to your map, she does. Which makes me smile.

  13. Cheetah Gym on Clark street seems to be sponsoring the event but they're not in the 46th Ward, according to the official city ward map.

    BUT...if this Trick Or Treat walk includes going south of Foster on on Clark Street, then, yes, it goes into the 46th Ward. So Shiller seems to be partially correct in using the item.

    Ward Map