Friday, October 2, 2009

Ald. Shiller Gets Some "Subpoena Love"

Via Clout Street
City Hall late this afternoon released copies of defense subpoenas seeking the testimony of 10 aldermen in the case involving an indicted developer.

The subpoenas, issued by Calvin Boender's defense lawyer Joe Roddy, seek testimony of nine current aldermen—Ed Smith, 28th, Bernard Stone, 50th, Edward Burke, 14th, Walter Burnett, 27th, Emma Mitts, 37th, Ricardo Munoz, 22nd, Patrick O’Connor, 40th, Helen Shiller, 46th, Eugene Schulter, 47th—and former Ald. William Banks, 36th.
Roddy said the aldermen were subpoenaed because he believed they could provide evidence about the “consistently honorable course of conduct of Cal Boender.”

In May, a federal grand jury indicted Boender and Ald. Isaac Carothers, 29th, on charges stemming from Boender’s efforts to develop a 50-acre industrial site on the West Side. With Carothers’ support, Boender successfully rezoned the site in 2006, allowing construction of a residential and commercial development known as Galewood Yards. Continue Reading


  1. F'in A! Maybe her son can represent her.

  2. Folks, the defense issued the subpoena. So I assume they want the Aldermen to speak on behalf of the indicted developer and say what a good guy he is.

    This isn't what people want it to be, which is the Aldermen being subpoenaed by a federal prosecutor to explain why THEY are crooked bastards...

  3. If I read this right, I think she's just being asked to testify about the honesty and integrity of one of her peers.

    The defense lawyers must be desperate. Not that Alderman Shiller's a habitual lier or anything, (read sarcasm) but to ask her to declare someone else to be honest is beyond funny.

  4. What's next?

    Roman Polanski forcing the couple that abducted Elizabeth Smart to testify on his behalf?

    The defense must be desperate.

    Couldn't his attorney find any crack whores or muggers to testify? I'd rather them than a group of aldercritters.

  5. It's kind of funny that Helen Shiller, self-appointed defender of the poor against evil "yuppies" and developers, has been subpeonaed to put in a good word for a developer.

    How easily worlds collide, eh, Ald. Shiller?

  6. [“I have no idea of who he is,” Stone said of Boender. “I have no recollection of the (zoning) case. I don’t even know if I was there when the case was heard.”]

    Recap. Boender's defense counsel has issued subpoenas to people that do not know him. One of these people is Alderman Shiller.

    So, why would Boender's counsel issue these and not Isaac Carothers' counsel?

  7. Bernie Stone doesn't know Boender (or "doesn't recall" him, which means he may know him and not want to admit it right now), but that doesn't mean the Aldermen who were not reached for comment don't know him, including Helen. Has Boender done any work in the 46th ward?

    It would be great fun to watch Helen having to testify under oath about how developers do business in her ward, all under the watchful eyes of federal prosecutors. I'd take a vacation day to watch.

  8. Clarification:

    "Boender's defense counsel has issued subpoenas to people that do not know him."

    should read:

    "Boender's defense counsel has issued subpoenas to people WHO CLAIM TO not know him."

    Or are you suggesting that alderman don't ever lie?

    "One of these people is Alderman Shiller."

    And, even so, where has she said that she doesn't know him? Why are you lumping her into that category, if if Stone is telling the truth?

  9. Brennan,

    What the Cappleman!

    If GipsonGirl is correct you may want to discuss this with Alderman Shiller yourself.,0,357882.story

    After perusing those comments I'm not sure if it is two people commenting or one demented soul having a conversation with himself.

    Thankfully, we live in Uptown and well run helping agencies abound. Passive aggressive comment from the "aggressive aggressive".