Thursday, September 17, 2009

Uptowners, Cops Rescue Dog

A reader writes: "It happened this past Sunday. My intent is to bring a story of how great the residents here are. How many of them stopped what they were doing to try and help this dog so that she didn't wander into traffic or get hurt in some other way.

My roommate and I were driving home and decided to stop at the Walgreens on Marine. I saw a small dog running around and she looked to be rather scared. She was starting to foam from exhausting and dehydration.

I got out of my car to try and approach her slowly and hope to find a collar on her. She was without a collar and a woman on a bike asked if she were mine, as I asked her the same question.

The woman on the bike said she had been there for quite some time trying to cut the path of the dog from running onto Marine. She also said that others had tried to stop and lure the dog with treats and pieces of meat.

The dog ended up crossing Marine when a policewoman stopped to try and help. She said she was going to go into Walgreens and purchase a toy and treats for the dog. During that time the woman on the bike was following the dog trying to keep her from getting to Lake Shore Drive.

I walked towards the woman on the bike while the dog was resting in the grass trying to catch her breath. I walked around so I wouldn't scare her into running towards the Drive. As I was talking to the woman, a police truck stopped and two officers came out trying to assist in calming to dog down so that she could be approached. The policewoman also returned with treats, a toy, and water. None of which really helped since the dog was so scared.

Once she was able to start running off, she took towards Marine and Lawrence. A couple with another dog tried to see if their dog could calm her and maybe bring her close for comfort of another. The guy with the dog ended up letting his girlfriend take the leash of their dog so he could help run the streets to get ahold of the lost dog.

She ended up running towards a park just west of the parking structure used for the hospital. A bunch of other people were trying to help. People in the park stopped what they were doing to just attempt to corner her near a fenced area. A homeless guy who set up camp in that corner even tried to help.

Once she knew she couldn't make it out the dog ended up sitting down while the guy who left his girlfriend with their dog slowly crawled closer to let her sniff his hand and eventually pet her. He ended up getting to pick her up. The woman on the bike said she wanted to take her home and that she had been wanting to adopt for some time.

I didn't get any names or addresses, but I did get the sense that people in Uptown really care to help, even if it is for an animal. It was a really worthwhile event to witness and I take away from it that there is a lot to fight for to keep people like this in our area."


  1. If it was a little white dog, then I too can attest to witnessing the great people in Uptown. On Sunday, as I was finishing a run, I saw a little white dog running around a baseball field between Wilson and Lawrence in the park. I started following it around, by the time I followed it to the area of Walgreens, there were 4 other people helping me try to catch the stray.

    Unfortunately, the dog was terribly skittish and actually survived running across LSD while we were trying to catch it. That's when we all decided to stop since we didn't want to see the dog come to any harm and it was entirely too skittish to catch.

    Thanks for posting, I was really hoping that someone was finally able to catch the dog and help it. There are a lot of great, caring and helpful people here! Uptown rocks!

  2. Hi marathonman1977. She is a small white dog, so maybe the same. This happened on Sunday, Labor Day weekend.

  3. you say the dog is foaming at the mouth? . sure it isn't rabid?

  4. I'm sure it was the same dog. The incident I was referring to was also on Labor Day weekend.

    Thanks so much for helping that poor dog out, Brian! You rock!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Brightened my day :)

  6. What a lovely story! I need this today. And this is how I got my dog just over a year ago (minus the chasing around parks and dodging traffic bits).

    Thank you for an uplifting read!

  7. great story and very worthwhile sharing. I like to think of these as the everyday events in Uptown that give the area its good character, and just take a break sometimes from the violence that detracts from it.

  8. So how long before someone cries to the media that their un-tagged, un-leashed runaway dog was stolen from the dogbeach? ;)

  9. This is truly a heart warming story. The folks who took the time to help this frightened little dog are heros as far as I am concerned!