Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SSA #34 Meeting Today At 4pm

Next SSA #34 Advisory Commission Meeting

DATE CHANGE: The SSA #34 Advisory Commission Meeting originally set for Tuesday, August 18th has been rescheduled for Wednesday, September 16th, 4:00 pm at Combined Insurance (formerly Aon), 5050 N. Broadway, in the First Floor Conference Room.


  1. UU - I have to give your props for always having a proper graphic to match your posts. Well done!

  2. So, anyone have the info on what came out of this meeting?

  3. um, lemme guess - the good commissioners decided to no-bid award 2010's property tax revenue to Uptown United

  4. dear neighbors, these fools need careful monitoring

    you look around Uptown, you see empty storefronts, litter, crime, ...

    you ask yourself, can't something be done? aren't there resources available for this?

    now suppose I told you there was, to the tune of more than a half mil of property tax dollars, allocated to, among other things:

    "maintenance and beautification activities, coordinated marketing and promotional activities, parking and transit programs, area strategic planning, business retention/ recruitment initiatives, building facade improvements, security services and other technical assistance activities to promote community and economic development"

    something IS being done - these fools are making a 1/2 mil of your public money disappear every year in the name of community economic development, with no oversight

    what they're doing is far worse than doing nothing

    BUT they have their weekdays free to testify downtown

  5. Hugh, I always appreciate your comments.

    If one were to use FOIA to check how well Uptown United is following up on these mentioned items, any suggestions about the wording to get what's precisely needed?

  6. how well Uptown United is doing is a judgement call

    a aide in that judgement would be to read the work plan in their contract and compare what they committed to do with what you see done in the real world

    I'd like to recommend you to go to Uptown United's website and download their contract & attachments, but I can't, sorry; Uptown United would prefer you not know their SSA services contract exists

    I'd also like to recommend you go to the City's Vendor, Contract and Payment Search area of the Dept. of Procurment website, where you can find most of the City's other contracts, but alas, that won't work, either, because the City's SSA Queen Gina Caruso believes her empire of SSA sole service providers are above scrootening

  7. but if you wanted to FOIA, you could try FOIA-ing the City's Dept. of Community Development (DCD), the starting point to ask for is the Service Provider Agreement, this is a contract between the City and Uptown United

    for your trouble you may get 1 page of bullet points of services to be rendered and a 1-page budget

    if you are feeling ambitious for extra pts you could try FOIA-ing all correspondence incl. e-mails between DCD & UU, how much you get will give you an idea of how closely the City is riding UU

  8. Hugh,

    You obviously have a wealth of knowledge about city government. I'd like to meet you. Please email me at if you are willing to talk.



  9. you might be interested in seeing a Special Service Area provider agreement, if not with Uptown United, with another sole service provider, it case DCD tries to tell you there's no such thing or they don't have them

    when Caruso was elevated to Czarina of the SSA network, she attempted to purge all the contracts from the City's website, but she missed a few

    there's an old one from 2006 online with vendor "East Edgewater Chamber of Commerce"

    Vendor, Contract and Payment Search