Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seedy Red Line Stations Get $10M Fix-Up

Read all about it at Crain's by Greg Hinz

This news, along with Jones Lang LaSalle's attempt to market our looooooong vacant retail spaces, might bode well for our Wilson Station, voted the "crustiest station in Chicago."


  1. "Eligible work includes improved lighting, signage and windbreaks; new escalators, benches and public-address systems, and better landscaping and bicycle amenities.

    The stations are among the oldest in the CTA system, with some not having received any significant work since before World War II.

    The $10 mil. won't go far . . . but it's a start."

    We need more than just a start...we need something actually finished. I know I should be more positive, but I still have recent memories of the promises given as to the red line Washington stop. (Allocations of $213 mil. and was supposed to be reopened in 2008.)

  2. It be really good as the Wilson Station has seen it`s better days. Who in their right mind would want to come and get off at that old, filthy and smelly station to come to Uptown for any reason...

  3. Take a look at the link of CTA stations marketing by JLL. The Wilson station is NOT being marketed by JLL. A friendly call, letter and/or e-mail to the CTA and JLL may be beneficial.

  4. Good thing our elected officials are looking out for our interests and trying to get as much help as possible to redo the Wilson stop.

    Ah well maybe after Helen is gone our new Alderman will take the constituents needs into account.

  5. Shillsgang-
    The Wilson L retail spaces are marketed as "future offerings" at the bottom of the JL&L link. I'd imagine they need a lot of work.

  6. Yes, the spaces will need a lot of work. It would help if they could eradicate some of the existing businesses in the mall. JLL needs to have financial incentive to market them, so I would not hold my breath for these properties being actively marketed any time soon.