Friday, September 11, 2009

Reward For Missing Cat

Smokey, a grey cat with a black ringed tail, escaped from his crate on the way to the vet and needs medical attention. If someone sees him or has him, please make his worried family very happy by calling 773-784-4352.


  1. Where was Smokey lost exactly? My husband saw a gray cat outside this morning on the east side of Magnolia just south of Wilson.

  2. There was a similar looking cat on my deck on the west side of Magnolia Thursday morning. I would have said it was more black than gray, but could have been the same one. It was quite friendly and seemed to be headed in the direction of the backyard of 4522.

  3. A reader sent in the poster and we couldn't make out in the photo just where Smokey made his break, but I'm sure his family would appreciate a call about possible sightings.