Friday, September 25, 2009

Positive Loitering Facebook Group Forming

In response to the large and enthusiastic turnout tonight at Positive Loitering, a Facebook group has been formed: Chicago Uptown Positive Loitering. Click to join - the group that met at Leland and Malden tonight feels it will be an effective way for neighbors to really take the streets back by organizing their own loitering events.


  1. For the almost 10 years I lived in West Lakeview and Buena Park, I don't think I ever met a single neighbor.

    Between block parties and positive loitering, my experience in Uptown has been completely different. It was awesome last night to come out (in the rain) and see members of my community working together and actually interacting, including our local police. The response to our presence from all neighbors and visitors to our little corner of the world who happened to walk by was not all positive, which was yet another reminder that the whole situation and its solution are not obvious.

    I wish the circumstances that motivated us to get together last night were different, but if all the exposure to what is going on here in Uptown NOW leads to some real community building and shakeup among leadership, that may just be the silver lining.

  2. Positive loitering is a good start to take back control of your neighborhood streets. If residents had the time they should loiter in shifts and I hope it sends a message to the punks that have ruined your streets. A message that states we sick of your crap and we will not stand for it anymore. Move on and move out!!!! I just hope it`s not on our street....

  3. lakeview and lincoln park might need positive loitering if these muggings continue. a couple was shot on stratford last night and there was a mugging just south of Belmont the other day.