Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Bad News About The Wilson Station

RedEye has an article about safety on the CTA, and all we can say is, Be careful out there, folks!

The good news: Incidents of assault on trains decreased this year compared to the same period last year. Battery cases on platforms and trains also decreased.

The bad news: Incidents of assault on CTA buses and platforms rose slightly compared to last year as did battery incidents on CTA buses.

The worst offender was the Red Line, specifically the 95th Street station in Roseland for assault and battery cases, the Wilson station in Uptown for assault cases and the 79th Street station in Chatham for battery cases.


  1. Now, a new study has been completed and based on the level of development that has already taken place in the TIF District, the budget has increased to $112 million. This will allow us to spend money on the following allowable costs:

    1. Infrastructure improvements
    2. Public Transportation improvements
    3. Local School improvements
    4. Park District improvements
    5. Improvements of Truman College
    6. Public Way improvements such as street & alley paving, street & alley lighting, and sidewalk improvements
    7. The preservation of affordable housing

    Notice that Helen doesn't mention the Wilson stop.

    She does mention a farmer's market, and such and such about green technologies.

    And parking.

    Note: if the Wilson (and Lawrence) stops weren't such monuments to how poorly Helen tends to her ward, and notably unsafe, maybe -- just MAYBE ..., whatever those local businesses are wouldn't need more parking.

    But, maybe I'm just being an angry political opponent.

    It's not like Helen would divert tax dollars to accommodate the parking needs of her political allies while a mass transit hub continues to crumble into disrepair.

    Would she?

  2. So, I wonder if this article will fall into Helen's conspiracy theory that the press is after her.

    Lord knows, she has been Alderman here for over 20 years and exactly what influence has she used in all of those years to have the CTA upgrade the Wilson and Lawerence stops and make them safe? What specific discussions can she point to definitively that show her concern about this? What plans has she presented to the CTA on behalf of her residents to argue for improvements at these stops? Hmmmm....

  3. Not to beat a dead horse (though, it does deserve a good beating), let's not let Jan Schakowsky (Helen's FB buddy) off the hook.

    She can shoulder some influence from the Federal level and, as this demonstrates, she's not terribly concerned with the L stops, either.

    Thanks, gals!

  4. Jan S. and the alterbeast are as thick as thieves (that must also include J's hubby).

  5. The Wilson Red Line stop is the absolute anchor of Uptown. If it were to be rehabbed and look like the newly remodeled Brown line stops, this area would start to see major improvements in retail and pedestrian walkability and Helen knows this.

    I have this uncomfortable feeling she is purposely keeping this station, and the Lawrence station, in a constant state of disrepair knowing it will help keep things the way they are, dangerous. Shame shame shame.

    It kills me everytime I use the Brown Line's newly remodeled stations knowing that the areas they lie in are surrounded by rich white folks. So the city thinks porror more diverse areas don't deserve a safe clean station as much as those who are wealthy? So sad how money is thrown at those who don't need it and stolen in the form of TIF's from the rest of us.

  6. Jan Schakowsky is Horrible. How this woman gets elected blows my mind. She is a radical. Her husband is not only a Lobbiest but a convicted felon for defrauding banks. Of course Jan new nothing about this even though she was serving on the board when all this occurred.

    She called tax day Tea Party Protesters "Despicable" yet chooses to endorse Helen Shiller and hold her in High Regard? Not once did she call her Husbands acts ""Despicable" when he was paying his six figure salary with illegal funds.

    I find her..whats the word...um..oh yes.."Despicable"

  7. Hmm, wonder why Shiller didn't focus on the "good news" about the Wilson stop in her "candid" and "public servant" response.