Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jake's For Breakfast

Ahh, the weekend. Time to sleep in, sleep it off, and have breakfast any time of day.

"Off the Eaten Path" has a feature on Jake's at Montrose and Sheridan, and gives it thumbs up:

We stopped by one morning to check things out. First, be warned. Uptown is just different (for lack of a better word), and even though we were there at 9 a.m. there were still plenty of "interesting characters" from around the neighborhood up and functioning (or not-functioning in public places) at that time. But along with the “locals”, you’ll find city workers getting in a late breakfast, the coffee drinkers reading their papers, and people just stopping in before going to do whatever they do at that hour.

Read the entire review here. Bon appetit!


  1. as someone who looks, walks and quacks like a yuppie I am loathe to say "this sounds like it was written by a damn yuppie." so I won't, except that I think it's weird when the word "local" is used with ironic quotations.

  2. "Jake" comes from a long line of "Locals" His family, the Seagles, owned the infamous "Wooden Nikel" (spelling was attempt to hinder record searches). The "Fam" also owned a day labor outfit. The workers were required to cash their pay checks at the "Nikel'" for a fee of course. The "Ss" were and continue to be invoved in a moving company investigated for transporting guns illegally. BEST OF ALL they were thick as thieves with the Alderbeast, classy Hellen. She would walk with them to the polls to vote even though they did not live in the ward. Ata girl! A vote is a vote!

  3. Claire! What is a Yuppie? Is that someone who works, pays taxes, supports those who dont work and maintains their property?

    Claire you really are dating yourself. Haight Asbury is now a prosperous middle class 'hood. Get over it.

  4. point taken, BP. I guess I need another word for "financially comfortable person who moves to the neighborhood and is surprised by the local color that's been there since before they were born."

  5. What was "dated" about Claire's original comment? "Yuppie" is and has been a culturally relevant term since the early 80s.

  6. Whatever, but if you ever ate at Jakes you better bring along a triple dose of lipitor to keep your arteries from turning into jello.....The food is good and the service is too for a small neighborhood greasey spoon....

  7. Hipster.

    Poor things, always late to the party.

  8. I occasionally walk to Jewel that's close by and have come across some "interesting characters" once in awhile. Claire, one does not have to be a yuppie to be disgusted by the public drinking and urinating that is observed a little too often there.

    Sometimes an outside observer offers a fresh pair of eyes that's needed to see the real picture. It reminds me of the viral video many of us saw of the street violence at Leland and Sheridan. Some people allow themselves to get used to the inappropriate behavior around here. Others from outside the neighborhood see it and remind us that we should be appalled. No one should have to put up with inappropriate behavior, especially the poor who have fewer options of finding another place.

  9. I love Jake's, though I've only 'dined' there 3 times.

    I like the goofy window paintings of the fish versus the chicken.
    Speaking of which....I'm wondering if 'Kenny' is one of the wayward zombie-like characters haunting the corner of Montrose and Broadway? :)

  10. i'm surprised IrishPirate didn't post yet...
    He and i actually agree that Jake's is a great place to eat.

    No,not the healtiest...but some good food.

    There's not a better place for fried chicken on the North Side.

    And it's a bargain! For less than $7, you get 3 pieces of great chicken, fries, cole slaw, bread and even hot corn on the cob!

    Karen Ayers, when she had her office there, told me that she visited Jake's quite a bit.

    The people there are really nice...

  11. wondering if 'Kenny' is one of the wayward zombie-like characters haunting the corner of Montrose and Broadway?

    - question posed by someone calling himself Starck Mad

  12. I wish they'd "recycle" some of their window signs. Some of them are references to movies that are over 10 years old. What, there are no "new releases" that deserve to be enshrined on Jake's window?

    (Of course, I rather suspect that they won't do a homage to "Julie and Julia." But if they knew that the real Julia Child actually had a secret affection for burgers, maybe they would.)

  13. Claire. Trust all of us. No one moves here without knowing about the local "Color" (your word).
    ~Helen is a city/state wide joke.
    ~the videos ("Run Helen Run") are seen in Europe. It's used to underscore U S voting coruption and ignoring of violence.
    Yuppy: "Financially comfortable" or not financially stupid?

  14. When they refer to "interesting characters" maybe they are referring to the one individual who walks around in army combat/drag... or perhaps one of the many heroin addicts dozing off at the bus stops, or one of the elderly woman looking for smack at 9am in front of uptown bikes. I mean, any one who lives a lifestyle on the far polar opposite from myself, I tend to find interesting.

    Sorry Claire, but if you take a look at the rest of the site, there seems to be a lot of places uptown they review, what if they are part of the uptown community?