Monday, September 28, 2009

Be A Court Advocate Tomorrow

If you're free tomorrow, or can go into work a little late, your presence is requested at the court appearance of Warren Poole, 19, for"aggravated assault on a police officer" during the Sheridan gang riot last month. He's appearing in Branch 29-2, 9am, in the courthouse at the corner of Belmont and Western, right next to the police station. This is a misdemeanor case.

Court advocates don't say anything, or testify, but your silent presence in the courtroom on behalf of the community sends a clear message that "This is a case that the neighborhood feels strongly about."

It won't be like TV, but it sends a powerful message to the cops - the judge - the prosecutor -and the bad guys - about how this community feels about violence on our streets and against our cops.

If you've never been to Branch 29 before, there is plenty of free parking, but allow time to go thru security. The court call starts at 9 AM and once the judge appears there is no talking allowed. Cell phones and pagers must be turned off and of course, no cameras are allowed.

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