Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Helen's Law" Signed By Governor

Here's a little pick-me-up: Last month, Gov. Quinn signed into law a little something that is synopsised as "Amends the Day and Temporary Labor Services Act. Provides that, in a municipality with more than 1,000,000 inhabitants, a day and temporary labor service agency may not operate or transact business at a location that is within 1,000 feet of a school building or a building in which a Boys and Girls Club is located or real property comprising a school or a Boys and Girls Club." We just like to call it "Helen's Law."

In short, the state Senate and House voted unanimously that there can be no situation in the future like the one Helen proposed for Uptown, where day laborers can line up outside right across from a school and a Boys & Girls Club. This is one of the results of the "Stop Labor Ready" lawsuit, filed and funded by residents of the 46th and 48th Wards.

How bad a plan was it?

It was such a bad plan that a state law now says that it can't happen again. It was the plan that Denice Davis called "a done deal." It was the plan that Ald. Shiller wanted so badly that she lied in her statement before the Zoning Board of Appeals. It was the plan that Ald. Smith's staff member testified against. It was the plan that the trio of fools who comprised the ZBA that day liked so much that they approved it unanimously.

And it was such a bad plan that the governor and the state legislators had to step in, to make sure it could never happen again. Such is the leadership of the 46th Ward.


  1. ...slowly, I pick myself up off the floor. My head, recently bowed, looks up. A ray of sunlight beams down me, reminding me that it is a new day... a new day to fight..that not all is lost...I stand up confidently, brush myself off, and say.... Screw you Helen Shiller! Good always triumphs over evil. It may not be as quickly as I had hoped, but eventually karma reaches down and pulls up the righteous!

    Thank you UU, for posting this about Helens Law... I now stand renewed for the fight against the evil that is Helen and her wards...

    ..now if only UU could post photos of her minions, like this Denise Davis person for whom I am paying her salary but have no idea who she is... if only UU can find photos of many members of her staff that are public servants being paid by my tax dollars...so I can refer to this rogues gallery and no who I am fighting agains... UU, can you help us?!

  2. Please note the sponsors on this bill. Poor Greg and Heather are left to clean up after Helen's messes again.

  3. Uptown SuperHero! look no further than our very own "Uptown Girl." She is part of Shiller's staff. As a matter of fact, she was seated right next to the one and only Denise Davis at the CDC meeting today. The two of them laughed at people when they entered the room before the meeting. Their professionalism is stunning.

  4. Helen Shiller on Channel 2 news

    They mentioned the petition and $54 million dollar TIF controversy on the 6 PM ch. 2 news today.

    Also, Helen gives a 1 on 1 interview tonight at ten.

  5. Of course, there are some HUGE loopholes in this law. Nothing about keeping these offices a safe distance from day-care centers, nursery schools, etc.? What about youth recreational centers that are not formally affiliated with B&GC? And why such "selective enforcment" with regard to the size of the municipality? In this economy plenty of smaller cities in Illinois are becoming havens for day-labor offices; what about the kids in Rockford or Joliet?

  6. Gayle, in smaller cities, there's sometimes such a small business district that it's unavoidable for them to be 1000 feet from a school.

    As far as pre-schools, daycares, etc., the synopsis continues "Defines "school" as a public or private pre-school, elementary school, or secondary school." I'm sure the law itself is more explicit.

    Perhaps only in Chicago are laws needed to prevent situations that common sense and the community say are wrong. Perhaps only in Chicago do the politicians feel free to ignore their constituents for contributions to the campaign piggy bank.

    In any case, I salute Sen. Steans and Rep. Harris for doing something to ensure Helen can't do this again.

  7. Miss Kitty.

    I didn't realize laughing before a meeting was unprofessional. The only thing I can remember laughing about was my short conversation with Yo. I didn't laugh AT anyone. Lighten up.

    I enjoyed meeting Yo.


  8. Sorry Uptown girl if I misinterpreted your laughter. I guess its just the company you keep that made me think it was something sinister.