Thursday, September 10, 2009

Experience Uptown Walkfest Begins Today

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Four days of bargains! Buy a wristband for just $10 at Soggy Paws, Magnolia Cafe or Cafe Too, and enjoy four days of discounts at nearly forty local merchants. The weather looks gorgeous, so get out and walk to the bargains. Have lunch at an old favorite, have dinner somewhere new. The deals end after Sunday, so start today. (All profits go to WAMA; last year they provided holiday ornaments for Wilson Avenue.)

Update: For those of you who stop by Soggy Paws at Leland & Racine this Saturday to buy your Experience Uptown bracelets:

Robert Rodi, author of Dogged Pursuit: My Year of Competing Dusty, the World's Least Likely Agility Dog,and his dog, Dusty, will be at Soggy Paws in Uptown this Saturday, September 12th, from 12p to 2pm signing copies of his book. Copies of his book are available for purchase and autographs.

"Robert Rodi has offended people on all sides, but for a satirist that amounts to praise." - "Chicago Tribune"

"Utterly hilarious...You'll experience anew what it's like to laugh with a book." - Newcity Chicago

Soggy Paws Uptown
 1148 W Leland Ave 

  10% of all profits from the sale of Robert's book goes to Puppy Love / Love Cats: Pet Rescue


  1. Off topic... you guys (and my 'hood, Edgewater) made Time Out Chicago this week:

    Positive Loitering

  2. This promotion sounds great! Can I still purchase a pass?

  3. Bracelets will be sold today on the corner of Broadway and Lawrence, in front of the big white bank. They are also being sold on Wilson by the *Coffee Shop* near the old Unique So Chique shop. You all talk a good game about supporting your local business, now's the time to walk that game. I bought TWO bracelets, one for me and one for my boyfriend. Please, don't let WAMA or the neighborhood down. Show them all the love.

  4. Oh, and all the walking around you do in the next four days may aide in reducing crime. More bang for your ten bucks.

  5. What happened to Unique So Chique? Has it relocated or did it just go out of business?

  6. Chuck - any chance they will be selling them around 5:45 - 6 at Bdwy and Lawrence? I would mind getting a few more.

  7. More bang for your ten bucks.

    Oooh....poor choice of words.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist...kidding)

  8. Ok,

    I'm going over the list of sponsors and discounts and I haven't noticed any of my favorite hookers offering discounts.

    I mean, I will buy two bracelets, but next time please work harder to attract more varied business support.

    Thank you.

  9. The other half and enjoyed dinner at Fonatna Grill this evening. One bracelet paid for already.

  10. Man on the street, I chose those words on purpose. I felt they conveyed the mood of the 'hood. No?

  11. We still have many bracelets available for sale for the Walkfest. Please come buy your bracelets today between 12pm and 7pm. We will have someone selling tickets at the corner of Wilson and Magnolia (by Starbucks) and someone just next to the patio by Crew on Broadway. This is a great way to show support to the business community as well as enrich the neighborhood through beautification.

    Thank you,
    Rob Davis (WAMA Team)

  12. If I stop by Crew or Soggy Paws after work (around 6), will there still be bracelets available?

  13. Yes Meg you can still go to Soggy Paws to get your tickets this evening. There should be someone at Crew until 7pm selling tickets.

    Rob Davis,
    WAMA Team

  14. Went to dinner last night at Fat Cat - Great food, great service, and an all around great evening.

    With all the negativity, I completely forgot about this place just 2 blocks from my house.

    Enjoy Uptown!

  15. thanks Rob :) going to DIB tonight!

  16. question: how many of the businesses on this list have monetarily supported shiller? after the stomach turning vocal support at tuesday's TIF meeting by the uptown business partners, i absolutely refuse to patronize ANY establishment that has supported her. i'll definitely be doing some research.

    i realize it's probably unpopular to do so, but boycotting shiller supporters is one of the few avenues we have left in salvaging our community.

  17. Michael do your research as you will be surprised. I can name at least 3 off the top of my head. I am sure you will find plenty others.......

  18. We had dinner at Magnolia tonight, another 14 saved. You're absolutelly right Barry and Uptownsuperhero, this is a rip. -off. I spent $20 and I've only "saved" $50.