Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cat Found Tied To Fence: Help Needed

A kind reader rescued a cat and now needs some assistance from animal lovers:

"Went to enjoy a beautiful lakefront walk this morning around 7:45 am. Only travelled part way down the block [Lakeside] before I came across an adult cat tied by the neck to a wrought iron fence with a woman's hair scarf. He couldn't move, but was laying quietly amongst some hostas hoping for help.

Gender undetermined at this point, but I suspect it is male. Has the very friendly demeanor of a big tomcat. Grey, longhair with white markings. Matted. Whiskers have been cut with scissors. No other visible signs of abuse. Will forward a photo when he permits us to obtain one.

Would welcome help with placement at no-kill shelter."

Please contact this reader by email or by phone at 773-907-0765 if you can help this sweet cat find a home or a no-kill shelter placement.


  1. You can try Tree House shelter in Uptown. I took three new born kittens there that were born on my back porch a few years ago.

  2. You could also try Red Door Shelter at 2410 W Lunt

  3. Its a shame. If someone wants to take this cat in and give it a home, I'll buy it some food and toys.

  4. The PAWS Chicago website has information about helping lost/stray animals.

    It sounds from the article that the cat doesn't behave like it has been habitually abused. It's possible that the owner didn't tie it up and is still looking for it. Check with a shelter that could see if there is a microchip that can ID the cat.

  5. were the white markings on it's face & chest/stomach? if so, i may have an idea as to whom this cat belongs. although i'm not sure if it should be returned to this person.

  6. Sarge, bringing the animal to Animal Care & Control is just renouncing one's own moral agency. Why should they get to (or be forced to) make the decision? Voluntarily electing to forego the opportunity to do some good is a terrible thing to do, especially since it deludes oneself into thinking that one had no other option.

    I don't think most people think that all animals can be saved via no-kill shelters. But some can, can't they? What good does it do the animals, or us as human beings, to relinquish our ability to do some good just because we can't achieve all the good we'd like to attain? This is akin to saying "We'll never eliminate crime, so why should we punish any single crime?"

    I don't know why you think that surrendering this kitty to AC&C for a likely euthanizing is somehow better for the community or the world.