Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beer Lovers Unite At Driftwood

A reader writes in with shoutout to Driftwood:
"I wanted to let you know about a deal that's running right now for Driftwood (1021 W Montrose), a really cool neighborhood bar a few blocks from the Wilson stop. A new site called SpecialsAgent.com is running a three-hour deal for $15 all-you-can-drink beer, call liquor and wine to be used at any time to help Driftwood drive business. Once you purchase the deal, it's valid to be used at anytime within a year, so long as you give the bar a three-hour advance notice. This should hopefully help drive a lot of traffic to this dog-friendly Uptown bar, and will hopefully bring more folks from around the city into the Uptown neighborhood. I thought this might be a good opportunity for you to highlight this special and hopefully help get more people on board to support this great neighborhood bar. The website again is http://specialsagent.com/, and hopefully this will help get more business to the neighborhood."


  1. Did they ever change their bathrooms? I stopped going there because you could barely stand in the potty....

  2. Great place! I was there a few weeks ago and the women's bathroom was fine.

  3. This afternoon's news is disheartening so I thought I would use this thread to share a bar/drinking-related funny courtesy of someone named Julia on Craig's blog.

    Q: How does Helen order her beer?

    A: Straight---no chaser.


  4. The bar is really a nice freindly one. I hope it stays that way when the Wilson Projects are filled right across the street....

  5. I don't think I've ever seen more than 5 people in Driftwood. I went there once, it seemed like a good enough place.

  6. Is it true that you can bring your dog to this bar? If so they should really publicize that I love having places I can bring my buddy with.