Thursday, September 24, 2009

2 Positive Loitering locations Friday 7-8 PM

The Uptown Chicago Commission has been working with two block clubs to organize "Positive Loitering" events this Friday night, September 25, from 7-8 PM. The locations were chosen because of the recent spate of violence nearby.

Neighbors who live in the Magnolia Malden Neighbors area are asked to gather at the corner of Leland and Malden at 7 PM.

Neighbors who live in the Truman Square area are requested to gather at the corner of Leland and Sheridan at 7 PM.

Positive Loitering is a great way to come out and meet new neighbors and start taking back our neighborhoods from those who are creating this violence. Please come out and show our strength as a neighborhood.

Of course the invitation is extended to all concerned residents of Uptown. We look forward to having all of our neighbors participate, regardless of geographic boundaries. See ya'll tomorrow night!


  1. This is a very positive thing- but only for on hour?

  2. Nash, UCC is helping establish positive loitering. I think it's up the block clubs and residents to keep up the momentum and come up with a regular schedule for it. We've been doing a lot of positive loitering on Leland and Sheridan for a few weeks now, so maybe the residents who meet tonight at Malden and Leland can talk and come up with something more permanent.

  3. So... did Alderman Shiller show up?


  4. Richard was at the event on Sheridan and I was at the event on Malden. Neither one of us saw Ald. Shiller at either event. Richard and I are both avid supporters of positive loitering and one or both of us have been to every single positive loitering event in Uptown for the past several years…. years before I ever considered running for alderman. Neither one of us recall ever seeing Ald. Shiller at any of these events.

    I’ve heard comments from some in the neighborhood that these positive loitering events are the community’s subtle attempts to “cleanse” the area of people living in poverty. I don’t know where Ald. Shiller stands on positive loitering because she has never said, but I can say that positive loitering encourages people from all walks of life to come together and reclaim our streets.

    The CPD, our local state representatives, other surrounding aldermen, Mayor Daley, and neighborhood block clubs support positive loitering events. When I attend them, I make a point of greeting everyone we meet to briefly explain what we’re doing in an attempt to have them join us.

    Last night, a student from Uplift and a student from Stockton joined us because they shared our concern about gang activity. During the recent shooting on Malden, they were outside and hit the ground to avoid getting shot.

    Something is wrong when we have children needing to hide during broad daylight to avoid getting killed. At this point, all we can do is ask Ald. Shiller to join us as we do our part to make Uptown safer for everyone.