Sunday, August 23, 2009

We Wonder If The Thief's Rights Were Being Violated While He Stole Their Stuff?

A reader found this on the web and sent it to us under the heading "From the Uptown 'You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up' File...":

Pancakes with a purpose: COPWATCH, an organization that works to prevent police brutality and educate the community on citizen rights, is holding a breakfast benefit to recover the costs of $750 worth of stolen equipment used to monitor the police that was being stored at the Catholic Worker House in Uptown. The benefit will feature banana pecan pancakes, tomato basil eggs, Metropolis coffee and the reward of being a good samaritan.
Brunch will be served 10:00 a.m-1:00 p.m. at the Catholic Worker House at 4652 N. Kenmore on Sunday, August 23 with a $5 suggested donation.


  1. Wonder if they filed a police report, and if they filmed the process.

  2. I wonder how much female leg hair ended up in the pancake batter.

  3. Too rah loo rah loo rah.......

    Too rah loo rah laa..........

    Sometimes the irony train comes in ahead of schedule..........

  4. This story is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Patchouli Pancakes for Everyone!

  5. I hadn't thought about this before, but perhaps someone should file a FOIA for the 911 tapes from when someone tried to break into this place earlier this year.

    I'm just sayin.........

  6. I walked by this morning...A gentleman pressed me on coming in for some food which led to a more than minimally satisfying conversation. It went a little something like this:

    "Hey guys, you should come in and get some pancakes, it's to support our copwatch" (our? I don't recall having a equity stake)

    "No Thanks, I don't support Copwatch"

    "But they are protecting your rights from getting violated by the police"

    "Well, the police don't violate my rights, they protect them"

    "But they do violate the rights of others"

    "Then the others should buy some pancakes."

    Silence. Priceless.

    I didn't realize they were crime victims themselves, that's even better. I wonder how quickly the police responded?

  7. "newkidontheblock,"

    unfortunately i think many people on the blog here would share your sentiments. sounds like this to me: "the cops don't violate my rights, so why care if they violate anybody else's rights."

  8. NKOTB, that's a terrific exchange. :-)

  9. Ron, your odd little rants are back!!

    To go off of Irish Pirates thoughts on the 911 call.. I am sure, as they are serving to the public, that permits had to be in place.... where would one find/look for those to make sure they were in place?

  10. Typical Ron, quote sniping.

    What NKOTB said:

    "Well, the police don't violate my rights, they protect them"

    What Ron twists that to be:

    "the cops don't violate my rights, so why care if they violate anybody else's rights."

    I guess it's easier to simply lie your way through an argument than it is to actually deal with a comprehensive approach to one.

  11. Karma, HA!
    Perhaps they should check with the people that they "protect". I bet one of them stole their stuff and pawned it for crack.

  12. Looks boys and girls another train has pulled up next to the "irony train" at Uptown Station.

    Why it's da "I'm offended train" with conductor Ron. That train is never far away in posts such as this. You can set your watch to it.

    The I'm offended train spews lotsa smoke and garbage into the atmosphere and is not a good neighbor.

    The IOT is a loud and obnoxious train and likes to tell all the other trains how to act.

    The IOT is shocked that others believe in owning private property and spends a great deal of time parked in a Federal Prison near you.

    Why is the IOT parked at a Federal Prison?

    Well boys and girls Conductor Ron likes to protest at military bases and such and has been sentenced to jail for related protest activities.

    That's ok boys and girls. Ron knows what he's getting into. In fact in a screwed up way dats even kinda admirable. That means you can admire Ronbo because he not only talks da talk he walks da walk. At least on that one issue.

    Unfortunately boys and girls Ronbo likes to talk about rights much more than he talks about responsibilities.

    We all have the responsibility NOT to break into other peoples homes.

    You know that boys and girls?

    We all have the responsibility to shovel our sidewalks and go about our daily lives without stealing or assaulting other people.

    Right boys and girls?

    You see boys and girls Ron lives in an alternative bizarro universe where rights trump responsibilities.

    Philosopher Pirate knows that rights without responsibilities is like toast without butter. It's like a rainstorm not followed by a rainbow. It just ain't right.

    Boys and girls the basis of a civil and just society is responsibility and rights. Without one the other just doesn't work very well.

    Makes me think of Tommy Hobbes and his idea of life being "nasty, brutish and short".

    Now boys and girls it's Sunday. Sunday is philosopher Pirate's favorite day. It's 2 for 1 hooker day at Sheridan and Leland today!


    Perhaps I will even stop in for a Big Mac at McDonalds.

    Then we'll see if the lovely street walking ladies of Uptown ask me "Is it Big, Mac"?

  13. Honest, non-snarky question: Why do you hate Copwatch so much? (And no, not affiliated with Copwatch, or SHiller--I somehow always feel it necessary to put on that sort of disclaimer here...)

    Is it because you truly believe no police brutality exists? Do you truly believe getting bad cops off the force is a bad thing--isn't it possible to be for supporting good cops, and just not wanting to keep scary or abusive cops on the force? Because I certainly call the police if crime happens--but that doesn't mean I'm naive to the existence of some cops who abuse authority. It's so either/or with some of you. It's really odd, because in an early post, someone justified looking poorly at Uplift as a whole because of a few bad apples, but cannot seem to apply the same logic when considering how some might view the police--off course all are not bad; but those few bad ones can leave a lasting impression.

  14. Ron, this is a serious question. Have you ever considered filming or monitoring some of the gangbangers in this area? There is a significant, proven gang problem in Uptown. I realize that it would be like shooting fish in a barrel, but it would be very, very helpful. Do you have any interest in helping the community in this regard? Again, this is a serious question.

  15. UW, from my vantage, CopWatch has yet to take into consideration the existence of good cops.

    It's all bad, bad, bad and worse with them.

    The problem with CopWatch is that they forgo due process with regards to police officers.

    They assume evil, and preach that assumption to anyone within earshot(as was done in front of Truman, this past week, as well as at the highly "successful" .., "anti"-violence march/rally/communist whatsit).

    That ain't right, sends a horrible message to the community the CPD is working to protect and leans heavily toward the hypocritical.

    Worse yet, it scares and weakens the good cops.

    I'm not against watchdog groups by any stretch; but, there's a difference between being a group of watchdogs and being a group of douchebags who seem so steeped in their own in their sense of self worth that they ignore the fact that there can be seriously negative side effects to even the most positive of endeavors.

    Top that off with the son of our alderman-in-name-only's son chasing squad cars as though they were ambulances, it takes some of the shine from the cause.

  16. Fair enough, yo, re copwatch, though I still don't see how filming (even the good cops) frightens police. I still think that if you're doing what you're supposed to, and know that, tape can actually help you (which is why police have cameras in cars and interrogation rooms--nothing to hide, nothing to worry about). But I don't know Copwatch well enough to defend it, so, again fair enough.

    However, the coverage of the peace rally doesn't portray it as a communist "whats-it, though." Don't know why the need to keep taking swipes at the rally--it looked like it brought together several communities with a common positive purpose--even if some of you did not entirely agree with the whole guest list.

  17. I can only hope they spent more on the breakfest ingrediants than they raised in donations.

  18. When Copwatch films police, they also run up to gangbangers being searched and ask "Are your rights being violated?" - and they're freedom fighters.

    Well, at least in their own mythology.

    When OTHER people film gang riots and assaults, Copwatch screams in their faces: "Why are you demonizing young black men?"

  19. I still think that if you're doing what you're supposed to, and know that, tape can actually help you

    Let me come to your office and film you as you work, with you knowing full well that my goal is to find evidence to use against you - and hopefully get you fired, or sent to jail.

    Then let's see how you feel about it.

    There is a difference between having a car-mounted video system taping you, and a group of zealots who openly state their distaste for the police force shoving cameras in your face and then being able to edit the tape as they wish - wouldn't you admit?

    I'm not saying that there isn't a problem on the force; but, I'm not sure a scant bunch of amateur videographers with an axe to grind is the most effective way to combat those issues.

    And, while CopWatch states its purpose to be the protection of rights, what of the rights of the police officers?

    Did we forget about the rights of the folks who willfully put their lives on the line to protect ours?

    Or, is that simply unimportant?

    You don't know CopWatch well enough to defend them, but you don't seem to have issue in promoting their cause and tactics (?).

    Forgive me if I find some of your statements lacking in logical continuity.

    You misread my other statement. I added the communist bit as a further example of the mixed political goals of such a rally.

    Per the guest list - again, at an anti-violence rally .., having a group heroically portraying a mass murderer seems a bit in contrast to the over-riding theme, wouldn't you say?

    Put this spin on it:

    A GOP tent at this rally, with huge pictures of George W Bush.

    How do you think that would go over?

    Do you, or do you not, recognize the hypocrisy of allowing such a group to be part of such an event?

    Do you, or do you not, think that the focus should be on how to tamp down violence rather than allow for such an event to be co-opted by any political organization?

    Further, considering that the rally happened a week before gang fighting hits the streets of Uptown, and across the city (where parents of previous victims were pulled) violence is increasing ..., tell me again how successful that rally was?

  20. "shillsgangs",

    actually i haven't considered filming "gangbangers" on the street. i have often talked with young men in the area about why street violence in the neighborhood occurs and i have tried to understand it better. i also have encouraged young people to not get involved in it as i think it is harmful to them, the community, their families and their peers. also, i really don't think it would do much good to film them. sadly, until the economic and political systems that contribute to poverty are addressed we will have gangs, and thus violence and crime. this has been true throughout u.s. history whether talking about irish-americans, italian-americans, african-americans, etc. so i think it is a good idea to address the root causes that contribute to street violence, as well as to address the root causes that contribute to violence on a global level thanks to corporations that pollute the environment and treat workers and communities like shit with no consequences, and our own government which martin luther king said was the "greatest purveyor of violence in the world." but no, i also haven't contemplated filming the corporate criminals as they leave work or former u.s. officials who have worked to overthrow democratically elected governments. watching the cops in uptown, as well as the other things i do, keep me busy enough.

    if you would decide to film people you think are "gangbangers" i wouldn't stop you but i would advise you that everyone you may think of as a "gangbanger" may not be one. also, i think it is a little different to film people in public as they go about their daily lives compared to filming police as they carry out their duties as public employees. copwatch has never filmed the police when they are off-duty walking around the neighborhoods they live in.

    and as far as copwatch is concerned, it is clear that the cpd has a long history (much of it recent history) of not being held accountable to the communities in which they work -- particulaly low income neighborhoods and neighborhoods of color. there are not many organizations that work specifically in trying to improve this situation so copwatch is attempting to fill a void. and believe it or not: MANY PEOPLE HAVE THANKED US FOR THE WORK WE DO!!!! every time we do a copwatch shift people thank us, and they are not all "gangbangers"! some are women in their 50's, 60's and 70's--not of prime "gangabanging" age -- but people who understand that monitoring of the police is necessary and that doing such work does not imply that one is anti-cop or thinks that all cops are out to violate people's rights. i, for one, think the police still are a necessary component of our society, but i think they need to be held more accountable for how they behave.

    i guess i would ask you in return if you think that the approach that has been used the last 30 years to reduce violence, crime and drug use is sensible. the u.s. has the highest per capita prison population in the world and cook county jail is the largest jail in the u.s., and it is overcrowded with people. yet there is still a serious problem of violent crime and gang violence in chicago. do you think that making changes in our economic system and addressing the legacy of racism in the u.s. would help reduce street crime and violence? also, are you as critical of the violence around the world that is sanctioned by our economic system and government as you are of the violence carried out by gang members in chicago, which is much much smaller in scope comparatively? i think you should be, as i believe the different types of violence in our world to be connected. whether someone makes cash through robbing people on the street or profiting from a system that robs people's labor and pollutes the environment doesn't make much of a difference.

    i hope this thread can lead to honest discussion, despite some of the immature comments. peace.

  21. Copwatch is stupid for a couple reasons, but even if you remove their unproductive rhetoric, here is why it is illogical:

    If you assume that in the population of police, the large majority perform their job admirably, and the ones who bend or break the rules do not bend or break the rules every minute of every day...then you are left with a situation where, if you randomly tape any police officer on the job, there is a minuscule chance you are going to get anything actionable/improper on tape.

    It is a micro solution for a macro problem.

  22. Ron I disagree. Now I need to go fill my SUV up with gas so I have enough fuel to get my wifes fur coats to the cleaners to be ready for the upcoming winter. After that I plan on firing up a charcoal grill and cook a few ribeye steaks I bought at Whole Foods today.

  23. while i walked by the catholic worker house this afternoon, they were singing "there's a hole in the bucket, dear liza, dear liza..." while holding their fundraiser

    all politics aside, did they think i'd really stop or care when they're singing an old camp song? i fast as my little marathon running feet could take me...

  24. Does Copwatch ever come to the defense of the CPD when they have video evidence that would exculpate the CPD officers?

    FYI: One of the founders of Cop Watch is now the "Green Czar" in the Obama White House.

    Just in case you thought walking the streets in search of social justice will never pay off.

  25. The likely future saint Dorothy Day must cringe every time she hears of what has become of her Catholic Worker movement in some places. There was a time when the Catholic Worker movement wasn't all political ideology and actually had something to do with Christ. Shame...

  26. FYI: it's actually cops who help conduct the COPWATCH seminars.

    It's interesting that many users dismiss the entire COPWATCH philosophy as liberal rhetoric, when it really just provides a system of checks and balances to the system. Is dispelling police and government corruption something we only leave to journalists? Considering the amount of uncovered police and government corruption in the state of Illinois, I don't think COPWATCH is totally unwarranted.

    When it comes down to it, if a cop isn't doing anything wrong, then they have nothing to worry about, right? And there are certainly many cops who ARE protecting our rights. But for every cop that is not abiding by laws they enforce is not only destructive to the system and the good cops who work it, but also a dangerous double standard that can easily provide a loopholes for criminals.

    COPWATCH isn't working to help criminals, it's trying to ensure the law is enforced by people who abide by it.

  27. Yo, I did not say I agreed with Copwatch's tactics because, as I said, I don't know them well enough to do so. I just said I don't understand how being filmed should scare you if you are not doing anything wrong. Um, so your rant and saying I'm not being logical doesn't really make sense. And you can come film me if you want--it won't be very exciting, as it involves a lot of office work. And as to the rally you thought it sent the wrong message; I pointed out two events in the course of the rally of which I was aware of that may have been distorted due to ignorance.

    And yo what is this to suggest: "Further, considering that the rally happened a week before gang fighting hits the streets of Uptown, and across the city (where parents of previous victims were pulled) violence is increasing ..., tell me again how successful that rally was?"

    I'm not sure what you're trying to lay at the feet of a rally that had, at least, good intent--I'm sure the rally did not spark violence, and gang violence was happening in Uptown before that rally. Plus, I actually never said anything about the "success" of the rally. If it was to bring communities together and get youth involved in caring about violence and at least discussing how to stop it--maybe it was successful. You should probably talk to the organizers. Also, you all keep throwing in the communism--you know what, I'm not a communist. In America, I can be if I want (the irony, I know...). However, I think overall many of these young people are more intelligent and can focus on the main issues of the day--even if a few of them want to be communists or, God forbid, a republican...

  28. I have a number of problems with CopWatch.

    The one I will highlight is a hypothetical.

    Let's say CopWatch filmed an off duty cop beating the hell out of an innocent on the street.

    Would they post that video on the internet? Yes.

    Let's say CopWatch mistakenly filmed a plumber jumping an innocent on the street and beating said innocent to the point of death.

    Would they post that video on the internet?

    Would they turn the video over to the police?

    I don't know the answer. It is a hypothetical after all. Therein lies part of my problem with CopWatch.

    They claim to be pro "good police", but that's like saying an exterminator is pro "good norwegian rats". CopWatch hates the po po. That much is clear.

    I happen to like most cops. Now there is a subset of cops I have a strong dislike for.

    CopWatch has an agenda. Their worldview colors that agenda and vice versa. Just as my agenda does.

    I personally think police should be required to wear video and audio recording equipment while on duty. I think it would lead to better policing and better citizen interactions with the po po.

    That idea wouldn't make me popular with many of ze po po.

    I'd also like to see our drug laws changed to favor a public health perspective. You would be surprised how many cops agree on that one.

  29. 1 - Ron - get back on your meds.

    Your arguments stall whenever the anti-CPD veil you use to loosely hide your disgust for a country that allows you to be such a dink is lifted.

    It's old, man. No one cares.

    2 - food, - when someone asked "who will police the police" I don't think they expected the answer to be a slew of twist-minded winks like CopWatch.

    I don't dismiss CopWatch due to it being liberal rhetoric.

    That's not liberal rhetoric.

    Liberals aren't that ignorant.

    I dismiss CopWatch because those involved are hypocrites, and were intellectually stunted at the age of 15.

    3 - UW:

    - Your argument shift doesn't work. And you didn't answer my question, which means you either didn't get my point, or can't argue it.

    - I didn't say the message of the rally was wrong, only the delivery of.

    - The rally did not spark violence, and I never insinuated that it had; but, the intent was to prevent violence, was it not?

    - I keep throwing in the communists because you keep avoiding answering the questions I pose.

    But hey, nice to see that you are ideologically closed minded, and feel that others who don't share your views are automatically wrong.

    While I'm sure that most of the kids can make up their own minds, your point avoids my question, again.

    So I will ask it, again. If you don't feel the need to answer it, again - that's cool.

    Your lack of attention speaks volumes.

    Do you, or do you not, think that the focus should be on how to tamp down violence rather than allow for such an event to be co-opted by any political organization?

  30. Yo, I followed your argument quite well. You're the one who shifts when I point out its flaws. ANyway, you've not proven that it was co-opted by any political presence--the presence of a Mao poster does not in my book equal evidence of co-option. It might equal bad judgment--but not co-option.

    Also be realistic about the power of rallies-I'd imagine they are as much about calling attention to the issue and sparking discussion. You create the basis for an inference that the rally did not do its job, so to speak, because you throw in there that there was gang violence that occurred in the community one week later. Does this mean that nothing positive happened from the rally--I don't know that such is the case. Don't throw in these comments, and then get upset when I draw a logical inference from what you wrote.

    Also, I am far from closed-minded. Just because I don't have a mind meld with you on everything doesn't mean I'm closed-minded. I like proof---if you can show me how this peace rally was really about hating the police and creating communists, I'd like to see it. Seems to me that you exhibit this rabid reactionariness if I don't agree and start with the whole name-calling stuff.

  31. yo,

    Have you actually ever attended a COPWATCH session to understand it better and voice these opinions, or is it easier for you to just criticize via the internet?

    Good thing you're schooled on all your rights, so I guess you'll know what to do in the event you ever find yourself intimidated over a minor speeding ticket or "suspicion," as people I know who have no criminal record and are not "gang bangers" have run into when you have a first hand experience dealing with a shady cop and its your word against theirs.

  32. Ahh yes Van Jones..

    "Bestselling author of The Green Collar Economy (Harper One 2008), which is endorsed by Nancy Pelosi, Tom Daschle and Al Gore"

    There is enough reason to despise Cop Watch.

    The irony is that we are fighting this kind of crap on the local level, but it gets labeled "Hope and Change" on the national level and everyone runs out to the polls. Helen Shiller gives these guys cred in Uptown and she is vilified, Obama gives them national cred and he is a hero?

    I know this is going to crush some dreamers out there, and by no means am I endorsing the GOP, but the similarities in philosophies of our local and our Federal government are uncanny.

    TIFS? What difference is the Wilson Yard TIF and the Federal Stimulus Package? Both were created to "stimulate" the economy and neither are being used for that purpose. Wilson Yard is nothing more than an attempt to redistribute wealth. National Health Care? Methadone Clinics. Cap and Trade? Fish Farms.

    Maybe Helen just needs a catchy slogan like "Yes We Can!"

  33. UW - "bad judgment" is all that I was looking for.

    I'm not sure why it took so long to get to this point.

    Personally, I find it appalling judgment, but that leads to an argument over adjectives.

    As long as we both agree it's not a good thing to allow unconnected and contrasting theories to intertwine, then we're good.

    As for the success of rallies- my point is that we've seen rallies for years held all over the city and they don't do a damned bit of good.

    The current strategy is obviously failed, yet it's constantly repeated; yet still defended.

    Food, I have spoken with members of CopWatch on several occasions and find them committed and true to their beliefs; however, I couldn't disagree with their beliefs more strongly, nor be more disgusted with their world view and tactics.

    I'm not doubting that people, minorities almost exclusively, have been hassled by the cops, and I'm not saying something shouldn't be done to correct it.

    But, there are probably better ways to deal with it than shoving a camera in a cop's face and constantly berating the police force.

    When children are constantly told not to trust the cops, that leads to more problems, not less.

  34. Foodcompulsive,

    I suggest you have a bite to eat as that is one hell of a run on sentence you just wrote regarding Copwatch vis a vis experiences and intimidating cops who pulled over people you know and then they had bad experiences and it would have been helpful if they knew their rights because they didn't own any white t shirts or deal any drugs.

  35. Funny. Rumor on the street has it that CopWatch didn't even bother to file a police report after they were robbed. Wonder why.

  36. Reminds me of a story that happened about ten years ago when the anarchist bookstore on Milwaukee was tossed and vandalized by skinhesds who mistook the anarchists for homosexuals. The anarchists did file a police report, yet tried to save face by issuing a public statement saying something to the effect of "While we still feel that the police represent the fascist state, we felt it this instance that someone had to be made an example of."
    Sorry Copwatch, this is just PRICELESS!

  37. Every CPD officer I have ever spoken too is sick and tired of copwatch. They've said, to a man, than many officers on the force are so sick and tired of being harassed by the likes of copwatch that they've stop caring. They just go through the motions, file a report and move on.

    So, when your organization demoralizes the police to the point that my safety is threatened, you have become a threat to my safety.

    Hence I now, and in the future, will continue to call for the end of Copwatch, particularly the group here in Uptown. Ron Durham and company are actively making our neighborhood less safe.

  38. I wonder if we should start filming Cop Watch as they film the police and place that up on YouTube?

  39. For those who may have been outside Truman last week, it was the copwatch folks who were calling people nazis. Birthers/copwatch/loonies. You stay classy.

  40. that's incorrect. the guy at Truman calling people Nazis is not a part of copwatch. i don't even know who the guy is.

  41. Wrong again Ron. It was a member of your organization that was calling decent people myself included Nazis in front of Truman College.
    Lucky Rabinowitz. (i am not sure if I spelled her last name correctly and frankly do not care)
    She lives in the Catholic Workers house and is always around when Copwatch is around.
    Perhaps you might need to have a word with her and send her to some anger management training as the situation clearly got the best of her last week.
    It reflected poorly on your group having a member call people Nazis and bigots without even a hint of provocation.
    I am sure their are an abundance of places that you could send Lucky to get the help or meds she needs in the 46th Ward.

  42. I'll back up Ron on this. The dude wandering around calling folks "nazis" wasn't part of CW.

    I don't even think he was part of this reality ...

    I'm still curious as to what happened with the woman and the purse.

  43. The woman with the purse claimed to have a gun and asked if this is where she was supposed to come for the gun buyback to get her money.

    The woman with the technocolor pullover on that was also calling people bigots and Nazis was a part of their group. Lucky is her name and she has some issues with the regular world.

  44. Ah.

    Then the woman with the purse was either insanely stupid, or a plant.

  45. Yo it is possible that she was both. To be the second implies that she is the first.

  46. I have lived in this city for more than 40 years. I don't rob, rape, steal, beat others, graffiti or drink and drive. I don't do dope and I am sickened by all the people in my "community" who rationalize their use of meth, coke and weed as being harmless enjoyment ofr "consenting adults". I also don't drive like an A-Hole. I have vehicle insurance, current license plates and a city sticker. Amazingly enough, in over 40 years I have never been "harassed" or "violated" by the chicago police. I earn at least 3 times what a chicago police officer is paid and I don't have to run towards gunfire. I don't have to walk up to someone's third floor condo in the middle of the night when their tweaked out boyfriend is kicking their ass. I don't have to pick up abused or dead children and I don't have to restrain myself from beating the amoral pedophile who did that to them. I don't have to chase sociopathic gang bangers through the park while they try to shoot me and thank God I don't have to make any split second decisions on whether to take someones life to protect my own or yours. I thank God that there are men and women willing to leave their families every day not knowing if they will get back home. I thank God they are willing to do what you and I would never do for 10 times waht they earn. You want to make a difference in this city? Quit beating down the men and women who risk their lives to protect you from the beasts that roam our city. Quit following the police around and maybe just park outside your neighorhood bar and follow some of drunks that put everyone of us at risk when they get behind the wheel, call the police and keep folowing them until the police get there to arrest them. Maybe start taking a stand against the bottom feeders that are selling X and meth at your favorite pick up joint. Hell, maybe you ought to quit your job at the "art" gallery or the NGO and join the police force. Then you could lead by example, inspire your fellow officers to strive to be better and maybe even expose the few dishonest or brutal ones you see firsthand. Not ready to make that kind of life commitment? Maybe then you should just tell the next officer you see how much you appreciate what they do for all of us. Be sincere and gratefull. Maybe a little respect and appreciation will help that officer to keep making good decisions when faced with the dregs and violence that would put you in counseling for the rest of your life. How many of your coworkers were killed or disabled whle at work this year? How many of them widowed their partner or orphaned their children while protecting your right to live and prosper? Think about it then decide what to do.