Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Warning For Dog Owners

"I'd like to report that neighbors in North Uptown received an anonymous call Monday night, August 9, threatening, "I think it's time to poison another dog." This could be a random call or someone who knows them and doesn't happen to care for dogs. Theirs is well behaved and not a nuisance barker. Unfortunately, the call could not be traced. Dog owners, beware of leaving your dogs unattended in your yard and watch carefully what they get their noses into either in the yard or out on your walks. This is always a good practice. Also, if you receive such a call, please call the police."


  1. Was the police notified of this call? Sounds a bit hocky

  2. Dial *57 after any call and (for a fee) the phone company will trace the call and involve the police. It only works on the last call that came into your house. You have to act on it within a week. I don't know what happens with cell phones.

  3. Your telecom provider will have a call log of all incoming and outgoing calls to your phone number.

    This is traceable without *57.

    Log into your account on the telecom website. Or review your bill. It should have a page with all your calls.

  4. Here are the three ways to deal with anonymous phone calls.

    First *57 will trace a landline ONLY phone call if the caller's number is within your local service area. It cannot trace calls from outside your service area, so for outside of your call area see the second option. Like every privacy feature this is a free option but its not regularly available to every customer. When you use *57 for the first time you'll have to setup this service, don't worry it's for free.



    If you are getting calls outside of your services area I recomend using the anonymous call rejection feature available to both landlines and cell phones.



    Third and my favorite. For cell phones is a feature that turns off the callers anonymous call. You must have caller ID for this feature to work. I cannot find any documentation regarding this but when I had to change my number because I was getting calls from supporters of the CPD I went to AT&T and they told me about the feature. It's free and it's pretty fun to call people back who think they can harass you without repercussions or identification.