Monday, August 31, 2009

Front Page Coverage...

...on the CBS2 website.
Several readers e-mailed to inform us that not only did CBS2 cover Friday's gang fight on the 5 PM news today, the coverage is also featured on the front page of the website.

You can read the story here and watch the video here.


  1. Some very interesting quotes in that story.

  2. Ladies and gents, boys and girls hold onto your hats because the Uptown hits keep coming.

    Chicago Breaking news has a story about yet another young man from Uptown who needs to find those "paths" Alderman Shiller talked about in her famous letter.

    Also Oprah is going to be holding a street party on Michigan Avenue.

    What are the chances we could get her to move it to the 4700 block of Sheridan?

  3. Unrelated (sorta), I had to call 911 on my walk home tonight. Around 8:15pm on Wilson, between Broadway and Racine, there was quite a fracas going on. Two groups of young men and a few women were yelling at each other. Pedestrians scrammed in opposite directions. I (perhaps stupidly) defiantly walked right through it - refusing to give in to this constant issue. I called 911 after I successfully got through it.

  4. Nice job Dop.

    Now please tell me who your avatar is, its driving me crazy.

  5. Ahhh let's make this a 911 link...

    Last night we had to call 911 @ 9pm due to a woman screaming and hitting her "boyfriend" for over a half hour out on the Sunnyside Mall area.

    He should have been bobbing and weaving. Alcohol was involved...

  6. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU THANK CBS 2 NEWS via email to let them know how much we appreciate their continuing coverage of Uptown... it is REALLY important they know of our support!

  7. I was only really disappointed in one aspect of this report and that was when they made it sound like residents are blaming Shiller for the crime and violence in the 46th. Let me state for the record, I DO NOT BLAME ALDERMAN SHILLER.

    I do not think any one person can be blamed for an increase in crime, violence or gang activity. There are many contributing factors. I am just not happy with the fact that she does not respond to my personal requests for information and assistance. She has resources at her disposal to help try to minimize crime, violence and gang activity in the ward.

    Is she working on it? Is she implementing new strategies and suggestions? I have no clue because she's not communicating with us! She could be doing the best or worst things for the ward...who knows? The only communication has been a statement that has not given any specifics and she isn't responding to my e-mails.

  8. Marathonman you are not blaming schiller but yet her policies in the ward are making it easier for the gangs to operate, has no clear vision about the ward, and she is clearly not listening to anyone. She is the elected leader of the ward afterall.I am from now on refering to the area north of Lawrence as East Andersonville. The thought behind it is of course that if you loop a not so nice area(uptown) with a nice area(Andersonville), it is bound to be noticed even more.

  9. There's a big difference between full responsibility and no responsibility. I think it's fair to "blame" Helen while acknowledging it's not 100% her fault. No one forced her to be alderman. She has chosen to concentrate poverty in our ward. I understand she has chosen to hire and protect menances to the public welfare. She has chosen to set the tone.

  10. Marathon Man, that was a social service director who made that comment on Channel 2. Does she even go to CAPS? For God's sake, she was oblivious to the situation as it was occurring right outside Chicago Uptown Ministry.

    She also pulled the same stunt Helen pulls and tried to deflect any accountability back to the alderman. The game in Uptown is that you cover the back of the alderman so that the alderman will cover you. Then she wonders why people get frustrated with some of the social services around here.

  11. I e-mailed CBS & they replied. They ask they we keep them posted of any news in Uptown! Let's do it!!!

    We should keep a running log of the crimes we see and compare them with the "statistics" that are so often cited. Even if we do this experiment only for a week.

    Take back Uptown!

  12. has no clear vision about the ward

    Oh, she has a clear vision for the ward, that's never been disputed.

    It's just that her vision runs counter to proper civic and social planning, that's all.

  13. People need to realize how much control these Alderman have over all things in there wards.

    They are like mob bosses or I should are mob bosses.

    Pay to play it's the Chicago way. Shiller has an unofficial agreement with the gangs you bet on that.

  14. You can't fill your ward with as many homeless shelters, social services as humanly possible and then turn your back when crime arises.

    You want to be the helping hand, take responsibility for what you have created and work with the police to keep things safe for everyone. I am tired of everyone giving Helen a free pass. No other ward has the kind of social services we have. No other ward has the problems we have either. Direct be the judge.

    I think one thing has become abundantly clear, and that is that HELEN SHILLER ONLY WORKS FOR THE POOR. She has never really worked for anyone else. She likes to use the tax money to allow her the piggy bank she gets to aide in her pet projects. Unfortunately Helen the ward has caught on to your practices. And now people are pissed.

  15. Hey Schiller find out where these bangers live in your arena and go knock on their doors and say NO MORE. Call their parent into the aldermans office and go to the school and hunt these gangs down.

  16. WindyCityEagle - my avatar is me.

  17. Hey Chipdouglas - thats the same fracas I walked through at 8PM last night and called 911 at the time. And you say you had to call an hour later? Quick response from Chicago's finest, I see.