Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Upcoming Events

  • The streets and parks belong to the people who use them. Keeping with the theme of "Come out and do something positive for Uptown," join your neighbors next Friday, August 28, for a movie in Clarendon Park, 4501 N Clarendon. This is a perfect opportunity to pack a picnic, play a game of Bocce Ball on our very own Bocce Ball Court and enjoy an incredible movie, FREEDOM WRITERS, based on a true story of young woman who takes on her first teaching assignment in a high school located in a California community much like Uptown. Movie starts at dusk, come early. (Hint: Perfect timing to walk over to Wilson/Sheridan for the positive loitering at 11pm afterwards.)

  • Lifesource and the CPD are holding a Blood Drive on Friday from 9am-3pm. Come to donate at the Community Policing office, 3608 N Halsted. Walk-ins are welcome.

1 comment:

  1. The park belongs to the people who use them well I think this park "Clarendon Park" allows unsafe and unhealthy conditions not only for its near-by residents but for our children who go to play and hope its a safe and healthy atmosphere. All summer I have called the field house and not once did I ever get a responce after leaving numerous messages about the homeless that have turned the park grounds into a camp site behind the tennis court areas behind the empty maryville building. They are always drinking, smoking dope and urinating in public view of everyone 24X24. I thought Helen S. was bad on never returning calls. The manager that runs this park must must have taken lessons from her as he`s worse.......