Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Non-Transparent, Unaccountable Spending Program"

The Illinois Policy Institute, "a voice for economic liberty and government accountability," has this to say about the Wilson Yard TIF:

"Uptown Chicago taxpayers remain in the dark about the progress of the Wilson Yard TIF (tax increment financing) project. Just a few months ago we blogged about the TIF situation in Uptown and now we have an update.

Not only does Alderman Shiller want to nearly double the TIF’s original budget by $54 million, but she’s still not giving any specifics about how the original $58 million is being spent. This brings the total amount devoted to this non-transparent, unaccountable spending program to $112,000,000."

Read the entire entry here.


  1. In fairness, Helen did say that she can't detail any planning for any spending until AFTER the budget has been increased.

    Or, better put - she can't plan her shopping until she knows how much she has to spend.

    I'll give the stage to the Helen Shiller Players to illustrate how this works:

    Kid: I need an advance on my allowance?
    Mom: Why?
    Kid: I need stuff
    Mom: What kinda' stuff?
    Kid: Dunno. I have some ideas though
    Mom: Where's the allowance you already got?
    Kid: Spent it
    Mom: On what?
    Kid: Um .... stuff
    Mom: Can you be a little more specific?
    Kid: Not really, no.

    Problem with this scenario is that Ed "the Perk" Burke would be portraying the father, so asking permission from Mom (the tax payers) is only symbolic.

  2. Y! She can't even account for the money she has ALREADY spent. At the infamous meeting "Hellen" said $350k was given to Uplift to update the cafateria. The very next day, state of IL documents show the STATE gave $350k to the school for the cafateria.
    Mis-use? The law says TIF money is to be used for economic development of "Blighted" areas: not updating schools and buiding "Affordable" housing; NOT for the whims of a crooked alderman

  3. Yo, That analogy is perfect!

    How come there is all this "evidence", but noone gets caught or punished?

  4. The problem is there are a lot business people that support her.

    Frankly, I know of one I will never give dime to because of the support for Helen.

    I would like to know if anyone can point to where I can find out all the businesses that contributed to her?

  5. This has got to give a boost to the FWY argument!
    Does this policy institute have any credibility in the courts? Its just nice to see someone outside of Uptown acknowledge the Helen problem...since the newspapers don't seem interested.

  6. Like me earlier post no one will admit the wrong she does that has any business interests in Uptown and Chicago.

    Same goes with Daley.

    Fortunately mine are out of state in another town.

    I understand their position that is why I think we as community need to start saying you support her and we won't support your business.

    It's pay to play all the way baby in IL.

  7. "A" - if you want to see who supports Helen financially, try here ( and here ( It's all public records.