Thursday, August 6, 2009

Harris Endorses Steans Over Gay Rights Activist

Read all about it at the Huffington Post by David Ormsby


  1. As a gay voter in Uptown, I'm not upset about Greg's decision. I can understand why he would support Heather. Just because someone is a gay rights activist and you agree with them on that issue, doesn't make them more qualified for the job overall. There are a lot of issues facing our district right now. That'd be a form of discrimination, like hiring someone just because they're gay rather than qualified.

    However, the only thing I find odd in the article is that Madigan says he never sought Harris' support. Did Harris ever have a conversation with Madigan or did he blindly support Heather out of loyalty? I think that Madigan should have at least had the opportunity to have a conversation with Harris before he made a decision on who he was going to support. That'd be my only concern with this issue.

    I certainly haven't made a decision yet and would like to hear each candidate's stance on the issues before I make a decision in February.

  2. Shiller's staff has also made it perfectly clear to Jim Madigan that they will not support him. All the more reason for him to get my vote.

  3. Congratulations to Greg for not doing the knee jerk endorsements we see with the hacks.

  4. Thanks Marathonman

    This kinda of sensationalistic headline is irresponsible journalism. Insinuating that Stearn must be anti-gay, which is not true, as opposed to a chosen candidtate.

    Shame on UU for posting this in this way.

  5. D-
    Is that not the same headline over at Huffington? Maybe you are reading too much into it.

  6. Maybe I am. As a writer, I'm sensitive to hackisms.

    But the Huffington Post was definitely going for shock value. Pretty much proven by how the article zags to how Steans has been supportive.

    Just because HP posted this, doesn't mean UU has to stoop that low.

  7. It should have been: "Harris Endorses Stern Over Fellow Bald Guy"

  8. I think you gotta put this on David Ornsby. Sure, a blogger, but also a public relations professional.

    The Huffington Post has very little editorial control to my knowledge. There's too many contributors to edit. You'd need an army of experienced editors to check material before it's published online.

  9. 1 - Harris endorsed Shiller
    2 - Steans voted against allowing I'll voters a choice regarding recalling elected officials, stating the processes in place were sufficient
    3 - Steans is neck-deep in blagojevich folks, to include her former boss - who got a suh-weet retirement boost

    I don't see this as a gay v. non-gay issue; moreso an issue of protecting the political status quo, and me no likey.

  10. The big question for me is, after all the cleaning up after Shiller's incompetence that Greg's had to do over the past few years, will he endorse her again?

  11. I would hope Greg understands that giving Helen another endorsement would not prove beneficial to his political future.

    He won't always run unopposed, and he may very well flush out a challenger if he continues to connect his name to representatives of the corruption that's put this city, county and state into the insane mess that it's become.

  12. Jimo I could not agree more. Get Frank out.

    I support Harris, but I am not gay. Hell I am not even Democrat, but when push comes to shove I choose Greg, because he listens at least. I do not agree with a lot of his policies, but he welcomes my side of the argument.

    Since when do we have to support people because of our sexual preferences? If that was the case during some points in my 20's I could only have supported heavy set girls with low self esteem and rich parents.

  13. Marathon: "Did Harris ever have a conversation with Madigan or did he blindly support Heather out of loyalty?"

    Well, let’s just put it this way: Jim Madigan drafted much of the civil unions legislation that Harris has proudly sponsored. ;-)

  14. Chip, I don't suppose you still have your little black book from those days still, do you?

    Err...a friend was just asking....ummm..yeah...

  15. In my (not so) humble opinion, it's entirely too early for these kind of endorsements. Talk about knee-jerk, that's exactly what Greg's endorsement appears to be. (You scratch my back and I'll scratch le status quo.)

  16. Bradley, I agree. This is a common tactic in these parts. Part of it is an expression of loyalty and it’s not always blind. Rep. Harris recently endorsed Alderman O'Connor for the 5th CD seat to replace Rahm Emanuel. Quigley later won the seat.

    I believe Harris' feeling was genuine and borne from a very good relationship with the Alderman but because that relationship was instrumental in helping Harris' prevail in what was a contentious appointment vote (recall Rep. Larry McKeon resigned), one couldn’t escape that whiff of payback. Especially since there was a rich and full field of candidates in that race and not one of them was a schlump---not even the outliers. That’s why Harris’ endorsement looked hinky; there was history and there were many more relevantly qualified candidates than Alderman O’Connor.

    Early endorsements are also an attempt to clear the field, disable or weaken an opponent early and thereby provide some aide to the incumbent. As strategies go, it’s a weak one and around here it carries an extra bit of the ick factor: Elected officials, or endorsers, rarely meet both candidates. In fact, most are unwilling to do so. As far as I’m concerned, no meeting, no meaning.