Monday, August 17, 2009

Coverage From Tonight's Protest

It's still early, but as news coverage filters in from tonight's peaceful protest, we will post links here. Were you there? Do you have pics to share? Post your accounts in the comments.

Read "Uptown Residents Demand Action After Gang Violence Erupts In Streets" at The Huffington Post

Read "Shiller 'Equally Concerned' About Uptown Violence" via NBC 5

Update: Read "Uptown Alderman Under Fire For Street Violence" via CBS 2 (updated with 10pm video)

Update: ABC 7's 10 o'clock "Residents Voice Concern Over Violence" story (with video)

Read "Gang Brawl Video Spurs Dueling Protests In Uptown" via Chicago Breaking News (Tribune)

Watch Fox Chicago's "Uptown Residents Protest Violence"

Update: Lake Effect News: Shiller Chased Out Of Press Conference — Raw Video

Sun-Times: "Uptown Resident's Video of Fight Sparks Protest "

Lake Effect News: "Run, Helen, Run"

Sun-Times: "Alderman Confronted Over Uptown Crime"

Update: Chicago Public Radio: "Uptown Residents Confront Alderman Over Neighborhood Violence"

Crain's Blogs, Greg Hinz: "Battle Of Uptown Rages Without End In Sight"

Update: News Radio 780 WBBM: "Residents Confront Alderman Over Uptown Crime"

Update: Chicagoist: "Ald. Shiller Hounded Out of her Own Press Conference"

Update: Second City Nitty Gritty: "Alderman Chased By Angry Mob And It's About Time"

Joe The Cop: "Fear and Loathing in the 46th Ward"


  1. ABC7's story. Some factual mis-statements from the anchor, not the reporter - I heard that will be corrected.


  2. THANK YOU to everyone who attended the protest! I was not able to make the meeting, but I made a point to alter my route home from the office and was thrilled to see all the news trucks. As I was driving by, I was thinking how the good people of Uptown (new and old alike) have worked too hard to let the community slip backwards due to bankrupt leadership (if you can call it that).

  3. Is Derek Davis related to Denise? Does anyone know for sure?

  4. Lead story on WGN! Yea team! And she said her staff is available..I suggest WE ALL GO TO HER OFFICE TOMORROW and every day this week and ask for answers, bringing our video cameras with us!

    Lets see if her staff brings baseball bats this time..

    AND PLEASE REMEMBER TO ATTEND THE CAPS MEETING TOMORROW NIGHT at the corner of Leland and Sheridan at the Inspiration Cafe!

  5. WGN and FOX just aired the protest and the post Olympic meeting events in their FIRST news segment (9 o'clock news). Great job people, the media is on the case!

  6. Fox @ 9:00 ran it.

    Helen arrived via the side door (of course).

    Notice how Helen states this is a media event to toss her from office.


    This was a media event to get her to do something, anything.

    Oh, and according to some of Helen's supporters, Joe Gray is running for alderman.

  7. WGN

    And, what did I say about keeping a civil tongue?

    Someone called her a liar, and she walks out.

    Remember that.

  8. "Is Derek Davis related to Denise?"

    Don't know, but ... he's been paid by "Citizens for Shiller" for being a "consultant." (What else?)

    $240 on 1-17-03
    $100 on 1-18-03
    $280 on 2-17-03
    $100 on 4-17-03
    $120 on 5-23-03

    Yeah, that's some unbiased person there on the news, huh?

  9. Maybe the question we should REALLY be asking about this is WHY has the Tribune not covered this story at all?

    Smells fishy....(pun intended)

  10. Huffington Post

    Shiller's office did not return several calls for comment from the Huffington Post Monday. Her secretary's and chief of staff's voice mail boxes were full and unable to accept messages. Shiller's office also did not respond to requests for comment from CBS 2 and NBC Chicago.

  11. wow, you call her a liar and she runs away. Funny when I believe I'm right and someone calls me a liar I make an attempt to argue the point that I am right in what I am saying. Seems like someone knew they were being called out and can't refute the fact that it is true.

  12. What staff doesn't return phone calls? Their mailboxes are full? Funny I thought if the staff was available then the phones would be answered and not have a full voicemail box? Sounds like another lie.

  13. NBC5

    Schiller was silent throughout the weekend regarding the activity shown in the video and of the shooting. She avoided her constituents on Monday, instead speaking only with representatives of the media.

    "We've had a very good response by the police, and I think we will continue to do so," Shiller said.

    Regarding the protest, Schiller said "It's just a small group of people trying to get me out of office."

    It's not a small group, sweet cheeks.

    It's bigger than it was last year, and will be bigger once people understand that you avoided them.


  14. I don't live in Shiller's ward but I have been following this very closely. I live in Mary Ann Smith's ward and, while we don't have the violence you are having yet, we do have violence. We all must hold our Alderman accountable to the people who put them in office. If they are not working for us, than put them out of office. They make roughly $110,000 for part time work. That does not include their expense account. We pay their salaries so, therefore, they work for us. If we are not doing the jobs we get paid for, we get fired! Remember that come election time. I do not care about saving the Updown theatre, although I think it should be saved, save a life first. I do not care about putting murels under the underpasses, put more police on. Violence is becoming a way of life in the city I love because our elected officials and yes, some police officers, look the other way. Out with the old, in with the new.

  15. I was only briefly there, unfortunately.
    But as the WGN reporter said something to the effect of "....she was chased to her car, with chants of 'run! Helen run!'" made me laugh out loud!!!

  16. The cherry on top of the protest was the enormous rainbow in the sky over the 100-200 protesters while Helen was holed up inside.

  17. Front page of FoxChicago

    Alderman Schiller did attend the city's 2016 meeting but got in through a side door.

  18. If Ald. Shiller and her staff are so available and responsive, then why did every single media story last week end with "Ald. Shiller did not return our numerous calls for comment"?

    And why were Brendan and George Batman Atkins guarding the doors to Truman College from the hoi polloi, who might actually want to speak to their paid representative? (Community college, anyone?)

    Yeah, these are the actions of someone who's open and available. Uh-huh.

    Oh, and I love the "this is a small group of people who want to see me out of office." Helen, hon, you've GOT to learn a new template. This one stopped working around 1996...

    I got several calls from people around the country who saw the WGN report. They were all like, Man, your alderman's crazy!


    Got word she left on will be on CBS channel 2 news.

    Press folks were overheard saying “that was awesome TV”

  20. Who was that group chanting with the Tiffany blue signs in the Fox coverage? I can't make out what they are saying.

  21. I kind of wish some of the news crews had filled the Clifton alley. It could have been a very effective visual as to why many people don't feel safe walking on Wilson between Lake Shore and Clark anymore. Thanks to all those who went to the protest as well as Uptown Update and its readers for believing in the power of community.

  22. Sassy, those were No Games Chicago folks.

    We kinda' co-opted their event.

  23. Helen, how is you day going? Seems like the Tribune is the only media friend you have left. Funny, they are wasting away, just like you. Misery loves company. I do not even care anymore about them ignoring Uptown. Less and less are reading that terrible media property. Just like your voter base - getting to be less and less, though offset by some new Near North(west) transplants to Montrose and Broadway. Not enough anymore. Give it up, your ticks are played out.

  24. LOVE, the just-aired CBS 2 reporter's closing remark that "her office has NOT returned our calls"

    The ward office is becoming like a Marx Brothers film....only nothing is funny whatsoever.

  25. ABC 7 just led their 10PM newscast with coverage of the protest as well. I'm hoping these recent events and subsequent exposure are the catalyst to drive real action in Uptown.

  26. Just saw great coverage on CBS 2.

    Clearly, thier angle was clearly anti-Shiller. It made anyone new to this story see what a creepy, shady, deviant, crook she is.

    She came off as herself. That is to say, HORRIBLE.

    I personally dreamed of getting coverage like this after the murder of the student steps from her office door last year.

    Let's keep it up!

  27. All the local channels lead with this.

    CBS7 did mention how Helen wants the media to stay on this story.

    Why don't I believe her?

  28. To the contrary, the Trib was there tonight. A reporter interviewed me and some other fellow residents. Hope to see a story (front page?) tomorrow.

  29. Haha, Joe Gray films a riot, and now Helen's "supporters" suggest it's a plan for him to run for Alderman? That's what they come up with? Please...

  30. If the Trib was there, I cannot wait for the Shiller friendly reporting like the past. Who knows, they might finally realize that may not be the case this time around.

  31. derrick davis is denise davis son.


    Is there proof of that?

  32. I like the schtick that anyone who opposes Shiller is considering running for alderman.

    I guess that means the ballot is going to be a bit crowded.

    Maybe we can "whiddle" the number of challengers to Shiller down to a baker's dozen or so.

    I will not be a candidate.

    Now it's an even 12 running against her.

    I have a pretty good idea that the Capplemaniac will run against her, but beyond that it's all just speculation or BS.

    I'm not sure she is even planning to run.

    Since Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Courts Dorothy Brown was mentioned in the "twitter" fees I have a suggestion.

    Someone should go to her county website and run the name of the Aldercritters son in the lawsuit database.

    You may see why mommy pays her son out of her campaign fund.

    I'm just saying.

  33. Yup, I'd say the trib story was basically a Helen friendly piece as usual. I hate that paper and I hate her.

  34. Wow, seemed to get a bit out of hand. I was asked why I hate the poor and why I was here to demonize black men. I was asked why there were no blacks or latinos in the crowd (coincidentally, both parties were represented on either side of me at that very moment).

    I was called both a yuppie and a Nazi by a couple of the trolls. Which is ironic, because I make little money as a public school teacher and my mother is a Jew.
    What fun!!

  35. Everyone should also be sure to email/comment to the media and thank them for covering the protest and also add comments when possible directly to there sites.

  36. BTW, I am a Cappleman supporter unless........Irish Pirate in 2011? Maybe pirate could replace Geoge Atkins? Instead of a bat, he will frighten constituants away with his cutlass...... and razor sharp wit!

  37. I wish I had a video of Denise screaming at me last year for "writing" their office about the loose bricks the city left on our street after ripping them out of our sidewalks in front of our condo and the places down the street. The gangs were smashing people's car windows in with them. She chastised me for writing them 3 times in 6 months about no response. She warned me not to request anything from their office anymore.A few months later, a neighborhood kid was sent to the hospital in critical condition because his head was smashed in by a gangmember by one of those bricks. I got THAT footage on video.

  38. I think Helen will sit and truly think when election time comes around "Do I really wanna keep dealing with this?"

    We aren't going away is only going to get worse too. You sure you want to deal with this for years to come? Retirement seems like a better option to me.

  39. Take a look at some of the pics and video. There were blacks and latinos in the crowd. One TV video even interviews a black woman who is buying an evil condo.

    I was called a YUPPIE by someone who suggested I move. I'm too old to be a Y uppie and I've been in this neighborhood longer than the name caller has likely been alive.

    They were just trying to provoke violence or a reaction. Luckily I took some St John's Wort before I left my evil condo so I was very calm at the "event".

    If I hadn't lightning bolts might have shot out of my arse and destroyed the name caller.

    Sorry, I was channeling Braveheart there for a moment.

  40. I personally think the Uptown Elected officials may have a silent agreement with the gangs in the area to be just that... silent. you don't cross me, and i won't cross you as a sort of an agreement. this has done on waaaay too long for there not to be some sort of agreement in place between the two parties.

  41. Run Helen Run. Brilliant. That really was nothing. She could have left through the side door. In fact, maybe Helen remembers when a little unknown local community activist led a group of seniors to a public forum hosted by Dan Rostenkowski. When the seniors could not get answers they followed Rostenkowski to his car. He ended up running to his car. The seniors chased him. One of them ended up throwing herself on his car just to stop him so she could get answers.

    Who led those Chicagoans?

    Your Congresswoman - Jan Schakowsky. The year was 1989.

    I would probably avoid her office. The voice mail boxes are full. The threat of a staff member wielding a baseball bat is still there at the Ward office.

    How about organizing outside her home at 6, asking from the street to accompany you to the CAPS meeting, and then marching all the way there in unison to the chant of "we're not gonna take it anymore".

  42. It just seems as if there is some sort of agreement from the PAID elected official in Uptown to be silent. they NEVER respond. NEVER. WHY? Makes me wonder if the agreement is, "you don't cross me and i won't cross you." from our officials. All of the alderman in surrounding wards have supported our Uptown officials at election time and that is probably because they DO NOT WANT THIS IN THEIR WARD, BETTER TO BE IN THE 46TH WARD.

  43. I was at the protest.


  44. Oh I forgot to add that I'm mixed so I guess that's also a check mark for "Other" in attendance. Glad to see a pretty good turn out of ALL of our neighbors tonight!

  45. The usual suspects sugested that this blog post pictures of drunk yuppies passed out at a yuppie party instead of instead of disadvantaged poor drunk people passed out on the street.

    First of all I do not write this blog second of all none of the damn yuppies seem to invite me to their parties. So I am not sure how to make these Catholic Workers happy.

    I think pictures of passed out drunk people are kind of fun to look at and I am not particular about their race, creed, or even where they choose to worship. I just like to look at and laugh at pictures of drunk people.

    Also if you are planning on having a yuppie party consider inviting me. I have never been to one and if they are as good as Lucky Rabinowitz of the Catholic Workers seems to think they are, what with all the drunk passed out yuppies I would love to snap a few pictures for this blog.

  46. What was with the dude gathering signatures for Dorothy Brown? I politely toldhim that I cannot support someonee who makes a regular practice of accepting cash gifts from her employees.

  47. GREAT turnout! Awesome signs, and great coverage... the momentum is there... where do we take it from here??

  48. Oh and I was there- and brought someone from my condo... my favorite signs were from the guy who drew the bullet-proof vest with the sign that read "A school uniform nobody wants" and "Cops deserve an Alderman who Provides Support! GREAT JOB EVERYONE for keeping this relevant and in the news.

  49. Brennan,

    Jan Schakowsky on the chase (eerie, some of the comments, no?).

    Note - I won't vote for anyone who's endorsed, or may endorse Shiller.

    Jan - tough rocks, toots.

  50. Well I don't think Dorothy Brown is going to go too far in her campaign for Cook County Board Prez. This ain't gonna help.

  51. Now that I've put an arrow into the buttock of the Dorothy Brown for Prez campaign let me move on to more Uptown related issues.

    I will not be a candidate for anything. Except spokespirate for Guinness.

    "Guinness, it's not just for breakfast anymore".

    Next I will NEVER work for a public agency. I was happy collecting a paycheck from Uncle Sam during my Army days, but like my youth that is behind me.

    I much prefer my current occupation of being the neighborhood drunk. Or drunk in chief since I do have some competition.

    Now I don't know who will be running against Shiller in the next election. I don't even know if Shiller will be running. I do expect Cappleman to run and time will tell if others join the fray.

    I do know that if Shiller does run I will support Satan if he announces he is running against her. I did ask the Prince of Darkness the other day whether he would consider running, but he said "Helen is doing as fine a job as I could do and perhaps I will let her have another four years."

    There you have it. The Monarch of Hell endorses Shiller.

    Now I know some of you probably doubt that I spoke to El Diablo, but I did. He was out in front of the Catholic Workers House making fun of their landscaping on his way back from one of the neighborhood riots.

    Mephistopheles is really big on landscaping. He particularly likes tulips and evergreens. Don't ask me why. I don't understand old Lucifer, I just drink with him.

    I'm drinking extra heavily tonight. I'm rather annoyed that I wasn't called a Nazi or at least a Klan member at the rally. All I got was "yuppie". I'm hurt and offended.

    When people bring up Nazis at a peaceful rally I can only think of the absurdity of Monty Python.

    "I just drone on and on and on never letting anyone else get a word in edgewise until I start foaming in the mouth and falling over backwards".

    So endeth the rant.

  52. I think the dog owners of this neighborhood need to organize.

    We've been in the fray for years, taking Fido and Fifi (and Fang) out at 6am on a Sunday morning, at midnight on a Tuesday, the eyes, ears -- and tails -- of the neighborhood many times.

    My point -- we dog owners could be out there, positive 'dog walking' -- in groups. We need more pedestrian activity, yes? What better way, than to show them how to walk the dog?

  53. IP you are killing me! Too funny! You little devil!

  54. The Lake Effect News has some raw video of Shiller speaking and a link to another video from Tom Mannis. Tom is a right winger from Rogers Park. Notice I didn't call him a Nazi.

  55. As usual, Lorraine Swanson at Lake Effect News gives the fullest picture of what happened. This perspective can only come from a reporter who takes the time to really get to know the dynamics of this community. Thanks, Lorraine.

    She reports that Shiller says “..But this is not about me, this is about addressing a dynamic that exists in this city and in fact exists very seriously in the city everywhere that we are feeling the tip of this.”

    I agree with alot of what Helen has to say there. Compared to places like Englewood, for example, we are truly feeling the "tip of this." Gang violence has gotten out of control in Chicago and the people engaging in this behavior act as if they have no fear of consequences. I am curious why she didn't just mention CeaseFire's funding getting cut but she alludes to it when she says that more programs are needed to get people to "rethink what they are doing with their lives." I think Helen should know that there are people out here who can find common ground with her on these sentiments. The violence does need to be stopped on many fronts.

    But here is where it ends for me: It is unacceptable that other mothers are seeing their babies getting shot by gangs in Chicago. I don't want it to happen there as much as I don't want it to happen here. But I don't live there. I'm joining with my neighbors to get my elected representatives to deal with it here (just as I support people in those neighborhoods doing so, albeit remotely.) I am joining with my neighbors here to get Helen to take our concerns to the City Council to get CPD back up to historic staffing levels at least and even add more personnel in higher crime areas---not just police districts but areas. The police know where the trouble spots are. In short, I want leadership on this issue because I am not capable of changing this problem by myself. I don't have a $100,000+ a year part time job in which I have the ear of the district commander, the police superintendent, City Council and the Mayor. I don't have a ward budget or access to TIF funds and I haven't claimed to be the underdog fighting for Uptown for the past 20 years. But it would be awfully helpful to get the person who is all of those things (and has all of those things) working to solve the problem with me!

    I find the most disturbing thing about her lack of leadership to be how she says she is at once not the problem but also that she has already fulfilled any past or future role that might be in store for her on this issue. She says, "I talk to police at every single opportunity that it is required to do so in terms of addressing these issues and making sure that resources are there to respond." Well, thanks for being reactive. Thanks for keeping in touch with the police. But if that is all you've been doing for 20 years on that front then doesn't that suggest the approach isn't working as well as it should? A good leader isn't some kind of technocratic administrator. A good leader gets their hands dirty. And for you to get your hands dirty, Helen, means contact with constituents who are at the opposite end of your political perspective too because you are responsible to them as well and they just might have something to offer to the solution.

    The bottom line is that there is no way that one person can solve this issue alone because it does need to be addressed on many fronts. It must be a community effort of all who live here. All who live here.

  56. What seemed to have sent people over the edge was when she started compulsively lying again to the press about what she does to address crime. I've seen her boldly lie so many times and I was fearful that she was going to pull one over on the press again. The shouting and yelling at her probably wasn't a good idea, though. It gives her an excuse to play victim which she does so well. All in all, it was another bad day for Helen.

  57. Take the initial report by the CPD from the statements collected by CBS 2 Chicago. If it was in fact a riot as a result of local homeless people getting into arguments with local residents, even that is a public safety problem. There are known gang territories in Uptown and if homeless people and people using local services are being targeted then Helen Shiller should be all over this issue.

    Now you have video tape of riots, drug dealing, prostitution all on the same corner where local residents can acquire their groceries.

    Crime does go down when you fail to make arrests. It does go down when local residents do not file witness reports.

    If the 2312 CAPS meeting isn't filled to capacity tonight then the community has a much wider dilemma.

  58. An Uptown supporter is also featured in the "Photo of the Day" on lake effect news!

  59. I was there and it made me feel like i was really getting our point across. I hope someone will hear our calls for peace and tranquility in our Uptown streets....

  60. For everyone who cringed when someone shouted "LIAR" at Shiller, bringing the press conference to a a halt...What are the chances that the person was actually a plant, there to get her out of answering any more questions? We had instructions to stay calm. The press and the crowd clearly wanted more from her, how else could she have gotten out of the building? Just saying, I wouldn't put it past her.

  61. I think we should start asking alderman like Tom Tunney to our south if they plan on endorsing Helen again... I think these are pertinant questions...

  62. BTW, I sure would be interested in knowing where she was on vacation that precluded her from watching the t.v.

  63. What I love is how this is being turned into a race thing. As though African Americans aren't the MAJORITY of the population in Chicago, because yes my friends -- they exceed the white population by quite a bit. I say, you want to keep being treated like you're oppressed? Keeping acting like you are. I'm an African American resident of this neighborhood myself, and I don't let anything about race guide what I do in my life or how I do it -- because that would be letting it get to me. I'm ashamed at my fellow black nieghbors who use the race card as a crutch. It is embarassing and you should be ashamed. If you keep using that as a reason for not getting ahead, you'll stay exactly where you are -- that's why I gave it up a long time ago. For God sakes, we need to get past race. PLEASE, ALREADY.

  64. 1 - the person who yelled "liar" wasn't a plant.

    2 - I heard that Helen was on vacation in China.

    I mean, where else would you expect good communist/socialist to go?


    3 - Sassy ...? Awesome post.

  65. Like clockwork, the Tribune files a report and Ron Durham manages to get quoted.


  66. Nice job everyone. Let's continue the momentum into the CAPS meeting tonight.

  67. Derick Davis must be related to Denise. I think she is worse than Hellen. We called to the office about the mess a few bum's were causing in the open lot next to our condo and she told my wife off. He we are telling the ward about all the issues that go on and she basically told us to deal with it outselves.

  68. Reading through all the comments on the Trib and Sun Times and it amazes me how uninformed most of Uptown really is. I think that there are those that are scared of the Lincoln Park effect that new condos have, and are therefore ok with the crime and everything else that Schiller brings in here. I can assure you that no one wants Lincoln Park. But we all shouldn't have to live the way she is making us live.

    Unfortunately a lot of the comments are about how great she has done with the ward and the homeless. I think it may be time to really get the word out to everyone informing them election time is around the corner and that ANYONE other than Schiller should be voted into office.

    Anyone have any advice on how to raise awareness going forward to bring light to what is truly going on with our Alderman and her staff???

  69. I want to first say how proud I was to participate in this event. With exception of the calling out that interrupted what Helen was going to say, Uptowners took the high road and kept our message uncluttered and powerful. The momentum created by the media coverage is invigorating, and the comments above reflecting a desire for the “next step” are right on. When this rally was proposed, several more seasoned UU readers were dubious about what it would accomplish. Honestly, I tend to agree with them UNLESS we keep the ball rolling and work together to keep the pressure on.

    You should note- I didn’t just say keep the pressure on Helen. She is a factor in this, but she alone didn’t create this problem nor is she alone the solution. If we can only come together AGAINST her, we aren’t necessarily coming together FOR anything. It is exceedingly clear that so long as she is in office there won’t be an outpouring of support from her direction. We need a solution, we need action, and if this neighborhood is going to become safer for everybody it has to come from us.

    We need to keep the pressure on our elected officials to earn their support, on our social services leaders to serve those who need them with the best common practices, on our police to keep fighting the good fight and to trust us enough to explain how we can best help them, on our neighbors to keep their eyes open and their phones ready, and most importantly---on ourselves.

    I’ll be the first to admit that at the end of a long day, going to a CAPS meeting or taking the time to call 911 AGAIN about the same problem (insert gang/drug/prostitution/etc) is exhausting. Then I think about how much energy I spend worrying about my husband walking home from the el at night, about what will finally set off the ill people who are dangerously enabled to self-medicate, or about how the young kids playing in the park don’t even flinch when a banger sprints through, dropping behind a trail of clothing so the police officers following him can’t match his description. Take a minute today and contemplate the balance of your own “Uptown energy expenditure”—what seems more productive to you, worry or action?

  70. Here are just a few ideas that have been floating around recently—many of them might have been tried or might not work, but it’s a start. For those of you who have lived here longer or who offer a different perspective, please chime in. We need to keep the pressure on, but first we need a direction. Not 100 different directions that split our group, but one small thing at a time.

    Kenny- I like the dog walker angle, it can involve all different people in Uptown who have four-legged friends. Set a time, set a place (as long as it’s after work) and we can walk. Maybe we set up a general time every week, post it on UU and everybody does their own normal route. Perhaps uniformity would make a difference—we could design a bandana that pooches on “pup-watch” could wear while out and about. For me, seeing other Uptowners with signs last night made me feel stronger. Local business could even get involved—We could talk to Soggy Paws about stocking the “uniform” and/or encourage other stores to have out water bowls or treats.

    Big Daddy commented previously about police morale/motivation/perceptions they have of us. I appreciate the honesty and insight. I know a lot of us didn’t know about events that developed this perspective, but to me it all sounded like a history lesson. Knowing the history is helpful, but more importantly—what can be done? Not citywide, I mean in Uptown, what can residents who support the police in our ‘hood do to make their jobs better? I’m mostly asking this of our resident cops.
    If you could ask the community to support you, what would it look like?

    I was out walking around in the 9:00 hour this weekend and noticed something. People seem scared, and subconsciously or not, they are closing themselves in. Fewer than 10 % of blinds/curtains were open. Somehow along the way we got the message that by hiding in we would be safer. It’s a complete contradiction. Turning your back on the street takes away our most powerful tool—our eyes. Let’s work to keep the windows open, eyes on the street. This is an easy thing that even the least-active UU person can do. It’s very nice to feel like there are eyes watching to call for help when you are walking outside. In our neighborhood, this seems like the most neighborly thing you can do. Send the message that we are holding EVERYBODY accountable.

    Sorry for such a long post, thanks to those that stuck with me.

    Keep the ideas coming, and please (please) go to the CAPS meeting tonight.

  71. Heads up from Chicago Now

    Here's something to think about when you look at how aggressively the police respond in that video. Alderman Shiller's son, Brendan Shiller, is an attorney who spends much of his time suing police officers.

    I see IP was already on this.

  72. Thanks, yo.

    Is this thing on? Golly, I hate comment moderation. (Sorry, UU. But yuppie scum must utter at least 10 complaints a day. Its their nature :)

  73. Added link to Chicago Public Radio coverage of protest along with Joe Gray interview.

  74. I thought what Yo posted on Twitter yesterday was important.

    The press was looking for a leader. Is there one? Should there be one? Or is this really a situation where it cannot and should not be led by a single person?

    It's much bigger than one person. It's many people, many precincts, many block clubs, many races, many ages, many educational backgrounds.

    I think that as you move forward you must unify the common bonds in each of the CAPS districs and together start reaching out to neighboring ward CAPS districts. Learn from them. Develop an ambassadorial relationship built on top of your common ground.

    I do think that the conclusion of such a task is the elevation of new Ward leadership. Helen Shiller has dug a hole so deep she cannot emerge from it until she repents, accepts her self imposed fate, steps aside and chooses to become a friendly neighbor like all of you.

    The neighborhood cannot afford to shoulder the full-time debt burden with a part-time workforce.

    Organize yourselves. Form a committee. Recruit your local merchants to host your meetings. Establish a set of goals. Set out to accomplish them. Dissolve the organization upon completion of those goals.

    I believe you can do anything you want if you make a pledge to dedicate yourselves to form a more perfect union.

  75. Channel 7 is airing the report again right now.

  76. A protest story made it to the Capitol Fax morning shorts! :)

  77. Twitter-verse is picking up:

    @Suntimes Uptown's Joe Gray suddenly finds himself at the flashpoint of a neighborhood at war in streets and with, over its Ald.

    We're with ya' Joe.

  78. How often do complaints about an alderman get national coverage? Helen is now finding that her credibility is on par with Todd Stroger. We can expect politicians to back away from her so that they don't get associated with the stink.

    It's thrilling that we have such a wide array of disgruntled residents. What's made all of this so powerful is that there has been no one person heading this up. Helen has been unable to point the finger of blame at one person and that is what has damaged her credibility with the press right now.

  79. I love Uptown, I love my neighbors, I love my people needing social services making my 'hood a little livelier, and I love those who work in social services guaranteeing a quality of life for Americans. I just HATE the gangs. Is that so bad?

  80. I wouldn't bother reading Greg Hinz's piece. Its like it was paraphrased from stuff that Ben Joravsky wrote years ago. Except Greg works for Crain's which has been following the Wilson Yard real estate deal and should have something new to say.

    The new insight---meaning insight not already provided by Ben Joravsky---is that this is likely to be bubbling over now because of the economy. Some people used to move when they had enough of the politics here. I mean, I wonder how the suburbs are treating Jerry Orbach these days? But with the economy the way it is, people can't as easily pick up and leave when they have had enough. There have always been people who have dug in their heels against the status-quo around here but more so now than ever. When giving up is no longer a quick and easy option, the only thing left to do is stand your ground. The fact that the other side calls these residents the most awful of names, ascribes ulterior motives where there may be none and fights the common sense notion of "brawl free streets" works as a motivator.

    I'd really like to know where Greg Hinz lives. I'd like to know how his kids grew up? Did they have to duck for cover after bible class? Did their aunt get shot in the back while out walking on Christmas Day?

    It must be nice to sit and opine from where you sit, Mr. Hinz. We have our 30-year war, alright. But we also have our very own Mother Courage, too.

  81. Irish Pirate called a right-wingnut in Sun Times comments by some FHFM dude.


  82. Has anyone else noticed that the Tribune article and associated comments disappeard from their Website - I did a search for Uptown (which was in the title of this morning's article) and the current story did not come up. Anyone have any information. See you all at the CAPS meeting.

  83. It's still on Chicago Breaking News (a Tribune site):

    I don't remember that quote from Ron Durham that an update? What about quotes from other people in the neighborhood? This article is so pro-Shiller it's sickening.

  84. MarathonMan: The Ron Durham quote was in there as of 9:04AM today. I posted a comment as soon as I read it because it's just astonishing how the Tribune finds the same crew to quote time and time again. It's like they're ferried to Trib reporters by MK Communications.

  85. I wish FHFM had called me a Nazi.

    Can someone call me a Nazi please?

    By the way isn't FHFM the holiday store? I'm SO confused.

    I have an educated guess as to the real identity of FHFM, but since I'm not sure I'll keep it to myself. They can keep guessing as to my identity though. At last count I am one of about half a dozen gay guys who live somewhere in Uptown. While I do live in Uptown I'm relatively sure I'm not gay. Since FHFM considers me to be a right winger I had better start checking out some airport bathrooms.

    As for me being a "political operative" that is amusing. I've never donated cash to a politician or received cash from a campaign. Cappleman doesn't know who I am. I've introduced myself to him as "the IrishPirate" so serve him with a subpoena and get him to describe me physically.

    Being that he's gay I expect terms like "dreamy" and "extremely heterosexual" to be uttered by him. I applied to be gay once, but was turned down because I don't dress well enough. I was offered the "honorific" though of "honorary lesbian", but I turned that down because I hate landscaping. I kid the lesbians. I love Rachel Maddow and would watch her if I had cable or even a TV that was plugged in.

    As for my attitude toward landscaping let's just say the Catholic Workers and I have that in common.

    I did post on the Chicago Cop blog, but somehow advocating for legalizing drugs, hookers, and keeping abortion legal doesn't strike me as "right wing". I'm also against all marriage, but if it's going to be legal I feel homosexuals and closeted Republicans should have the choice of getting married too.

    If that makes me a right winger then so be it. I've also advocated on various sites for cops to be equipped with cameras and audio on their uniforms or helmets. That wouldn't make me all that popular with many in the cop community. I think it would lead to better policing and where it's been used it has.

    I did make a comment, on the cop website, regarding "napalming" some of the bangers on Sheridan, but we all dream about being Paul Kersey sometimes. Why if you watch the video posted by that Rogers Park right winger Tom Mannis, even Brendan Shiller had his "death wish" moment after yesterdays meeting.

  86. I believe Greg Hinz lives in Lakeview. He's mentioned it somewhere.

    As for his column I really think it was overly simplistic, yet factual. The gay guys who oppose Shiller are just as concerned about "quality of life" and crime issues as "property values".
    Perhaps more so.

    There are a tremendous number of gay couples living in Uptown who I think plan to be here long term. These are largely middle aged men who have put down roots and want to live here till retirement or beyond.

    I don't think it's a crime to want decent shopping, restaurants and safe streets.

    Of course in the alternative Bizarro world of 46th Ward politics perhaps it is.

  87. Crain's is about down the tubes like the Trib and Sun Times.

    They have one publication that is making them money and that is Automotive News.

    I canceled my Chicago Business subscription a long time ago.

  88. Helen always says if you don't like Uptown move.

    Hey, Helen if you don't like answering to your constituents resign move.

    You showed you true colors last night.

  89. I finally gave into to Helen.

    I didn't like what was happening in Uptown, so I sold my condo and moved.

    Helen beat me.

    Thank you all for beating her last night.

    Alderman never make headlines in prime-time news. Helen's wikipedia page should document her infamy for being crooked and driving her constituents to rise up and fight for their saftey.

    Again, thank you. A great effort by all, and I'm almost sorry for giving up. But, I just couldn't take it anymore.

  90. I've calmed down about the Greg Hinz article. It was just a double-whammy for me. A dead-ringer for an old Ben Joravsky article (and everyone knows I think he's dreamy!) and it belabored the haves-and-haves-not angle without adding anything new. Its as if nothing ever happens here in Uptown and we are all locked in this tango to hell until one of the dance partners croaks or gives up! In an article that starts off discussing the 100-years war, I guess I expected a bit more. In my book, it just came across as desperately trying to be clever and failing miserably.

  91. 73 comments posted on link.

    Probably just Joe campaigning to be Alderman.

  92. After chilling a bit, and watching the press coverage, a few things which I believe we need to think on (good and bad):

    We learned that attacking Helen, as was done against better recommendations, will kill our argument. We're all frustrated. Acting on that frustration is counter-productive. Had Helen not come out to speak with us, our argument would be dripped with validity.

    Now, even though we helped create some "awesome TV", what have we accomplished? We become an easily dismissible stereotype.

    We surrendered the advantage by submitting to our emotions.

    We need to stop it, immediately.

    We learned that we can generate a large and passionate crowd at the drop of the hat. For lack of a better term, there is a strong contingent of minutemen in Uptown.

    That fact has to be chilling to the status quo. As is the fact that we can organize with full transparency.

    We learned that we lack the level of communication required to rally the necessary group diversity. An african-american woman, and her children, approached CBS2 on their own to speak against the violence.

    Listening to her story of walking into the gang fight broke my heart.

    It's not that she is one of us. We are one of her. Let's not forget that as we walk about the streets.

    It is up to us to tear asunder the bricks of the socio-economic-racial walls that surround us, and protect the status quo.

    We must find a way to open the lines of communication with people who may not have constant internet connections.

    This woman, last night, was aching to be heard. You can give a person a voice by lending them your ear.

    It's just that simple. Put aside preconceived notions and listen to your surroundings. Don't just be open minded, act open minded.

    Thoughts aren't actions.

    No one can see you think.

    We learned that we have no one to fill the role of a true alderman currently (a predicted revelation) - and until such time that we do, we all are aldermen of this ward.

    Let's all commit to take on that role. Consider that you are representing the entirety of the ward, and not simply your stake in it.

    We learned that we can effect change through vigilance.

    We learned that we are stronger as a group than as supporters of one individual.

    We learned that Irish Pirate has a lot of soul searching to do and might need therapy which doesn't include a "happy ending".

    We also learned that NBC5's Natalie Martinez, and CBS2's Krystin Hartman are stone cold foxes ;)

  93. By the way...did anyone actually attend the meeting itself and if so, could they give us a heads-up on what transpired regarding the Olympics issue?

  94. YO,


    "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."

    Google it to find out who I stole it from.

    "Happy Endings"? Is this some fairy tale?

    Just because I advocate for legalizing drugs and hookers doesn't mean I utilize illegal drugs or hookers.

    It doesn't mean I don't.

    Seriously the only laws I break are traffic laws. Assuming we're not counting God's laws.

    Hookers is such a nasty term. I prefer "horizontal entertainment specialist". They are just young women trying to work their way through school and I enjoy helping them.

    As for the "hot reporters" that redhead in one of the videos is gorgeous.

    She can go back to school on me anytime.

  95. Well if anyone has a video camera and wants to sit on a street corner with a sign saying "Let your voice be heard against the violence in Uptown." Then let people come past as they may state their 2 cents worth whether it be good or bad. Then take the mini-interviews and send them to Shiller with a simple note of "Since we can not have an open forum for you to listen to our grievances here is what many Uptown residents want you to hear." Then she has can watch what real people are saying. Granted she might not even want to accept and watch it but you can post some of them to the blog and it will give more exposure that there are others out there without the internet and access to this blog that have a grievance about the violence in Uptown.

  96. Excellent post, yo.

    I sort of said this before when people were discussing the rally but I think we need to truly forget about Helen Shiller. It'd be nice to get her on board but for various reasons its probably not going to happen. And, many of us can't be in the same room with her without losing our tempers. So be it.

    I'd like to see Shiller tackle the police funding and staffing issue in City Council but much of what needs to be done can be done by working directly with the district commander. Maybe the meeting tonight will be an opportunity to put some more organization and leadership into place as well as a strategy to move beyond people in the community (like myself) who don't go a day without reading Uptown Update.

  97. CBS2 just teased more Uptown coverage in their 6pm broadcast.

  98. said,

    "... a few things which I believe we need to think on (good and bad):

    question - is 'thinking on' Irish Pirate's need for a good soul search (which may or may not include an end with happiness) a good or bad thought?

  99. They just said on the 6pm broadcast on Channel 2 that Helen doesn't live at her listed address!

  100. CBS 2 News tried to ask her about that Tuesday afternoon, but no one was home at her listed address. People at her ward office said Shiller was out of town.

    Also - it was nice of CBS2 to smoke out the fact that Derek Davis is in fact the son of Denice "this ain't your college campus, sweetie" Davis.

    As IP's therapy -- def a bad thing. Most likely for the "horizontal" female scholars, though.

  101. CBS2 said Shiller wasn't at "her listed address".

    That's a bit different than suggesting she doesn't live there.

    It's as if you came to my house. Knocked on the door and I didn't answer because I was past out in the yard from a night of drinking. It would still be my residence.

    I'm too lazy to type the hyperlink correctly.

  102. IP-I agree that's what it says if you read the text, but in the video, the reporter says, "She doesn't live at the listed address." I agree its a bold accusation if she just wasn't home, but something to be looked into if its true...

  103. We should hire a Private Investigator to tail her.