Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CNN Looking For Input On "Chicago's Deadly Streets"

From the CNN website:

What's behind the gangs, shootings and murders in Chicago? As violence continues to spiral out of control, we want to hear your stories.

Have you been a victim of crime in Chicago? Do you have a solution?

Share your stories, pictures and video and they could be featured on a CNN Special Report. Don Lemon takes us to the heart of the problem -- "Chicago's Deadly Streets" on Saturday, August 22, at 10pm.

UU Note: Uptown's gang riot video has already been posted there...


  1. "Chicago's Deadly Streets"?
    Let's not play into the hands of the 24-7 news cycle. How about: "How the City's Uptown Residents Are Taking Back Their Streets".

    Yes, the behavior of some of our neighborhood thugs is unacceptable, but we shall prevail.

    Let's start by taking back the 46th Ward's Aldermanic Office!

  2. I am lucky enough to say that I don't have a horror story to tell as of yet. But if you have one, please share it with Don Lemon on the CNN website. Let's keep the heat on while we can.

  3. Great point wesg!!!
    A positive pro-active spin is much better than fear-mongering!!!!!

  4. And what do you think Helen will do with those stories? She'll take credit for the positive change. You can bet on it.

    For right now, we should be casting as much light on her failures to address our public safety concerns as possible.

  5. That's good for the Uptown public relations.

  6. Ray! You are right on the money. Let's stop the pussy footing and bring out the big guns. We need a strong "NO Excuses" front. Uptown made it on the news not with "Can't we all just get along but by confronting her forcefully! As I said, look what nicey nice has gotten us! Thugs,hookers and a bong induced fish farm