Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Uptown Restaurant Closed By Health Department

The Chicago Department of Public Health sent us this press release Monday:

North Side Restaurant Shut By City Health Department
Insect Infestation Will Not Be Tolerated

A North Side restaurant was shut down today when Chicago Department of Public Health (CPDH) inspectors discovered live cockroaches in the kitchen, small flies in a bag of corn meal, and a clogged three-compartment sink.

Palace Gate Africa, 4548 N. Magnolia, will remain closed until it has eliminated the infestation, fixed its sink and passed re-inspection. Today’s visit was a routine, unannounced inspection.

The enforcement action was the 142nd time in 2009 that Health Department inspectors have shut a food establishment for Health Code violations. Representatives of Palace Gate are scheduled to appear at an administrative hearing set for October 8 and pay a fine expected to total $1,500. CDPH inspectors ordered restaurant staff to discard the corn meal. The restaurant also was cited for failing to post “No Smoking” signs, as required by Chicago’s Clean Indoor Air Ordinance.

Chicagoans who believe that a restaurant or other food establishment is operating in an unsafe manner are encouraged to dial 311 and report it.


  1. Well there go my dinner plans.

  2. Good thing you found out now before you lost your lunch.

  3. Can you imagine what living in this town would be like without restaurant inspections?

  4. I never went in it but by the way it smelled when I passed by a few times it probably should have been done some time ago. Its good to know to call 311 to report violations on others when seen. I already have made a few reports myself....

  5. If you're liiking to experience some authentic African food but turned off from the rash of Health Code violations lately try Demera Ethiopian Broadway/Lawrence it's Clean and Classy