Friday, July 31, 2009

Windy Citizen: "Uptown Crust"

Our Wilson Avenue Red Line station was named "crustiest station" this week by RedEye readers. Windy Citizen reporter Len Kody visited the Wilson Station and has this story.


  1. It was a good article.

    I remember there was an old John Waters movie in 'Odorrama'? With 'smell cards' distributed to audience members, that matched the scene.

    I can smell the stench just looking at these photos.
    So gross.

  2. Actually, you're referring to one of my favorite movies: Polyester starring Divine. Movie goers were given an "odorama" card to scratch and sniff at the appropriate scenes.

    Now I wonder what would have been the smell had the Wilson L been in one of the scratch & sniff scenes?

    Polyester movie trailer

  3. Like any other reasonable minded Uptown resident, I desperately want improved conditions at the Wilson EL stop. But for some odd reason, that article made me love the station just ever so much more! This #1 crust ranking is like some crazy badge of honor for all of us who have to brave the station everyday.

  4. YES, 'Polyester'.....thanks Just Wondering.

    Divine would have made one hell of an Alderman here.

  5. Yes, I just ordered 'Polyester' and a few other old John Waters movies, and IT CAME WITH THE SMELL CARD!