Thursday, July 2, 2009

Voice Your Opinion On Uptown CTA Stations

A reader writes in:
"Figured it wouldn't hurt to mention to readers that the CTA has a survey on their website ( asking riders for their feedback on bus and rail service. There is also a comment section within the survey. Feel free to let the CTA know what you think of the deplorable conditions of the Uptown El stations (especially Wilson and Lawrence)."


  1. Please write them and give them a piece of your mind about the Wilson and Broadway station conditions. Let them know how you feel and just maybe it will do some good..........

  2. I gave them a piece of my mind about our local stations as well as the crappy workmanship and poor design on a lot of the recent renovations at Wilson, Belmont, Fullerton, etc. I opted to give them my name and email address in case they care to follow-up. I'm not holding my breath.

    I found it strange that in the questions about why one chooses to use the CTA there was no mention of the environmental impact of driving. Trying to be more environmentally friendly is my number one reason for dealing with CTA. I really hate the days when I can't ride my bike.

  3. An Open Letter to the CTA

    Dear CTA,

    The Wilson Avenue stop on the RedLine Sucks.

    Actually it both sucks and blows. Which while not seen together in nature is a natural occurrence in Daley/Shiller's Uptown.

    Please stop the sucking and the blowing.

    It's unfortunate some of that lovely TIF, read taxpayer, money was not used to fund a new station or renovation.

    I know the costs add up when you are building subsidized housing at the cost of $400 grand plus per unit.