Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Throwing A Wrench In Her Plans

A reader writes in:
"Don't know if you reported on this in the past, but as a result of the Stop Labor Ready action, Reps. Osterman and Harris and Sen. Steans introduced legislation to prevent this situation in the future. It passed the House and Senate, and is awaiting the governor's signature." Read it here


  1. This is quite a blow to Helen's schemes. Not only was her "it's a done deal" plan to bring Labor Ready to Uptown not quite a "done deal" in the end, but now - pouring salt on the wound - her area's state Rep and Senator are sponsoring legislation so that she, and no other politician, can in the future, decide to plant a day labor agency right next to a school and/or Boys & Girls Club.

    Remember, the Zoning Board of Appeals rolled over and asked Helen to scratch their tummies at the hearing, and even complimented her for putting herself on the firing line. It's obvious we can't depend on anyone in this corrupt city to stand up to an alderman and say NO to idiotic plans.

    Many, many thanks to Stop Labor Ready, to Harry Osterman, Heather Steans, and Greg Harris, and of course to everyone in the community who came together to oppose opening a day labor office at that particular location. Helen and the Zoning Board thought they were fine ignoring the wishes of the community. In the end, the concerned citizens are the winners.

  2. Aye. Credit where credit is due. Steans earned points attaching her name to this.

  3. Helen, this wasn't a light little slap on the wrist; this was a major slap across the face. This has to be a crushing and embarrassing blow to the old ego.

  4. I encourage everyone to drop Steans, Harris, and Osterman a quick email to make sure they know that their constituencies are watching closely and appreciate their efforts to prevent Shiller and others from steamrolling common sense and the wishes of the community in the future.

    Don't forget that Harris (and a lot of others, including Shackowsky, Ronen, Madigan, and Tom Tuney) endorsed Shiller last election. Let's keep the pressure on to make sure the endorsements don't repeat in 2011.

    Greg Harris is at greg@gregharris.org

    Heather Steans is at info@heathersteans.com

    Harry Osterman is at osterman.legislativemail@gmail.com


  6. Let's hope whoever runs for Alderman during the next election will bring this up over and over again! The lawsuit, the lies about "All the community support," the money given to Helen by Labor Ready and the need for the State of IL to make a law to prevent it from happening again.

  7. Let's not forget the fistful of letters she held up at the ZBA hearing and said they were all from the community in support of Labor Ready coming to the Sheridan Road location. Of course, when the Medill student did an FOIA check on them, they were overwhelmingly against it. There are lies, damn lies, and Helenerific lies!