Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Target Audience?

A reader sent in this photo and points out that the Wilson Yard construction site has now been gift-wrapped. We're curious if Target Corporation is still saying "no comment" about whether or not it plans to open a store in Uptown?


  1. Just Helen and Peter's way of cramming sh.t down our throats. If they dress it up in a pretty big-box store, we won't protest as much about the shiny new SLUM...

  2. The wrapping paper doesn't fool me. I still believe the Wal-mart rumors from the witty INSIDE article written by Jeff Borgardt.

  3. Another recent major donation ($700K) honoring the city of Chicago, with da mare accepting:

  4. I was kidding.

    I think it's pretty obvious what store is going in this location.

  5. I also thought Walmart would never open in Chicago because of the big box ordinance. Not sure where I heard that, so I have nothing to back it up...

  6. Maybe. But notice the Walsh Construction safety commitment sign (or whatever it is), uses a target-esque logo, as well.

    Just sayin'

  7. seriously, people. there are better places for your paranoia. the target is going in. it always was.

    lets focus on the real problem and stop being distracted by propaganda ... housing project. make sure that's well maintained.

  8. also there is a Walmart in the city and even though the second one was delayed, its likely to go in.

    lets stick to the facts. leave the propaganda.

  9. They could be resurrecting my favorite store - Marshall Field's - and building it there. I still wouldn't be overly excited. It wouldn't discount the fact that 178 units of taxpayer funded, pricey to build low to no income housing sits next to it - in an area already inundated with this type of housing.

  10. okay last one.

    also did a quick search for the Walsh logo - which looks nothing like the Target logo.

    I work in advertising and know for a fact that a company like Target would not tolerate the identity infractions you guys are insinuating.

    please, lets not fuel the fire on the other side with unsustatiated speculation. it has already done too much damage against those who oppose the way this development has progress

  11. Maybe all those little targets can be used for "dart practice" as per the Mayor's latest rant (

  12. When will people give up on this subject and just deal with the facts. I despise low income as much as the next guy, but come on.

    Low income housing (no lawsuit was/is going to stop this ITS 6 STORIES TALL ALREADY.)

    Target is happening. The construction is already underway.

    If people would like to start directing their wilson yard lawsuit donations towards a bet whether the target will be built, please let me know.

    As for Wal-Mart, a qoute about the west side Chicago store opened in 2005, "The city's alderman responded by passing a law mandating that big retailers pay employees an hourly wage of at least $10 and health-care benefits equivalent to at least $3 an hour." However, Mayor Richard Daly vetoed the law.

    Wal-Mart has had more problems and been turned away from numerous metro areas both politically and financially that they know their place is in the country.

  13. also did a quick search for the Walsh logo - which looks nothing like the Target logo.

    The Walsh logo, no. Their safety project logo, yes. Look at the Montrose/Broadway corner signage and you'll see what I mean.

    The issue isn't if/when Target is going in.

    It's an issue of trust and respect.

    The Target would be the only positive thing to happen at WY; so, why won't anyone produce documentation?

    Apparently it exists, so why not post it on the 46th ward website and shut us all up, once and for all?

    Shiller's credibility around here is immeasurably small, and brattish games like this appear spiteful, rude and runs in complete objection to how an alderman should behave.

    Making a deal on public land, with public money and not supplying the details to the public is simply wrong.

    It also makes one wonder what sorts of conditions apply.

    In short: What's Shiller hiding?

    Will we see it after the FWY case has run its course?

  14. I've posted this before but...

    "Target opens new stores at three different times throughout the year—in March, July and October—and we’ll typically confirm plans for a new store within one year of the scheduled opening. Our stores typically take nine to 12 months to build."

    So, this month or October would be good months to inquire as to their plans.


  15. Still ...

    Anyway. Not to change the subject, but Helen's dipping into the WY TIF, again.

    Via Lake Effect News.

  16. btw - I didn't mean to imply that Shiller is up to anything nefarious by not releasing the "letter of intent". It may be part of a deal, or something. I can understand that.

    Still isn't right.

    And -- if Target isn't going to go on record until a prescribed time frame, why are they allowing their logo to wrap construction?

  17. That wrap is like putting lipstick on a pig!!

  18. And -- if Target isn't going to go on record until a prescribed time frame, why are they allowing their logo to wrap construction?

    What I want to know is why they are involved with a developer who is still attempting to violate the first amendment rights of people in a community in which they would like to do business?

  19. The bullseye logo on that girt-wrap is not the official Target bullseye.

  20. Nash - I was checking out the Target wrap on my way by this morning on my bike and was absolutely shocked to see the Target corp. copyright info stamped in small print along the bottom (in contrast to all of the other obvious fakes that have been put up so far at the construction site). Amazingly enough, this stuff may actually be legit.

  21. I never liked the idea of a Big Box store at that corner.I decry the suburbanization of Uptown...When you imagine what could have been done there.

  22. I agree with d. There is a Target and there is housing. All this other talk hurts us rather than helping. I voted against Shiller last time and plan to again - if there is someone has has something to say about what they will do, rather than that they just hate Shiller

  23. I agree..why do people have to be so negative? That is in fact the correct target logo per their brand standard guides. To me, Target means progress, jobs and additional foot traffic to Uptown including the restaurants, exposure education and hopefully a new Wilson Redline stop... Attack Hellen...not positive change people!

  24. Personally, I'm totally psyched that Target is moving in. Better than another Dollar Store selling crap, or an empty store front. There are still plenty of cool individual businesses doing well in Uptown keeping things citified. And I agree with whoever said it earlier - VOTE!!! And for someone other than Shiller.

  25. I've accepted Target is going in and my concern was the suburbanization of the city. We see strip malls,corporate chain stores on every block and in my humble opinion it's ruined the character of the city.It is the acceptance of the bland sameness of everywhere.They'll need there good security I imagine to guard all the Chinese made merchandise.