Monday, July 6, 2009

Shiller To Give Views On Chicago Olympics

News from Lake View Citizens' Council: send any questions you have for Ald. Shiller regarding the 2016 Olympic bid to or plan to attend the forum July 20, at 6:30pm at the Center on Halsted. click to enlarge


  1. Since the Mayor's bid committee is involved (and we all know Helen has some favors to repay), there's a decent chance Shiller will actually make an appearance this time.

    Then again, she may not.

    Unless the "new" financing plan is in place and delivered to Council between now and July 20th, what's she going to say?

    It's not as though people don't want the Olympics, they simply don't want to have Daley's ignorance, greed and general incompetence bury this city into an even larger hole of debt.

    Since Helen got her deal with Daley, she's not quite been the face of fiscal responsibility, now has she?

  2. i dunno. i don't want the Olympics here and it has little to do with Daley Greed.

  3. She can give all her views she wants as she will be out of office way before that time......

  4. Lest we debate the inspiration for this meeting:


  5. I can't believe that people don't want the Olympics in Chicago.

    None of you actually know the people that you rip on.

    The Olympics are going to rock, and we won't lose money.

    And please, don't bring up London....

    You all sound like bitter old men....

  6. Jas,

    Actually, I have met folks on the bid committee, as well as those who would be involved in the process.


    Think: Heather Steans in a hard hat with a Fisher Price hammer.

    Once again, in Chicago, it ain't the "what", it's the "how" - and these people simply don't have what it takes to pull it off under budget, and/or on time.

  7. and we won't mention "London" but how about Atlanta and the real estate glut it was left with during boom economic times. the build up in washington park only pushing people out of a viable middle class black neighborhood with housing they can't afford after the olympics are over.

    this city can't handle the traffic. the CTA is barely holding on in normal situations and Metra is in financial trouble.

    how many pro sports teams does a city need (2 baseball, 2 football, 2 hockey, 2 basketball, 2 soccer, lacrosse, volleyball)? we don't need another arena.

    i agree, the city will likely not loose money but it is doubtful we will gain anything.

    let brazil have it. south america has never had the olympics