Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sheridan Park Zoning Passes, With Restrictions

By Lorraine Swanson, Editor, Lake Effect News
The Chicago City Council approved a zoning change for a property at 4627 N. Beacon St. on Wednesday, paving the way for a controversial condominium development to be built on what was once the site of the oldest home in Sheridan Park.

The zoning change was granted with a restrictive covenant locking Uptown developer Chris Byrne into his plans for an eight-unit condominium building. According to a copy of the legal document provided by 46th Ward Alderman Helen Shiller’s office, Byrne may not stray from his original design in any form or manner. Continue Reading


  1. Remember a few years ago when Cabrini Green came down?
    Where did all of those people go?
    Well no matter- 'cause now they will all be living in the Wilson Yard projects...and believe you me folks Wilson Yard will be just like the projects.
    I wonder how long it will be before the building is scarred with the lovely black streaks from fires? How long before all of the windows are boarded up?
    Can't wait!!

  2. Repost it Nash in the proper post and we will delete.

  3. love that the notice is already tagged

  4. Nash...that is a bit of an exaggeration....Cabrini Green was comprised of a dozen buildings or so, not one, and it was located in an isolated area of poverty and blight, not amidst a mixed community also comprising upper class housing. The Wilson Yard model is far from the Cabrini Green model.

  5. I know this is off topic, but I'm clueless as to where to turn now. Does anyone know where I might go to obtain records of how frequently my apartment has been broken into? It was broken into on July 1, and other tenants have said it wasn't the first time that unit has been burglarized. My landlord says it never has been, and I'm trying to prove negligence on his part- he refused to put bars up on my windows for safety. I feel like if I can show a pattern, then I'd be able to get out of the lease. Any help is greatly appreciated in this matter!

  6. Beth, can't you go to the local police station to find out about any activity with your address?

  7. Beth, you should be able to get a list of all police responses to your building. These are to be made available because they are reported to agencies who do background checks. For example, some employers will go so far as to find out how many times police have been called to your residence, and it doesn't matter whether or not it was to your unit in a multi-unit building. A friend just found this out after she was flagged by CPS. Her record is still considered questionable, but it did give her enough leverage to get out of her lease.