Monday, July 13, 2009

The Sad State Of Maryville

A reader sends in these two troubling pics, showing how Uptown residents have taken refuge in the vacant Maryville property at 750 W. Montrose.


  1. Maryville and Clarendon park are starting to resemble a Hoovertown; although, a fun Hoovertown where you just drink and grill all day, not to mention, urinate and defecate all over the place.

  2. I rode my bike through the driveway area yesterday afternoon. Ugh.

  3. Chicago Political Math 101

    How to blight a property with safety concerns, health concerns, and the degradation of the general welfare.

    And these might be classified as little Hooverville's, but in reality they are little more than what you will get when you choose not to enforce existing law, existing code, and existing standards.

  4. Everyone just needs to relax! They will soon have a place to live in Wilson Yard, they will get to live in $450K palaces at taxpayer expense. Isn't Maryville going to be developed into section 8 housing as well? If so, they can move from outside to inside.

    It is truly a shame that TIF money isn't being spent in a more useful manner. The two buildings at Maryville could be easily converted into schools. For example Disney Magnet could expand into a high school by utilizing one or both of the buildings. There are also crumbling and outdated elementary schools in our ward that could benefit from new facilities.

  5. No one seems care to solve the problem here but I contaced Sedgwick properties and the number is 773-278-4237 as they are the ones that are in charge of these vacant Maryville buildings and they claim they where not aware of this and will take steps to clean it up. If you call and make complaints to them it would not hurt as they have taken over the property and they are the ones to be contaced about this unsafe and unhealthy condition....

  6. Just another day in Schillerville.

    I for one don't think the TIF money will be used for this property as I am hopeful the end of Schiller is near.

    A real alderman will be a nice change in Uptown.

  7. The empty fifth of liquor is probably the most telling part of the photos. By breaking and entering onto private property, they can drink after the local shelters have closed their doors, without being bothered by the police.

    Sometimes I wonder if this enabling of drug and alcohol use is what is meant when Ald. Shiller talks about "supportive" housing and keeping the ward "user" friendly.

    Her use of the words "boutique hotel" to describe what will be paid for with TIF funds to replace Maryville is the one I mistrust the most.

  8. "I for one don't think the TIF money will be used for this property as I am hopeful the end of Schiller is near."

    THE TIF? Wilson Yard TIF I presume, but that's old news. Just create a new one. One Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole deserves another.

    Lake Effect News: "Another TIF for Uptown?"

    barryfishing: Thanks for the phone number. Please call.

  9. Shiller probably has taken her own pics as well and will use them to convince City Council that this property is TIF eligible - because its "blighted." A decent alderman would have made sure the vacant property didn't get taken over in the first place. All in her plan...

  10. A decent alderman ...

    Yeah. As soon you find one, let me know.

    Currently, we have a better shot at finding Bigfoot, or a random Yeti, wandering around this city than finding a decent alderman.

    Actually, trying to find either of those would be easier than finding Shiller.

    Either way, Bigfoot and/or random Yetis are more worthy of our votes.

  11. All joking aside...where are these poor,addicted,mentally ill folks to go? It is desolate out there now.Social services are close to non-existent.NIMBY then where? TIF $ could be used to fund one secure facility in the Ward to offer a way out for these souls.

  12. Whoskiddinwho - if you think social services are close to non-existent, read the Uptown Chamber member directory. You'll find all sorts of social services, and all right here. Just think about it, those are only the ones who've joined the Chamber. There's probably three times that amount who aren't Chamber members.

    All the social workers who post here have the same chorus: they can only help those who seek help. Many shelters won't accept the violent folks or those who use drugs and alcohol. So they colonize the park, and Maryville, and abandoned buildings, and wherever else they can. And the alderman and her crew look the other way and call residents who object names like racist and elitist.

    They come to Uptown because it's so darn easy to be homeless here: free food, free needles, free medical care. They choose to live in the park rather than to get into the system and live by rules. Their drugs and alcohol are too precious to them. More precious than housing or seeking help.

    So that's THEIR choice, not to seek help. Fine, that's their right. But like the old bar call at closing time: "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here." Just because they don't choose to seek help doesn't give them the right to call private or public property home.

  13. Once again TSN from the heart, and a smidgen of tough love.I found myself homeless and broken before so I know how difficult it is. I believe what's needed is a 24 hour drop in facility,staffed with social workers where folks are encouraged to come clean.I have 8 years off booze Sunday,and it took awhile because I felt isolated so long.I come from a good home, in fact you'd be surprised who I'm related to. Maybe I did not sink to these depths, but I know the streets are harsh. I know nothing of say needing medication, but I knew the warm comfort of that drink.Sometimes the horse will drink,to use a tires cliche.

  14. Whoskiddinwho congratulations on being 8 years sober and for realizing you needed help and seeking it out to get yourself back on your feet. You proved TrumanSquareNabr's point- you only sought services once you decided you had hit rock bottom.

    We have plenty of social services in our ward (more than any in our area). Once those on the streets decide it is time to get off the streets and follow the rules established by the different social services in order to best facilitate recovery from drugs, alcohol, and homelessness then they too will be successful like you beacame. Using your metaphor; we have plenty of drinking places for these horses to drink but they can't be made to drink. We do need tough love here. Get the services our community provides to help you live a better and more productive life or move along. We need to do sweeps of the parks, alleys, parking lots, etc where the homeless set up camp like Ald. Smith is doing and showing them the services available and sending the message that they need to take the help offered or "you don't have to go home but you can't stay here (Uptown)."

    Many of the people living in the parks, alleys, Maryville, parking lots would not utilize a 24 hour drop in center becasue they too would have rules they would have to abide by while there.

    As Uptown citizens it is time we stopped allowing our alderman and mayor to let Uptown be the dumping grounds for the homeles. This doesn't make us heartless, uncaring, cold, racist elitists it makes us concerned citizens that say "if you are homeless and come to Uptown you need to utilize the plethera of social services our community has to get back on your feet and become a productive resident of Uptown. If you just want a place to camp out, drink, do drugs, commit crimes to support your habit then this is not the place to be." This my friends is tough love.

  15. HopelessinUptown thank you. Alot of hopes and dreams go down the drain before you wake up. I'm asked to share in treatment centers at times and my 1st words are" there's a long trail of dead bodies in my story and it's a wonder I'm not one". A dear friend of mine who named his oldest son after me was found dead 4 days before Christmas last year. He was a master carpenter who built million dollar mansions, never on the streets. I try to be compassionate since you can't know who will clean up and be a benefit. I was written off more than once. You do have to want to change no question. Addictive personalities seem to contain much emotional pain, I don't want to compound it if I don't have to.

  16. Congratulations on your sobriety, whoskiddinwho. I have a family member who is struggling with that and a friend who is successful so I have a sense of how hard it is. Good for you for talking about it too... :)

  17. Thank you Sassy, and I pray,hope,wish your family member sees the light.Not to discourage,just the truth,some of the dead in my story were clean at one time and taught me quite a bit and I wonder as we do why they forgot.If possible for you don't slam the door,figuritvely speaking,in their face...encourage them when sober[even shaking] to seek help. My uncle demoralized me the night after my father died and it took many years to get over.Anyone alive in Chicago the last 20 years has read my uncle's name. Funny thing is,he couldn't tie my daddy's shoes.