Friday, July 17, 2009

Renovations Beginning At Clarendon Park?

Looks like work has begun on the renovations/improvements at Clarendon Park. A reader sends us this pic showing a construction fence that now spans the area between the field house and basketball courts.


  1. A new children's playlot is moving to street level. This has been in the works for two years and really did involve residents in planning.

    This is the first step to renovating our park. More to come.

    Clarendon Park always welcomes interested residents to join the Local Advisory Council for input on the programs, park improvements, events, etc.

    Stop by the park and see Michael Brown, the park supervisor, if you're interested.

  2. Great they will start the make over as this park is really nice. I hope also they can do something about the homeless that are always present day and night drinking and sleeping by the tennis court areas........

  3. A little off topic, but speaking of Clarendon park, my girlfriend was walking to work this afternoon and spotted about 5 males all wearing the same dark paints and white t-shirts with their shirts pulled over their noses. Anyone know if this is a gang thing, or of any significance?

  4. They just can't get enough of the sweet stank of banger-sweat.

  5. Would be nice if they could take the trash out of the park, so people that paid taxes for the park could use it.