Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nominate Your "Rotten Route" And "Crust Station"

RedEye wants to know your choices for CTA's "Rotten Route" and "Crust Station." Read the article here, and be sure to vote! They're accepting photos as well.

Our vote: Wilson! For oh so many reasons.


  1. Thanks for the information as I just finished writting about our famous Wilson and broadway station. I this its got to be toward the top of smelly, crusty train stations around.........

  2. Are we still whining about the Wilson El station? Have any of you seen the Red Line stations north of Wilson? Hands down they are in FAR worse shape.

  3. I agree with Resident. I don't use Wilson a lot, but the times I did, it's never as bad as I keep hearing about.

  4. Also have to agree with Resident... I mean just go to Argyle even, yuck, let alone Morse, Thorndale, Berwyn ...etc, etc.

  5. I’ll respond with 5 points:
    • The Wilson L is one of the oldest stations on the Red Line not to have gone through a major rehab.
    • When we had our recent CAPS meeting, the square block that encompasses the Wilson L had 1/3 of all the crime within the entire beat. A few years ago, I compared the rate of crime at the L stations and found that more crime is committed at the Wilson L than all the other L stations combined starting at Fullerton and going north to Howard. Bringing the turnstiles down to the 1st floor would greatly reduce the amount of crime that occurs there.... just as other stations have already done. It's a sad state of affairs when the temporary Belmont L Station during their remodeling is far better than the permanent Wilson L.
    • The area around the L has a high percentage of disabled people plus it's located at a community college with disabled students, yet it still does not fall in line with ADA standards.
    • A study done by the Urban Land Institute to look at ways that Uptown’s retail could improve highlighted the need to improve both the Wilson & Lawrence L Stations to help jumpstart a stronger retail.
    • Ald. Shiller made a campaign promise over 10 years ago that the Wilson L would be totally rehabbed.

    Uptown deserves to have the same standards used at other busy L stations. We're not asking for special treatment... just the same.

  6. As of now, the Wilson Red Line station is in the lead for crustiest station. Keep on voting at www.redeyechicago.com/ctaworst.