Friday, July 24, 2009

No Doubt

a reader sends in a pic from the Wilson Yard site.


  1. Good. Maybe now they will comment on why they are teaming up with a developer who has subpoened local bloggers who are critical of the development and the politician who is putting the deal together.

  2. And in only 67 Years, the TIF will be repaid!

  3. Considering the sweet deal Target Corp. is getting from the city to locate in Uptown, I doubt they will put up any fuss!

  4. I'm sure Shiller and Daley will do what they have to in order to entice Target to open in 2010.

    Might that be part of the rush to change the TIF and expand the money pot?

  5. Yeah, because Target is salivating at the chance to open a new facility adjacent to a urban fish incubator...

  6. Uptown Disunity,

    do you really think that fish have anything to do with this?

    TIF money can be used in a huge variety of ways to benefit Target. It doesn't have to be "direct".

  7. I must say I'm not a fan of a big box store coming in. I mean, good luck ever getting boutique stores that would have to compete with Target's prices ; AKA those already vacant store fronts in the area will remain vacant unless other chain stores decide to come in. Regardless, It will make the area a homogeneous suburban-esque bore.

    On the other hand (assuming they really do build a Target) it will provide a good number of jobs that will hopefully go predominantly the residents of Uptown that will keep their money in Uptown.

  8. Helen and Peter, can we see the fabled letter of intent yet?


    Any reason you're STILL hiding it, if it even existed five years ago, like you said? (Psst! I'm sure someone with photoshop can change the date from 2009 to whenever you want it to have happened.)

  9. Is it bad that I still won't believe it until the front doors open and I can buy something?

  10. Aw, come on 'pirate, you have a good sense of humor. I assumed you would have caught my drift; ya know, ha ha, j/k, it was a joke.

    loverofmonet: don't feel bad, i'm in a similar boat.

  11. Uptown Unity,

    I understood it was sarcasm. I was unsure how it was directed.

    I blame my parents, alcoholism and the time I spend with Uptown hookers for rotting my brain.

  12. Could Target be the undoing of life as we know it in Helengrad?

    My sources tell me the higher ups at TGT were surprised to learn the true composition and definition of "mixed income" housing in the bizzarro world of the 46th ward. They were working with the model established on the Near North side.

    Perhaps TGT and Da Mare are pushing to buy up and clean up the east side of Broadway and west side of Sheridan with TIF money as part of a deal to make TGT happy campers.

    Maybe the results are already being felt - buh bye Salvo soup kitchen and men's shelter. Next to go is the meth clinic next door.

    The Spot stays, as does Paul's establishment, since he's done his part in pay-to-play.

    If TGT gets to sell alcohol, maybe Azusa goes buh bye, too. Then, you have the Wellness Center left to deal with. If B'Way actually became a respectable retail corridor north of Montrose, that location would become more expensive to rent, and you say buh-bye to them, too, and maybe that Currency Exchange along with it.

    Is Helen trading 180 units of housing for the gentrification of the rest of the area? It's possible. She's staved off gentrification for a long, long time, and perhaps this is her last stand before the big money comes into the ward.

    This could all be wishful thinking, of course, but it's fun to think of the possible behind-the-scenes machinations and horse trading.

    Speaking of alochol, maybe there's a TGT tie-in to the Aldi mess. Weren't they looking to sell booze at their nifty new store a while back? What ever happened with that?

    So many questions, so few answers!

  13. Big whoop. I can't wait to buy my Tide and Reynolds Wrap at the new Target instead of at the Jewel across the street, or the Walgreens up the street. Whatever.

  14. "... stays, as does Paul's establishment, since he's done his part in pay-to-play."

    well, the business may stay and the bldg could go - "stays" in the sense of a new construction home in street-level retail in a mixed-used project at/near the current location

  15. Yes, I stand corrected, Hugh.

    Also, I should have said "Speaking of alochol, maybe there's a TGT tie-in to the Aldi mess. Weren't they looking to sell booze at their nifty new store a while back? What ever happened with that?"

    I should have said, "at their nifty, tax payer funded new store..."

    I regret the error.

  16. I was talking with some friends last night who live in Lakeview. For some reason they're all convinced that the Wilson Yard housing is mixed income/senior housing, and that Alderman Shiller is working hard to bring "green buildings" into the neighborhood. At one point, one of them said "I love Helen Shiller!"

    I guess ignorance is bliss?

  17. haha Pirate, i've got the booze bug too!

  18. Out of the ward I find people especially in the Gay community love Alderman Shiller.

    Thank god they can't vote.