Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monticchio Movie Night

Do you love free movie night in the park... except for the "park" part? There's an alternative.

Monticchio Pizza Pub (4882 N Clark) is sponsoring Thursday night movies, complete with $3 well drinks and free snacks. According to the signs, movies begin at 8:45. Give them a call to find out more.


  1. has anyone ever ordered pizza from here? i'm planning on ordering pizza for a party on sat and will definitely support Uptown business if people have good things to say?

  2. Meg-
    The food here is great. Try the sweet potato fries. Yum-o.

  3. Speaking of movies in the park. Cricket Hill was packed last night for "Little Shop of Horrors".

    Silly how UU hasn't posted the Cricket Hill Movies in the Park schedule.

  4. Silly how Alderman Shiller's office didn't email us and ask us to post the schedule.

  5. I hope this Italian restaurant will screen "Big Night" sometime! And play Louis Prima records in the background.

  6. Thanks UU & Freddie. Uptown Girl - I'm glad that you love Uptown. I do too. But you should stop being so snarky. UU operates for free as a service for neighbors to convey information together. A simple e-mail to them to post the schedule would have probably sufficed without the extra 'tude. Additionally, aldermanic staff have a duty to convey information to the public and they are paid by the public to do so. They should send e-mails to UU if they feel like their list-serve and/or announcements (or lack thereof) are not reaching their entire constituency.

  7. Meg,

    I rarely comment on here. How do you know I didn't send an email? I did.

    Everyone is entitled to get snarky every once in awhile. Ask chip douglas or irish pirate.


  8. Uptown Girl: We never got an email from you or anyone else requesting that we run the Cricket Hill movies.

    We DID get emails from folks about movies in Chase Park and Margate Park, and geez, what do you know? We ran those.

    If Ald. Shiller and her staff stop pretending UU doesn't exist and start sending notices about events they'd like the community to be aware of, we'll run them, just like we do for Uptown Baptist, Alternatives, the Chicago Department of Health, HGTV, the police department, CAPS, Wunder Cemetery, Friends of the Uptown, the Chicago falcon watchers, numerous block clubs, community festivals, etc., etc., etc.

    Can't run what we don't have. And we sure as hell don't deserve grief and attitude about the omission of something that no one bothered to tell us about.

  9. Meg,

    Lay off my Uptown Update girlfriend! She rocks!

    I kind of agree with her on this issue.

    As to UU not getting an email from Shiller asking UU to post? Come on. Shiller and UU aren't exactly BFF!!

    Meg, Not to start an argument, but I wonder where you get this theory that they have "a duty" to send UU a schedule.

    By the way, you can get the schedule here:


    (Oh, and btw, I am not a Shiller fan, but there are bigger issues to get her on than this one....)

  10. If you do a search of this site you'll see that last year a post was made regarding the Cricket Hill movies.

    I'm guessing it got lost in the shuffle this time. Of course Uptown Girl being the defender of all things truly UPTOWN may have a different take. She is from the most UPTOWN part of Uptown. The real Uptown so to speak.

    Since I am on the aldercritter's email list I might ask if her office sent out a mass email with the announcement.

    I don't recall getting anything, but I might have missed it because of my drinking problem and fascination with all things Sarah Palin.

  11. "Meg, Not to start an argument, but I wonder where you get this theory that they have "a duty" to send UU a schedule."

    Well, didn't Uptown Girl just say UU has a duty to run the schedule? The schedule she said she sent, but we never got?

    MGC... again... we can't post what we don't receive. Then we get chewed out by the self-righteous for not running it.

    Last year we got several passive aggressive emails after-the-fact scolding us for not running posters about some ShillerFest in Clarendon Park. Tsk, tsk, your readers missed a great time because you suppressed the information. Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?

    Since Ald. Shiller and her staff have officially put their heads in the sand about Uptown Update's existence (while at the same time being avid readers, and sending subpoenas, of course), who's actually suppressing the information? And then shaking their fingers at UU for the omission of such information?

  12. Well, okay.

    UU does a great job of seeking out information. You never rely on the alderbeast to give it to you. So blaming the alderbeast for not giving the info is a little silly. Demanding that the alderbeast acknowledge your existence just says that she is legitimate.... Shiller's recognition of UU does not make UU legit, UU does.

    Love you guys!

    Oh, IP, Palin resigned because she realized that she wants to let it all go and come date me in Chicago.....


  13. Oh, and to alderman Shiller's staff, sorry about the alderbeast reference, I got it from IP, and thought it was funny...

  14. My post was to give props to UU - a FREE service to all of us who frequent the site. Even if it's just people to see what the "evil condo-owners" are doing.

    Jason - what the heck man? I'd be a better gf than UG anyday! I can be sarcastic without the snark. And p.s. I said they have a duty to disseminate information to the public, not UU specifically. However, if UU is the only means that reaches a certain segment of your population, then yes, I think elected officials should use it.

    This post was about Monticchio - an Uptown business. I intend to order pizza from here this weekend. Any suggestions as to what kind?!

  15. Meg, I liked the Mele e Gorgonzola. Apples, gorgonzola cheese and arugula. Although, to be honest, there was a lot too much arugula for my taste. I'll order it without next time. I'm also intrigued by the Patate Rosmarino (sliced potatoes, rosemary and garlic).

    It's very European style pizza: wood fire oven-type, with the thin bubbly crust.

  16. Meg- Let's see...Hot girl on a motorcycle or lightning bolts striking chicago? I think girl on the motorcycle wins better BF. Jason is mine.

    Caring neighbor- I did send an email with a link, but I guess it didn't go through, silly iphone. Ohh...and I definitely don't think it is UU's duty to do anything. Blogs are blogs, duty free.

    IP- I don't quite understand all that stuff about TRUELY uptown...but I think you're cute. We're never going to survive unless, we get a little crazy.

    I'm waiting for barry fishing to respond to this post. His thought provoking and intellectual opinions make my day.

  17. Uptown Girl I am nuteral on this one as I don`t drink or eat pizza and I think time here on UU (which I like) is better spent to make Uptown a safer and healthy place to live and not a unhealthy place to eat to see a movie.......

  18. Are Meg and Uptown girl fighting over me? How awseome. IP wishes he was me!

  19. Jason-
    I'm not fighting over what is already mine. Hehe.

  20. No Jason I don't wish I were you.

    I don't allow women to fight over me unless there is money exchanged.

    It's dirtier that way.

    Makes me feel like a Republican officeholder in some small southern state.

  21. Jason, I'm leaving you for barryfishing.* Our Uptown rendezvous was fun while it lasted. Alas - the road is endless for you and Ms. Motorcycle.

    Just kidding barryfishing; I know (from your profile) you are happily married.

  22. I wonder if UG can ever forgive me for our little affair....