Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's D-2 Time!

It's that time of year folks...time to see who has been lining our Alderman's pockets, and what expenses have been incurred by the 46th Ward office. Check out Alderman Shiller's 2009 Semi-Annual D-2 Report here (click "Citizens for Shiller," then the D-2 filings within). Out of the total 58 contributions, we count 6 that came from people within the ward. The other 52 were either from politicians, companies, or people living outside the ward. We're sure there is a lot more to discover.


  1. I bet she lies awake in bed at night muttering the words "I HATE Uptown Update"

    Good work. Keep on her.

  2. Truman College 1145 W Wilson
    Chicago, IL 60640 $300.00
    5/13/2009 Individual Contribution
    Citizens for Shiller

    That is likely a mistake. Probably some Truman employee.

    Since when do taxpayer funded City of Chicago colleges donate money?

    "Helen, you got some splain' to do."

  3. The D2s are here! The D2s are here!

    It's like xmas in July ..., except that Santa comes in, takes a dump on the rug, drinks all the whiskey, punches my hooker and walks out.

    (unless that's just the Pirate in a Santa suit, of course - in which case, my apologies to Mr. Kringle)

    Anyway ... roll call!

    Chicago Assoc of Realtors - check

    Various Architects - check

    Social Services groups - check

    "TIF for Tat" @ the Tattoo Factory - check (you are SO dependable)

    Comcast - check

    ComED PAC- check

    Peoples' Energy PAC - check

    Former head of Council's zoning committee (who resigned, and may very well be in trouble with the Feds)- check and check

    Lincoln Towing (who I saw today roaming the park, coincidentally enough) - check

    Pritzker's needing support on Council - check

    Publicly funded City College who is getting major $$$ from alderman - check (it's ok, folks - she'll pay you back, of course)

    Walgreens? Really?

    Helen's typical pay-to-play scorecard which simply screams: CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM!!!

    I'd recommend not patronizing people on this list, but how many of them are actually in Uptown?

    Greg, Heather? You listenin'? Time for this crap to stop!

    Oh, wait - Heather endorsed Alexi Gianoullias, recently. Defaulted loans to well known mob ties and all. (Nice one, baby. Next time, do a little research before putting your name out there, like that. Seriously - I'm trying to help you out and you just won't listen. The way to reform and good gub'mint is not by being a party lap dog - just sayin').

    Greg - you're our best shot, brother-man. Help us out!

    Note: McDonald's didn't donate this go 'round. Neither did *cough*Smoke Dreams*cough*

    When the city inspectors come acallin', just let everyone know. We'll pitch in to help in your legal fees.

    Enojgh of the easy stuff, I always find the "expenditures" list more interesting.

    The $1000 contribution to Sara Feigneholtz is simply laughable!

    Hm. Denise Davis got $225 for "consulting"? Interesting that.

    May not be "illegal" under the non-existent ethics laws of Illinois, but when did Denise start moonlighting out of her own publicly funded office?

    TPG Chicago LLC, located at 4554 N Broadway. $14,950.

    Those lawyers are expensive.

    Oh, and what's this?

    A Truman student, living at 920 W Wilson, is a "consultant", eh?

    Mindy, Mindy, Mindy ...

    Introduction to a wonderful term: conflict of interest

    But, it's cool. You look hot on a bike, and no one cares about honest public policy around here, anyway, right?

    Note: $296 is chump change for what Helen's getting out of you.

    I mean, you made quick work of publicizing that link to the WYTIF amendment meeting.

    You have to demand more $$ for effort like that from her.

    And don't worry, she'll pay.

    She always does.

    So, let me ask you - does Helen have a desk for you, or does she simply email you with her talking points for you to post?

    Just curious.

    It wasn't bad enough that Billy Joel being in town tonight brought about having a few of his tunes in my head, now I'm stuck on this one:

    My uptown girl
    Don't You know I'm in love
    With an uptown girl
    My uptown girl
    Don't You know I'm in love
    With an uptown girl
    My uptown girl
    she's an uptown girl

  4. Oh, almost forgot:

    First Decade Consulting.

    If I'm not mistaken (and I'm sure Mindy will correct me if I am), that particular entity is run by George "Batman" Adkins.

    $5,300 for "consulting"

    Guess he took Helen and her staff to the batting cages.

  5. "TPG Chicago LLC, located at 4554 N Broadway. $14,950. Those lawyers are expensive."

    Particularly when Brendan Shiller's associated with the firm. Gotta take care of the next generation. Funny that they're in the same building as Helen's ward office, but she persists in listing them on the D-2s at a residential address in Edgewater.

  6. TPG Chicago LLC is registered to agent Adam J. Lysinski at 5110 N Glenwood. This is a residential building just a half block from Shiller's home.

    The listed phone numbers link back to Brendan Shiller.

  7. Why does Nicks Uptown consistantly give her $500 a month and then is chosen to host Uptown functions without repercussions?

    Also, please look at the Transfers In column... a couple of PACS you may find interesting.

    Finally, we need to start paying attention to the AMENDED statements that are made every quarter... and see who is trying to be sly and not show up on the original forms and slide in...

  8. Ha! Uptown Girl is a paid consultant (and not well-paid?!). Jason, does this mean that you will THINK about leaving her for me again?

  9. Yvonne Odell is a $550 consultant in the 1st 1/2, and Shiller is also carrying a $1550 outstanding balance on a laon from a Laurie Odell of 4441 N Malden.

    Yvonne is a tax-payer paid employee of the City of Chicago, "staff assistant to the alderman" since 1998, according to the BGA payroll database: a City employee working part-time as a political employee of her hiring manager.

    But who is Laurie Odell and why did she lend $4050 to Shiller?

  10. Yvonne Odell $5,213/mo, $62,556/yr.

  11. Andrew Niewiarowski $500 contribution

    Andrew J Niewiarowski Inc is a private company categorized under Real estate investment trusts


  12. The main accomplishment of mommy's campaign fund in the 1st 1/2 of 2009 was to pay her son a salary thru TPG.

    1/22/2009 $3,350.00
    2/18/2009 $3,000.00
    3/27/2009 $3,000.00
    5/6/2009 $3,600.00
    5/13/2009 $2,000.00

    approx. $30K/yr

  13. Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council $300 donation.

    A lovely group with extensive lobbying experience.

    Who do they look to to help in their lobbying?

    Burris & Ledbed Consulting LLC

    Burris. As in "Roland Burris"

    This one is for Chip Douglas:

    MCHC's lobbying efforts in 2009

  14. While I do understand and appreciate the fact that a business will probably have to fall in line to the "pay to play" disgust that is rampant in this city, I'm not villifying everyone who "donates" to Citizens for Shiller, I just thought I'd put together a list of establishments that I refuse to patronize so long as they play the game.

    The flip-side being that we all need to patronize those establishments which don't "donate". I'm sure they need all the help they can get.

    Point is that these "donations" shouldn't be necessary to survive in this ward, or any other; and the longer it continues, the more damage it does.

    Rocks, Lakeview
    3462 N Broadway

    Sutcliffe Pharmacy
    801 W Irving Park

    O'Brien's Restaurant
    1528 N Wells

    La Primera Fruit & Liqour
    5012 N Clark

    Fontana Grill & Wine Bar
    1329 W Wilson
    - this one hurts

    - I'm in communicatoins with RCN to see about giving a discount to each unit in our building if we completely shut out Comcast.

    BQ Afroroot Cuisine
    4701 N Kenmore


    3420 N. Broadway
    - awesome food.

    3349 N Halstead

    Nick's Uptown
    4015-17 N Sheridan
    - host of FWY events. I don't get it. But, there it is. Consistently adding to Helen's coffers.

    Sgouras Properties Inc
    4631 n Kenmore

    - a pity, really.

    Bridgeview Bank

    Just Pawn
    4509 N Sheridan

    FFC East Lakeview
    3657 N Pine Grove
    (Lakeview Fitness Investors, LLC)

    Tattoo Factory
    4408 N Broadway
    Oops ... 4441 N Broadway

    Not to overlook that Target's in on the game w/their $1000 contributions.

  15. Walgreens corporate is a perennial contributor to Chicago aldermanic campaigns. In the spring of 2007 primary, and particularly in the run-offs, they really ramped up their support for Daley loyalist incumbents and the status quo.

  16. d@mn! El Mariachi?? I love that place! Make that... loved :(

  17. Hmmm...I've gone out of my way to direct business to Fontana Grill & Wine Bar.

  18. Damn, I LOVE this site!

    Everyone, wave to Helen!

  19. Ah the yearly list of businesses I will not patronize is out!

    My one exception this year, and this year only..

    Fontana Grill- I suspect the delay of a liquor license for over the first 6 months of operation could be the reason they greased the wheels. Got to pay to play in Helen's Ward.

    If they donate again I will have to reevaluate.

    Thanks for the great piece and great information folks.

  20. Ask Fontana why they donated to Helen.

    She's just like any other customer. She dines there too.

  21. Damn. I'm really sickened that Sidetrack donates to Helen. Especially since they aren't even located in her ward. I love that bar but now I may have to e-mail a letter to the owner to express my displeasure and the fact I won't be patronizing his bar anymore.

  22. If we are to make any difference at all we need to boycott the businesses that have donated to Alderman Helen Shiller. In addition to boycotting these businesses we need to email or snail mail them and explain why.

    I agree that it is absolutely ridiculous that businesses that aren't even located in Uptown donate to her. These business are most likely clueless to her politics it is simply a tax write-off for them. Then again, some of these businesses, like Side Track, probably donate because she does help keep the homeless and criminal element out of their area (ward) by welcoming them with open arms.

  23. I believe that political donations are not considered eligible for a tax write off.

    One of the accountants here can correct me if I am wrong.

  24. "... it is simply a tax write-off for them."


  25. Donate to Citizens for Shiller - Brendan Shiller, that is - help support Brendan in the manner to which he has become accustomed

  26. I wrote an email asking Sidetracks why they support Helen Shiller and told them I am thinking about boycotting them.

    Also I asked why they didn't support another candidate in the last election?

    Pay to play?

    Sidetracks isn't in her ward and none of the owners live in Uptown so I don't know why they support her.

    Other than she did show up poorly dressed I heard after the Price Parade.

  27. Sidetracks is probably taking their campaign finance advice from Tom Tunney's people. Tunney supported Helen last election. Donate to Tunney. Then donate to Helen. If you can.

    Ask Sidetracks if they donate to Helen at the pleasure of Tunney.