Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grand Gardens

Marine Drive, between Lawrence and Foster, has day lily gardens at nearly every corner. Very nice!


  1. Looking real good. I am glad to see some residents around here try to make and keep our area a beautiful place to live in.....Too bad theres many that don`t.....

  2. The gardens were actually planted by the city/ward (MA Smith) Marine Drive was redone from Lawrence to Foster. These planter beds were added to shorten the distance that people would have to walk to get from the west to east side of the street.

    Once the planter beds were completed, individual buildings or persons could adopt them. Most have been adopted and maintained or improved, while some have not been adopted and continue with minimal maintenance from the city. Overall it is very nice though.

  3. Of course, for anyone trying to park in this already-congested street grid, the planter beds are a decidedly mixed blessing!

  4. The gardens at these corners are maintained by the block club. I live in the building at the corner shown in the picture.

    As for parking, you can't park on the corner anyway, so you are not losing any parking spots.