Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Good Fight Continues: Be Part Of It

See the post directly below this one if you have any doubts that this lawsuit is needed now more than ever. While the TIF drains 68% of the funds that should be going for better schools and more police, Ald. Shiller sees it as a piggy bank for parking lots, green technology centers, and fish. Yeah, fish.


  1. The good fight does continue and I would love to be part of it as I did make donations for it in the past but I refuse to pay any businesses that use this important issue as a way to make money which I have seen done in the past and is being repeated once again.....

  2. What are you talking about, Barry? USC is donating its space to Fix Wilson Yard for the fundraiser. The only people making money off this are the folks at Fix Wilson Yard. Damn, dude, do you ever have a positive thing to say about Anyone?

  3. People have to meet somewhere, barry.

    I don't mind patronizing a place that has had their own issues with the alderman; and is a positive actor in the community.

    Besides, if local businesses don't make some coin, we'll lose them.

    How many nail salons, low-rent game stores, questionably clean chicken shacks and deteriorating theaters do you want in Uptown?

  4. Yeah, right, 'cause I'm sure the owner of the referenced business just sits around waiting for another neighborhood activist lawsuit so he can jump on the opportunity to make millions and retire . . . I mean seriously, what better way to line your own personal coffer than a $20/per person fundraiser that'll bring in about 20 people!