Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Get Your Motor Runnin...

Did you know you could rent waverunners at Montrose Beach? Neither did we. A reader alerted us to "Windy City Watersports." Check out their website here and all the fun details. No jokes about the name of the business, we're sure they've heard them all before.

Update: 20% off July 1-2 and 6-15. See the comments for details.


  1. Sweet! A little pricey though. I have always wondered why there were not any jet ski rental places on Lake Michigan.

    $75 for 1/2 hour, $125 for an hour.

  2. We are offering 20% off those rates through July 15th, excluding July 3-5.

    Come down and check us out. We have no hidden fees. Gas tax and everything is included.

    We are teh only company licensed by the Chicago Park District to be renting jet skis, and that makes us the only company renting jet skis on any Chicago area beach.

    We are right on Montrose Beach. We actually launch the jet skis right off the beach into Lake Michigan.